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published 12/07/2006 | KELLYLOUJ
Member since : 21/07/2005
Reviews : 279
Members who trust : 60
About me :
Have worked in the Travel Industry for over 10 years, now a stay at home mum looking after my hardworking hubby and son.
Pro Plenty Of Information, keeps you organised
Cons None yet I'll let you know if it keeps me organised!!
very helpful

" Here comes the bride all dressed in...confetti??"

Mark and I at our engagement party.

Mark and I at our engagement party.

Now getting married has to be one of those mind-blowing experiences that makes it one of the best experiences in a girls (and guys) lifetime and when I got an inkling that Marriage is on the cards for me, I went into overdrive and started looking here there and everywhere for information.

A few colleagues at work had mentioned this site and I always wondered why it attracted them so much but now since registering I can see why.

This now takes priority over Ciao and DooYoo as it is ideal for planning a wedding and it is free!!!!!!

Once you input you are greeted with a purple site which is laid out perfectly to find your way around whether you are a whiz on the internet or not!
To the left of the home page is the search engine so if you are looking for something in particular here is the first point of call, so for instance if you type in butterfly it will retrieve articles and items they stock in a matter of a few seconds, providing links to take you directly to that search result.

If you have registered to the site then you login on the left hand site, your login is your registered email address and your stored password. Once you are logged in and a member which is free of charge you have access to a number of other sites.

At the very top of the home page are a number of tabs these are all broken down in the next few categories and I will explain in more detail what each one offers, if you do find you go onto another section of the site just click on one of the tabs and it will take you back to that individual section.

Confetti have their own stock of wedding and celebration products so on the home page these are generally advertised a long with special offers.

Underneath the special offers are the tabs broken down again but with direct links to items such as wedding dresses, advice, chat rooms and much more.

*~*~*My Confetti*~*~*
To access this area of the site you do need to log in and enter your password.
Once you are a member you get access to special offers and newsletter to help you with your planning.
Once you login you are notified of any changes to the website and any special offers.

On the left side of the web page are links directly related to you and this is where the site is personalized specifically for you.

Once you are in my confetti you can access the member information and this will allow you to update your personal details such as your name, date of birth, contact details, email address and password so you can change these any time that you wish.
Here you can opt in to receive the confetti newsletter and to receive information from third parties and you can change this information whenever you wish.

Wedding profile is where you can store your "Big Day" Details, so you enter the brides name (that is me!!!!) and your grooms name.
Next you enter your engagement date and your wedding date and it can be announced on confetti, we did this with our engagement and you can also opt in to have weekly reminders of things to do, this is very handy.
Mark and I are not getting married until June 2008, but a friend who is getting married next year said she recommends planning early and buying items each month so you don't end up with a massive bill so this is the way we have decided to do it.

Personalised Planning is the area that you find extremely helpful and works as your own personal wedding planner.
Create your own website, here you can put your wedding date and your location details as well as photographs and you then have the facility to email it to friends and family so that they can keep all the information handy.
My site

In the personalised area it will automatically countdown the number of days until your wedding mine is currently 710 but each day it gets closer!!

My reminders is an area which allows you to put special events such as weddings, parties and birthdays and you will get an email sent to you before the event so that you can be prepared.

My orders is where you can track any purchases that you have made on the Confetti website and is not a facility that I have used yet.

Personalised Planning Tools is where you can save all your information and print it off rather than having pieces of paper hanging around.
My address book is where you can store all your contact information for friends and family and it can be amended easily and is a great reference for information.

My guest list is where you can keep track of your numbers and make amendments as and when you wish. Here you can track the date you have invited them if you have had a reply, if they have any special dietary requirements and if a gift was sent, so that you can send out thank you notes.

My Wedding list is where you can add stores that you have Wedding Guest Lists created with, you can store their address and also a web link if there is one. Once you have added all the information, guests can then view it on your website via Confetti.

My Table planner is a great way to play around with your seating plan, including the top table and all of your guests, you can set the table size and the number of guests to each table and it really helps you to know the number of tables you require and to virtually see the layout before you complete your table plan.

My To-Do List, this gets emailed to you weekly so it is easy to keep on top of things and not become a "Bridezilla".
The list is broken down to 6 months or more to go, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 weeks, your wedding day, after wedding day. It is designed to help and assist you as best it can.

My suppliers is a great section to store your cake maker, dress maker, caterer and venue etc its an easy one stop location for any contacts you need whether you be at home or at work and if you need the details whilst you are out just pop into an internet café rather than lugging books everywhere with you!!

My budget planner is the most unrealistic part of the site as nearly everyone goes over budget. It is broken down into the following sections:-

Stationary, Printing and Postage
Gift for Bridesmaids
Gift for Best Man
Gifts for Parents
Total for the Wedding

It tells you, who in tradition is responsible for the cost which is usually the bride's parents and provided you with a confetti estimate, you can input your estimate and when you have purchased you can then put the actual cost, it does allow you to track your costings well but you need to remember to fill them in as you go along.

