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Through school, university and now the Royal Marines, fitness has played a big part in my life. Whether it has been sprinting in schools competitions or patrolling in far off places with large rucksacks on, physical fitness has had to play a large part. Without being a physical trainer myself ... Read review

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Full-body, total workout. Superior Results. Tough but achievable.

AdvantagesFat loss, muscle gain, superior fitness

DisadvantagesDaunting, must have working knowledge of olympic movements.

"...the Day (WOD) on the website, you are taking part in a tried & tested system. The workouts are constructed by qualified coaches who specialise in being superior generalists. The workouts, themselves, prepare your whole body and not just one aspect. You can start CrossFit today and simply begin with the WOD. For example, a recent WOD was: Five rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 145 pound Deadlift, 20 reps 20 Push-ups 145 pound Deadlift, ..." Read review

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AdvantagesBeen running for years. Has loads on information. Gives information about crossfit events.

Disadvantagesboring appearnace. Needs more information from other country's.

"...personal experience i have found very helpful. If has WOD (workouts of the day) dating bck to February 2001. Sure a lot of the WOD's they use used in the past get used again in the more recent WOD's. Some will see that as a bad thing, but i think its a good idea. The older workouts are still hard and always give you a challenge. Newer WOD's are perhaps better but a person should always stick to the basics as they are the foundation that ..." Read review

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Very detailed, hardly any adverts, some excellent links
Good site layout, excellent concept. Could be a lot of fun!
Difficulty in completing registration process (*)
Great Site, Easy to Use
Awaiting results on results page (*)
latest news on festivals, gigs and football. lots of fun extras
some games are not great. some downloads fail (*)
Updated Regularly, Brilliant Content, Layout
None (*)
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easily accessable
....... (*)
Updated v.regularly, good weekly polls, very popular, message board
Rivals network means that every site is the same with limited individuality (*)
Great site with up to date content
some adds (but site is free) (*)
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