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YIPPEE 10 Dollar paypal deposit received

12.07.2002 (17.08.2002) Diamond review

Very member friendly, most points update immediately, daily and weekly points

Can't track referrals, US Only and International sign ups not seperated

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Do you remember Beenz.com?

Are you a member of ipoints.co.uk or mypoints.co.uk?

If so then this could be a reward site for you!

At the moment I am hooked on collecting my daily, weekly and one off points from this web site. The points can be collected through a variety of tasks that are accessible from the home page at www.creationsrewards.net (to be known as CR during this opinion).

Once 2000 points are reached, it is possible to either carry on saving or you are able to redeem them for vouchers or a paypal deposit.


Accessible as I said, through www.creationsrewards.net, the log in home page is predominantly white and red. It is divided into three columns.

The first column lets members know about important news such as new offers and other promotional activity. The second column contains your basic account information such as the points balance and which categories you have earned points from so far. The third column houses a few advertising banners for members to look at. It is through the advertising and promotion of other web companies that CR earns money to pay it’s members. Therfore I’d recommend clicking on a few of these a day, as with any reward site.

Due to the simplicity of the website format and its ease on the eye, I have found the site to be quite quick to load when logging in. It is also highly user friendly and not overcrowded. I have yet to receive any errors with pages I’ve loaded which is another blessing when regularly visiting a reward website.


The following information is taken from the company web site:

“CreationsRewards was originally developed in October of the year 2000. The main concept of CR was to develop a rewards website that would meet and exceed the other rewards websites in terms of customer satisfaction. At first, CR was a simple site and all member activity was tracked manually in a small Access database. In early 2001, we wanted to take CR to the next level. The CR website was redesigned and then programmed to use an automatic system for tracking of actions completed on the site by members”

Please remember the content of this statement as I hope to prove it’s contents from my personal experience. I feel that the company has definitely met it’s goals in providing me with a top-notch customer service.

CR is a privately owned company in Manville, New Jersey, United States. Their website has four email contact addresses as well as a fax and telephone number.


To earn rewards, members need to log into the CR website and then enter the reward pages through one of two options – click on Earn Rewards from the red stripe on the home page, or scroll down to the shortcut links at the bottom of the page. As I am now a regular user, I tend to use the item selector from the red stripe for everything, simply because it is in my face straight away and saves me the effort (!) of scrolling down.

At the moment there are twelve different category headings for the earning of points. I’m going to go through these below and let you know how I get on with them all:


The only downside for me here is that for a few months I totally forgot about collecting my daily and weekly points. I have now set up folders in my favourite places entitled ‘daily’ ‘weekly’ ‘now and again’ offers. That way I just have to remember to visit there, as opposed to remembering all the different sites that I am a member of. Some of my referrals to CR have told me that they too have ‘neglected the site’ purely because of the need to get used to visiting.

The habit has now formed for me and I’m hooked. As the points have started accumulating I rarely forget!

The system for daily and weekly visits is the same. Click on the category heading and you will be taken to the associated page. The page will reveal a useful explanation from CR detailing the fact that each of the advertising banners described on the page has to be opened for 30 seconds to enable members to get their points.

There are usually ten or so banners, each showing the points available for people who look at them. Click on the banner and a new window will open up taking you to that advertisers website. I think this is great as there is nothing more annoying than having to keep scrolling backwards and forwards to return to main offers pages.

Once the website has opened into the new window it is possible to explore the company, whilst at the top of the page CR ask you to browse whilst the sponsor site is loading. Once the mandatory 30 seconds viewing has taken place, this banner changes to your name, and your total points to date. This is another great idea as I can see immediately that I have been given credit for the activity.

Going back to the company statement quoted earlier, I feel that this is an example of CR exceeding other websites. Mypoints and ipoints do not have this facility and you need to return to your account information screen to check for credits. Neither of the aforementioned websites give you such immediate credit for activities either.


This is where the big points are to be made. Over six or so pages are lists of various companies that will pay you through CR to sign up for their website. It might be that you sign up to receive an emagazine, to enter a lotto contest or to try out vitamin pills.

At the top of each page are the very clear instructions. Below that are the banners, their points value and an explanation of what you need to do to get the points. Read this section carefully as it will detail whether your rewards are automatically captured or if you need to send your ‘confirmation of registration’ email to CR to claim the points.

Before I hear you all groan at the thought of having to track another company to make sure you have credit, I’d like to speak in CR’s defence.

Recently I had a blitz and reviewed all the sign ups available to make sure I had the maximum points I could. As you probably know when you join up to new websites, they generally forward you an automatically produced confirmation in minutes. I forwarded these to CR and within THREE hours had received credit into my CR account for most of them. The others were all in my account the next morning!

Harping back to the company statement, I feel that this is another example of great customer service. I do still track the actions I undertake by keeping the CR email in a special folder in Outlook Express, but as soon as the points are credited I can then ‘housekeep’ the folder and delete those that are ok. This saves onerous monitoring that is involved with other websites that often take up to eight weeks to credit you for actions.

