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..., or cardboard fish sms. The site is presented with slightly garish colours (orange and blue -blue sea and orange for a goldfish maybe?). The box in which you type your message is the white block halfway down the page, the narrow white box is for you to enter the phone number- ... Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


A fish made of cardboard?

Advantagesfree text messages

Disadvantagesnot always reliable

"Right so my fishy theme continues but this isnt an aquarium based product nor is it even vaguely related to the sea, it is in fact a free web based text messaging service. So as Ive mentioned in other reviews I have recently moved and my contract mobile doesn't get a signal so I'm having to use a pay and go number, which as happens to many people ran out of credit about the same time as my bank account ran out of cash. Lucky really that the accomodation ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sparksteroyd


Text messaging for free!

AdvantagesIt's free, delivery confirmation

Disadvantageslots of adverts, wait up to 10mins for some messages

"CBF stands for CardBoard Fish and is a website that offers a free worldwide SMS (text messaging) service. However, the site and service are paid for by placing heavy advertising on their site, including popups which you have to check the box to be willing to accept, in order to use the service. You also have to check a box to confirm that you will use no popup blocking software while using the site. Given that there is no login system, you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Stephoohla


I use CardboardFish SMS all the time!

AdvantagesCompletely free, great if you've run out of credit

DisadvantagesMay not be 100% reliable, you can only send short messages

"...the site's logo, just saying (stands for Cardboard Fish SMS if anyone is wondering!), and underneath (overlooking the adverts of course) is a line of options, including 'Send Message', 'Confirmation', 'Replies', 'FAQ', 'System Status', 'Abuse' and 'Contact Us'...all the general pages you'd find on a website. The gist of the website is that you can send text messages for free to any UK network, or if you click on their linked website Fish ..." Read review

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Community Level 6galaxynicole


* Text me slowly, softly or don't at all! *

Advantages Free texts message

Disadvantages Unreliable, slow, hit and miss on important dates

"I first found this a couple of years ago and then lost it and only found it again last year. What is It's a place where you can send free text messages to any UK mobile number or if you want to be VIP, you can get cheap texts. I normally use this site when I've run out of my 10 O2 text messages and when I don't really want to use any money on the person I'm texting. Like my old boss used to make me text her or call her for various ..." Read review

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Community Level 3OddGodHMK


Useful, but incredibly frustrating

AdvantagesFree texts!

DisadvantagesWaiting times, site errors, lots of advertising

"I found when I was trying to find a free text site months ago now. I use the site regularly, almost every day in fact - but that doesn't mean I like it. Here's the pros and cons of the site. ~~~ The Pros ~~~ The biggest pro you will ultimately see is the fact that it's completely free. Everyone loves free stuff, and texting being quite expensive for the length of messages you can send again their price (unless you're on contract), ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 03/01/2005

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