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... The chairman of the company, David Atherton, can be emailed direct on: and says he is happy to answer any questions about the status of the company. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The website itself is easy to use, with lots of useful links situated on the home page, a search facility ... Read review

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Community Level 4Kes30



AdvantagesCheap, fast delivery, plenty of stock.

Disadvantagesreturns policy is pants, no decent communication

" do an op about some time ago as I have read many negative opinions and decided to balance them a little with my own positive experiences of the company. is a mail-order computer dealer which has been established for about fourteen years. These days they also sell some other electronic goods such as televisions, stereos etc but still deal mostly in computer hardware, software, peripherals and consumables. The company is based ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


Competitive but an ugly website

AdvantagesGood prices, good selection

DisadvantagesUgly site

"How can I get to it? -------------------- Easy. Log onto What does it sell? ------------------ Well, just about anything Computer orientated really. In fact, its not just solely a PC supplier. It also sells TV`s,DVD, Stereos and Mobile phones too. You name it they have it. All arranged into the relevant product sections such as scanners, Mass Data Storage, Memory and Processors. Not only do they have these products but an ..." Read review

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Nik naks for your PC

AdvantagesMassive stock list, good email contact, competitive prices

DisadvantagesHelpline takes ages to get through

" is basically a mail order firm that has embraced the technological marvel that is the Internet and has adapted its business so that it is now entirely online. What this means for you is that the company is already well established, and is fundamentally much more sound than a new fly by night internet company set up to make a fast buck. So, when you order you have the extra peace of mind knowing that this company has been delivering to people ..." Read review

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Community Level 2slinkysteve


Great company, good value but shame about the site

AdvantagesA lot cheaper than on the highstreet

DisadvantagesPoor web design

"On the pure strength of other reviews and an intense desire to spend vast quantities of cash I visited I was searching for a particular product, a Microsoft optical mouse thanks to a particularly bad mouse which seemed to be possessed by a kangaroo (i.e. it jumped across the screen). To a novice Internet user this site is particularly overwhelming, I do a lot of work involving the Internet and even I found this web page hard to navigate ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mjhenderson


perfect delivery

Advantagesdelivered the right order at the right time to the right place

Disadvantagescompulsory storing of credit card info

"I recently visited to order Paint Shop Pro 7 after reading the reviews on Ciao. I preferred it to the Jasc website as I was given a competitive price in pounds sterling rather than US dollars which would have been subject to the exchange rate. As with all websites I have used to purchase things, you first need to set up an account with I was happy to do so, except that part of the process was to set up a method of payment. Basically, ..." Read review

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Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 08/06/2000

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Thousands of products to choose from, Quick replies from customer services
Some instructions in different languages, slow delivery, Based in France (*)
low price
Won't replace or refund faulty items, even if you try to return within the legal time. (*)
Misrepresentation, inefficiency, lack of customer care (*)
Easy to operate, Quality Sound, Looks Good.
Honestly cannot think of any. (*)
See text.
See text. (*)
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Fast delivery, easy to navigate, you can be a star (I know you are one)!
Some items are banned for outside UK delivery, you can spend way to much! (*)
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up to 90% saved on rrp
items move very quickly (*)
Good prices for some items (if you receive them), Product range
Do not deliver goods until threatened, Poor contact, Ignores requests, Answer phone only by phon (*)
Website easy to use, Good range of products, Can earn Nectar points
Customer Service not always great, Payment process can be a little confusing if using a Gift Card (*)
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