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Best Price, Best Choice, Worst Customer Service

AdvantagesGood Navigation, wide range of products, competitive on price

DisadvantagesPoor after sales customer service / delivery service

"...a belated present to myself. My partner and I had been around both Curry’s and Comet looking at appropriate replacements for my old system and I found a nice little HP laptop in Comet for an affordable price of 379 in the January sales. I decided that rather than make a snap decision there and then to purchase the laptop, I would mull it over at home. Well no sooner were we home than I began thinking to myself that I should have just bought it while ..." Read review

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Sucked up by Poor Customer Service

AdvantagesWebsite easy to Navigate, some prices heavily discounted from store price

DisadvantagesDidnt deliver as promised, little weekend back up support for complaints

"...They had my piggin' money! Amazing - KA covers half the West of Scotland... I live beyond the back of bourke and getting an internet connection is hard enough, never mind one long enough to commit fraud on!!! Five days later they refunded the money to my bank account, and I was free to try again with someone else. Wonderful. So looking at the banners on Ciao, I went for Co-op Again an attractive price, but their website went down ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skinrush


Comet - Not good if something goes wrong

AdvantagesYou can take the item away with you when you buy, they price match local retailers

Disadvantagesreturning faulty items is very difficult, very contradictory head office phone advise

"...flickering picture with HDMI sources. I first went into Comet to ask what the prodedure for returning it was, and was told that either an engineer could come to my house and test it, or that I could return the tv to the store, where someone would test it. If it was seen to be faulty, the tv would be written off, and a replacement or refund could be issued. I took the tv back to the store (18 miles away from where I live), and was then told by a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dismayed


Acer Laptop from Comet - Never Ever Again

AdvantagesCheap online price looked like good value for money

DisadvantagesPoor product reliability and safety and arrogant lack of concern from Comet

"I bought my Acer laptop from Comet online in November 2006. On delivery, I unpacked it and plugged it in and quickly discovered that the card drive didn\'t work. I took it to a local Comet store who told me I\'d have to deal with Acer directly. I argued my consumer rights and after a lot of hassle they suddenly agreed to replace it and I took home a new laptop. At the beginning of October this year, still within the 12 month warranty, I left the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5woodnymph



AdvantagesSite is easy to use

DisadvantagesHmm, poor, very poor. Customer services suck..

"By half past two this afternoon, I knew that my stressful morning was all due to a member of staff at But I'll go in to that later! is a nice bright colourful site. (mainly orange!) It is very easy to look for the products you want, by using the Products Menu on the left of the home page. I was using them (01.01.01) to purchase a Digital Camera as they were selling it for the best price. Which I found in ~ Cameras & Camcorders>Digital ..." Read review

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Complete martial system - excellent for fitness & self-defence
...jack of all trades... master of none!!?? (*)
quick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective
some poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well (*)
An effective martial art
You need a lot of training (*)
Covers only the things that work
Hard to find somewhere to train (*)
Full contact weapon based martial art without the pain (ish!)
Availability of Dojo, see the Dojo list at (*)
good for your body mind and spirit
makes you ache for the first few weeks (*)
it kicks ass
can be hard work (*)
Training mind body and soul
Motivating yourself to join a club! (*)
Loads - Fitness, learning defence, social.
Cost, time. (*)
Great cardio workout, fun, a full body workout, improves flexibility
Takes a lot of work & dedication (*)
Able to be practised by anyone, promotes health and spiritual growth, easy to learn
Not as stylish or impressive looking as Eastern martial arts, still relatively hard to find (*)
fun, good exercise, fun, sociable, club events, did I mention fun?
None (*)
Teaches good skills; learn through play
Not enough one-to-one tutoring (*)
Improved fitness, discipline, confidence... great fun
It ain't cheap (*)
realistic and proven, effective, benefits see opinion for more
no striking techniques, not many comps in the UK (*)
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