On the down side, although this is an international site the US and International sign ups are all amalgamated into one page. It can be quite soul destroying to see ‘100 points for sign up’ only to find that once you’ve browsed the site and decided to go for it, the words ‘US ONLY’ appear on the registration page.

To overcome this I have produced a word document for my referrals which lists the UK / International sign ups as at this week. It has 660 points that can be claimed and saves the hassle of looking into each one individually. As CR are so customer friendly and open to feedback I am going to provide them with a link to this opinion, and perhaps they will look at segregating the offers into categories such as US / Canada Only and International.


100 points can be earned for each new member that you bring to the CR website. To invite people CR provide members with URL links, sample invite emails and banners that are to be used independently from the CR server. We don’t want to drain their resources, do we? Once your referrals earn 200 points they are classed as an active member and your account is credited with the promised 100 points.

Although I can see at any one time how many people have joined the site with my referral link, I am not able to tell how many points they have and how close I am to getting my 100 points. Perhaps another small area for development for CR to take forward?



Anyone who takes part in the ‘GetPaidTo’ email programmes will be familiar with the increasingly popular ‘Get Paid to Search’ concept. This is where a search on any topic is undertaken using specified search engines in return for reward. Normally I find this a tedious task as once you receive a list of search results you then have to select a result and view the page once it’s loaded to get your reward. Well CR is the same, but as they have had the great idea of opening each search into a new window, you can at least do other activities whilst waiting for the page to load – Well done CR!

With regards to the surf and earn option, the site says that providing you have the correct system requirements you can earn anything from 1 to 50 points per day. The reward depends on the financial commitment from the advertiser.

Members need to access the surf and earn pages and then browse around advertiser’s sites. This doesn’t mean just looking at their home page, you need to delve in and open links and banners etc. I will be honest here in saying that I have tried this once, didn’t earn anything and haven’t visited since. I don’t wish for that to be a slur on CR though, I’m sure I was just too impatient to bear with it and see the results. I am going to concentrate on this area over the coming days and will update this review with the results.


Again as the site is predominantly for US users, this is an area that I rarely explore. The idea is that members can shop online by using links to retailers from the CR website. Once members receive a confirmation email of their order, they forward this to CR in order to get points which can take up to a month to be received into your CR account.


This is another part of the website that could be really good, but I get the impression from my own experience and from reading the CR forums, that Skliff aren’t very good at paying up.

Through the CR link, you enter the Skliff reward site. The idea being that you answer questions on ten different websites by surfing around and following the clues given. Once you complete a game of ten questions successfully you earn Skliff points and Skliff will then let CR know that you should have 5 CR points too.

Give it a go by all means, but I’d probably have about five attempts and then wait to ensure I’m rewarded before channelling lots of energy into it.


Once you’ve obtained 2000 points, click onto the Cashin Points link from the red stripe on the home page. Select who you’d like to redeem your points with from the following selection:

Direct Certificates
Disney Dollars
Gift Certificates
Home Depot
Web Certificates

As International users, the only appeal here is probably paypal or amazon. As a word of warning this is amazon.com not amazon.co.uk so it may be more costly to order books from them as there are higher despatch charges. I personally am waiting to collect enough rewards to claim a paypal deposit.

The redemption values are generally as follows:

2000 points = $10
4000 points = $20
5000 points = $25
10000 points = $50


Registration is through the website www.creationsrewards.net. Your member id will be your email address and you can select a password.

Of course, I’d love it if you would use my referral link to get you started, and in return I will happily share with you the Word document that I have made to point you in the direction of those International Offers. That should get you around 600 points to begin with!


CR cares very much about it’s members and has set up it’s own forums which are accessible via it’s home page. These forums can be used to explore problems that members may be having such as the recent issues I described about Skliff games. To me it demonstrates an openness in its relationship with members – I think we all know that things can’t go smoothly all of the time and it’s nice that CR are up front about issues affecting their performance.

I once tried to claim points for an immediate sign up, when I should have read the instructions and waited until I’d reached a certain qualifying level before claiming. Christopher at CR sent me a very polite and friendly email advising me of my error. The tone of this meant a lot, as he didn’t accuse or get on his high horse as some web owners often do and I have the impression he knows it was a genuine over zealous mistake and not an attempt to cheat.

I can’t praise CR enough. They are great, great, great.

The only reason that I am giving them a four star rating is because I haven’t had the opportunity to claim a payout yet. As soon as I get those 2000 points and the paypal deposit I’ll be back here to change it to 5/5.

Thanks for reading and please leave a message in my guest book for my referral link. Cheers!


I awoke this morning to check my emails and found that following my redemption request two days ago, CR had deposited $10 to my paypal account. The funds were credited in under 36 hours which is great!

I've also mastered 'Surf and Earn' following help from our own Brilfc and from the CR forums.....I posted this opinion to the forum and received friendly feedback. CR also pointed out that International members can be paid by cheque.

Great site - wanna carry on and earn my next $10 now!

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Fantastically massive Op, Cheers Bunny!

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