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Community Level 7jonwhite


Essential for your software

AdvantagesAccess to hundreds of useful programs and utilities, easy to use navigable site

DisadvantagesNone I can immediately think of

"If like me you are always looking for useful, quality software on the internet then here is one place you may wish to look for it. There are of course many sites out there from which you can locate utilities, web authoring tools, security programmes and the like but this website one of the more reliable that there is. It is not necessarily the best but it is certainly worth a look if you are searching for a specific utility or tool to make your computing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5janharper


Free quality software

Advantageseasy to download, quality files


"There's enough software and entertainment on this site for anybody. The site is simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. The interface is clean and clear and adverts aren't a problem which is a change for this type of site. There's a link to the 'site map' in a prominent position on the home page, so it's not too hard to find where you want to be. All the software is for Windows and Linux users but unfortunately Mac users don't get a ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iainhendry


Not the best but good anyway.

Advantagesupdated regularly,large Linux section ,few if any broken links

Disadvantagesvery short descriptions and small reviews.

"This is a site which rates and has links for different software titles. A plus point to start with is that it is split into Windows and Linux sections so all Linux users have got a site with software for them. Once you have chosen your section the page then has categories down the left hand side with a folder and a link. Clicking on a link opens up the section or reveals a sub-section from there the software is listed down the middle of the page ..." Read review

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Type Web Design & Development
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 28/09/2000

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Everything You Need to know about Wep Page construction
Only useful if you're interested (*)
The information is sometimes there, if you cna find it.
Part of Internet.Com, Hard to find anything, Links to everywhere but where you want (*)
Easy to use, easy to follow
Some advanced users might not like it (*)
Easy to Navigate. So Informative and Useful. Free
None that I am aware of (*)
Good offers, excellent guidance, dynamic site
Not enough freebies!! (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Occasionally comical
Slow loading times, many advertisements (*)
A great safe site, which allows you keep in contact with friends
You could get tagged in some embarrasing pictures. I know I have :D (*)
Nice simple clean design.
None (*)
pretty pointless site withno comedic impact (*)
It really pays, easy
None (*)
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Funny, interesting, easy to navigate
Can spend too long on there (*)
See opinion
See opinion (*)
Lots of humour, jokes and games
None (*)
Very funny, simple, fast, to the point!
Not to all tastes, limited scope. (*)
Highly amusing
Lack of confirmed details/pictures (*)
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