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published 21/01/2004 | keyboard_kowboy
Member since : 20/01/2004
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Pro Easy to use , One Of the original Chatrooms on the net
Cons Poor Chatters now, Webtv & Australians
very helpful

"Poor Old Chathouse"

Ok where do i start with chathouse.

Chathouse was my first chatroom experience way back in the early nineties. I was gophering or archie one night ( i cant remember) and i stumbled across the aforementioned chathouse.

So i jumped into to the room called the hottub, this was one of the original rooms on the first floor along with the likes of the beach and The tunnel of love.

Back then there was only six original rooms (i think due to server space etc). Then along came the west wing and downstairs all of which enhanced the flow of people. Regularly the Chathouse used to get 2000 loginning on each night (BTW that is EST (US) night as many brits werent online back then)

My haunt became the tunnel of love with great friends like Caroline, sad poet, master mechanic, scarlet , spooky 42 and others who made the room special. This was a proper chatroom where you logged in and had proper conversations, a place where cyber sex rarely took place.

Then i dont know what happened, the was a great Flame war (this was email flaming not just cussing people out in chatrooms) and a lot of people just kind of left or re-invented themselves as happens on occaisions. Unfortunately at this point i was spending most of my time running my revenge newsgroup rather than chatting in chathouse.

But i went back when they introduced the java chatrooms in the attic, it was a nice touch and seemed to breath new life into the place.

People like me were gettting bored with HTML chat which was what the origianl rooms were based on , you typed a message and pressed send. Then you kept refreshing until you got your reply. This suffered from 2 major problems

1: Lag back when we were still using modems i could take 3 mins or so to recieve your reply (this is still a problem today even with broadband)

2: Chatters not closing the Tags they were using when chatting, so if you used the HTML flashing command and forget to close your tags the whole screen below your meassage would flash , this was very very annoying to say the least.

But the introduction to JAVA changed all that and people started to come back to the attic. And everything was fine for awhile the the boot commands became known and the idiots took over the asylum. This was also about the time they opened the unregistered rooms as well, which i my opinion was the thing that is killing chathouse.

Nowdays there are only a couple of hundred chatters online at chathouse at any one time. With the Great Hall snaring most of the chatters.

I revisited Chathouse about a year or so ago and joined the great hall (since it was the only room that had many chatters). It was not a good sight, there were no regulars that i remembered , but even worse was the fighting and personal attacks on people.

After flamed by a few people who presumed i was a newbie i discovered that the great hall is the domain of australians and WebTV users. There is always constant fights and switching of alligences, with a couple of Aussie and new zealanders being the worst offenders. The worst thing is when they come in under multiple names (which is a reason to have registered charooms) or have 2 - 3 browsers open pretending to be different people (some of these people need to take basic networking 101 before they try that). This leads to tension and a not so good chatting experience. Also i found out it is one of the few rooms that WEBTV users can access which is why they congregate in there.

All in all the Chathouse used to be the premier web-based chatroom on the net, a lond time before MSN or Yahell got in on the act. Hell i was still using netscape when i starting using it, which conicidently happened to be the first week it opened (I found this out later). Mirc was still in its infancy and messagers hadnt been developed, so i chatted in chathouse (along with email and newsgroups).

And it is a damn shame to see it go down the pan like it has. It will always hold a place in my internet hall of fame.

The design hasnt changed much over the years, there used to be a members gallery where you could send you pic into, i dont know if that is still there or not.

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  • jacqui_1 published 22/01/2004
    Never heard of this before. Think I will avoid. Jacqui
  • emilyo published 21/01/2004
    Sounds like Yahoo with all the pervs with webcabs and abuse if you don't respond to their requests for you to talk dirty! I aviod them all now, stick to Msn Messenger so I only chat to people I know. Good review
  • steveuk published 21/01/2004
    I've never heard of chathouse before. Sounds like a place to avoid. Shame.
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