My wardrobe is by far the best bit for the bride and it is password protected!! Here you can browse for your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses and store them in your virtual wardrobe, it not only gives you the name of the dress but also the name of the supplier and a web link as well as an estimate in cost. I have decided to have my dress made but want to try and lose some weight first but my motivation needs some improvement!!!

This is the tab that has all of the information under the sun to assist you, if you prefer you can purchase books so that all the information is to hand but I find it just as easy to retrieve the web pages for the information that I need.
The Weddings page is set up to take you shopping, to advice and ideas, to photo galleries to get ideas from actual confetti members weddings.
The best pages are the guide to weddings these are so helpful in keeping you organized and you can print the information off if you wish and file.
If you are not familiar with weddings or you don't know where to start, start here.

This is the site for planning and not just for weddings the Celebrations tab will take you to more planning ideas and advice for Anniversarys, Christenings, Birthdays and much more.
Print off checklists and get themes and venues in this section.
I used this to plan for my engagement party and use the ideas and then shop around.

Here you can chat to other confetti members about a range of topics, you can also pick up some real bargains from people who have bought too much for their wedding, you can get advice about venues and you can discuss honeymoons, unusual ideas.
I have just bought my tiara from a member and it is perfect as we are having the theme of butterflies and the tiara incorporates that theme I just had to have it!! Most of the items that the members sell will be half price or even free to a good home so its worth a visit.
If you are getting stressed there is a notice board specifically for this and I have popped on every now and then to keep myself in a reality check and if you are going a bit gah-gah the wonderful people on there will bring you back into reality.

Get ideas about your honey moon from this tab and take the opportunity to win your honeymoon with the regular competitions found on this part of the site.
It will help you to find honeymoon destinations, advice and ideas, as well as planning your honeymoon.
If you want to have a wedding abroad this part of the site will help you to find a destination and plan and give you advice.
There are regular special offers published on the site but hopefully I will still be working in travel so can try to get a fab discount!!

Not to forget the man in your life this site has a bit especially for the men involved in the wedding and I have caught Mark checking this out on occasion and he did grudgingly admit that it was a really helpful and informative site.
Here you can check out what each role is responsible for and search for outfits, giftlists and honeymoons, after checking this section out it is really depressing to see the little role the groom has in the wedding but I plan to get Mark helping me out as much as it permits!
There is also a chat room especially for the grooms which I don't think he has ventured into yet but I have.

The tab is self explanatory, it contains all the items that you could possibly think about and has an a-z directory for suppliers so it would be impossible to not find what you had been looking for.
You can see table themes and "buy the look" where it takes you through to explain the items needed to create the theme and the cost required.
You can buy all sorts but if you live close to a confetti store have a look in there seeing the items in the flesh may change your opinion!*~*~*Gift Lists*~*~*
This lists many companies that offer Wedding Guest Lists and takes you directly to their own site to register if you click on the link. They include John Lewis, Wrapit, Argos, Debenhams and Denby.
As well as offering companies it provides advice for wedding lists and tips for those who don't know what they want.
  • ~*~*Suppliers*~*~*
    Need something? Find it here Search the UK for Bridal Alterations, Bridal Wear Accessories, Cakes, Catering, Flowers, Insurance, Jewellery, Transport, Stationary and much much more.
    The left hand side takes you straight to the topic that you want and then you can search for the supplier closest to you.
  • ~*~*Venues*~*~*
    Search by Location, type of venue and building type to find venues in your area that you never new existed. There is also an option to view overseas venues.
    Once your search has been completed it will provide a telephone number and address to contact the venue for further information, I tend to google the name they provide and check out the venue before contacting them, its also a good idea to read some reviews from people who have used that venue for their wedding.

Here you can search for shoes, underwear and dresses from designers, I had a look on here for the Tiara but was not very successful but there are a great deal of dresses in this part of the site and you can search for menswear as well as female fashion. It really is a great port of call to get ideas for you wedding outfits.*~*~*Health and Beauty*~*~*
The final tab is health and beauty and provides expert advice on hair and makeup for the big day, I haven't used this part of the site too much.
Cosmetics helps you to prepare for the wedding with lots of hints and tips.
There is a section that will help you to get the correct colour scheme for your make up as well as top tips and techniques for the big day.
This is probably a part of the site that will get visited a lot more when I get closer to the big day as Make up and beauty is not featuring very high on the list of priories at the moment.
There is a guide to losing weight sensibly and also a tip for mens grooming which I am sure Mark will love when he gets used to using this site more regularly!

Confetti is a fab site and is one of the best out there and it is no wonder that I am addicted and hopefully it will help me to have a stressfree wedding in June 2008.

Thanks for reading and congratulations for all those brides to be this is your new bestfriend

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  • angelatawn published 28/07/2006
    very detailed. i thought they just sold table decorations and stuff!!! angela x
  • LIZKEMPO published 26/07/2006
    THis sounds amazing i will be sure to tell my friend getting married in setember lizzieX
  • baalzamon published 17/07/2006
    That sounds like an excellent site, but not one I'm liable to need in the forseeable future, if ever! John
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