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Type Computers & Electronics
Domain Extension .co.uk


Listed on Ciao since 08/11/2007

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similar by Type (Computers & Electronics)
Seem to be cheap, but impose massive C.O.D. surcharges on buyers
Dishonest cheats (*)
Thousands of products to choose from, Quick replies from customer services
Some instructions in different languages, slow delivery, Based in France (*)
Misrepresentation, inefficiency, lack of customer care (*)
Great when it works...
Extremely poor customer service. (*)
great range, brilliant prices, excellent search features and layout
Returns policy, staff (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.co.uk)
No crowds and long queues and you get to explore the whole site aisle by aisle
Substitutions are horrible. (*)
Easy to use, easy to follow instructions, clears the clutter
Some of the fee's are high (*)
Seem very organised and provides an efficient service. Cheaper than most independent retailers.
Quite often out of stock on many models. About a month's wait. (*)
Cheap prices, free p&p and excellent customer service
items could be packaged better (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (D)
compare function on the website, and the screen is amazing
Apple forces us to buy silly adapters - not the fault of the shop nor manufacturer of monitor (*)
great range of products and good prices
not as efficient as other online retailers (*)
Damn cheap clothes and accessories!
Limited availability of goods, often only small sizes (*)
great quality, good prices, friendly helpline, secure website, online albums
takes a week or more to arrive, can lose uploads if not using online album option (*)
Easy to use website, super fast delivery and tasty pizzas
Our last couple of pizzas lacked a sufficient amount of toppings (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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