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Community Quote .aspx) Ordering Ordering items is simple and easy simply click on the items you wish to purchase whilst browsing through the site, when you have finished selecting your items click on my shopping bag like you would do with ... Read review

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Advantagesbig bras for bigger breasted women

Disadvantagessome items are expensive

" shopping online at www. I had never heard of Bravissimo before until one of my work colleagues told me about it approximately 9 months or so ago. Basically Bravissimo is an online underwear retailer who cater for the larger busted women. But Bravissimo just don't sell underwear they also stock Swimwear, Nightwear and Clothing as well. As soon as you enter the Bravissimo homepage by simply typing into your browser ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Lgair


Bravo For Big Breasts

AdvantagesHigh quality, sexy ligerie for shapely women

DisadvantagesThere are none

"This is the era of the 6' tall, giraffed necked, flat-chested supermodels. They grace the pages of every high fashion magazine and High Street fashions are designed with them in mind. Yes, there are the Jordans and the Pamela Andersons of the world, who surgically enhance their bodies to gain attention and fame, but are they the average Josephina Jones? I don't think so! Where do you go if you are naturally curvaceous and can't afford to have garments ..." Read review

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Community Level 6LICARUS



Advantageslovely pretty lingerie, reasonable prices, easy to order, search facility fabulous

Disadvantagesdifficult to see the thumbnail pictures of the underwear

" As a rather curvy woman I often find it difficult to find pretty underwear – in particular well made and well fitting bras in high street shops. I generally find that the knickers will fit but the bras, well lets just say the ‘puddings’ were boiling over!! So it was in desperation I turned to the Internet to find ‘someone’ who made pretty, sexy bras for the more voluptuous figure! I found Bravissimo whose aim is to provide ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Redhead


Bigger Boobed Babes

AdvantagesGreat for bigger boobs


"It’s holiday times again and I once again have a struggle to find a bikini that fits nicely without having to swap the tops and bottoms around and risk getting caught! (I have never done this really – honest!) The reason I struggle to find bikinis to fit is due to my bottom half being much smaller than the top! I am a size 12 on the bottom and as for the top! Well, I can’t use a larger size bikini really as the cup sizes are too ..." Read review

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Boobylicious! Review with images

AdvantagesBeautiful undies, swimwear and clothing for slim-but-curvy girls

DisadvantagesDual size range doesn't really work

"As a lady with a slim but curvy figure, I have always hated bra shopping - I wish I had a pound for every time I've gone into a lingerie shop to ask If they had anything in my size, only to be met with a funny look and a shake of the head! My woes began almost as soon as I developed boobs, and I will never forget the embarrassment I endured as a teenager while changing for P.E.: it seemed EVERYONE else had lovely little frilly bits of lace, while ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 21/08/2000

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Fast delivery, easy to navigate, you can be a star (I know you are one)!
Some items are banned for outside UK delivery, you can spend way to much! (*)
Quality, Service (*)
Easy to order, easy to use website & more
Pay for delivery (*)
quality goods, nice offerts, cheap products, big choice things
lack jingle on website (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Almost everything!
Pods can't be re-sealed, some foods are a bit hit and miss (*)
In theory, appear to have impressive range of products at reasonable prices
DREADFUL customer service (*)
Cheap, fast delivery, plenty of stock.
returns policy is pants, no decent communication (*)
Fantastic offer on!!
Not a great range of sizes in some clothes. (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (B)
cheap, lots of plus sizes at the same prices, good plain designs
finishing and sizing inconsistent, delivery and refunds take ages (*)
Good Selection, Good Services, Good Customer Support
High Prices On New Releases (*)
Easy to use; good service; good selection
potential availability issues; (*)
Simple, open and honest, great pre-sales and after-sales teams.
Book price Part exchange (no Buyacar profit though) (*)
Good value for money, and a great, excitable, extensive choice of gifts!
The worry of having to trust the post man! (*)
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