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31.03.2008 (18.03.2008)

Quick delivery, tasty, fresh

Could be expensive

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What is Dominos

Domino's Pizza is oneof the world's leading pizza takeaway/delivery companies. They have won numerous awards for quality and standard of service.

Domino's first UK store opened in 1985 and the first Irish store opened in 1991. Since then, there are now over 450 Domino's Pizza stores in a growing number of towns and cities throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Ordering options

I am reviewing Domino's online website which you can order from, but if you don't fancy online ordering you can place your order by telephone, text your order to the store (have gone into more detail later in the review) or go into the store and collect your pizza. When placing a telephone order you can choose whether you go and collect it in store or if it is delivered. Now I will just go through a comparision of the options. Price wise, collecting from the store or telephone ordering to collect from the store it usually works out cheaper than getting it delivered to you but you usually have to wait longer if you go into the store and order. All the above ordering options give you the choice of paying over the internet/phone or paying when you collect or the order is delivered.

Use of website for people with disabilities & Web Standards

Dominos website has been created to conform to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The WAI initiative allows web site makers to build websites that are easily accessible by people with disabilities.

Dominos have created website "shortcut" access keys for easier navigation through the website without using a mouse. A list of these keys can be found in the business section of the website under accessibility.

Web Standards

Additionally to the WAI standards the Dominos website conforms to, it also complies with the Word Wide Consortiums web standards, for XHTML 1.0 and CSS. This allows it to be used with screen readers, the majority of modern browsers and devices that will read XHTML compliant code such as PDA's and mobile phones, which is really useful if you're on the move.

About the website

The website is really easy to navigate through, it uses bright colours so it is clear to see where you need to click on next. The pages load quickly and clearly.

First of all, when you log onto you have to enter in your postcode, so it can direct you to the website with the correct menu and prices from your nearest Domino's store - the one who will organise your order and deliver the pizza to you. If you don't know your postcode, you can select your nearest town from a list available and also if you are from Ireland there is a seperate link for you to click onto. From this page you can also use an option which is pizza by text. This means you can text your order to the store from your mobile phone. You must register for this online though and always have the same pizza everytime, so I don't think is very useful, it is much easier and even quicker to order online. From the main page there are also visible options of: store locator, food guide (containing the nutritional information - but you must have adobe reader to view this), contact, franchise information, business information, terms & conditions and privacy. All the items on this page are well layed out and clearly visible and in an easy to read font. If you want to find out about the business, franchise information, job vacancies, information about the staff, Domino's Mission statement, news about the store, a selection of pictures for the media to use (it is simple to just download them), contact information explaining exactly who you need to contact for what situation, a site map and a food guide. On the right hand side of the page, there is usually a current offer on show - mainly a picture with a small amout of information and if you click on it it takes you to a page which provides you with more information about that product.

So now, I've entered my postcode and I'm now presented with another page immediately afterwards displaying which store is my local, it's address and contact number, the stores opening hours, then next to it there is an option to choose a different store if you don't want the one it has selected for any reason or an option to view menu and order. This page is layed out in the same style as the previous page.

It's most likely you'll

Pictures of Deluxe Pizza
Dominos Deluxe Pizza
visit this site to order a pizza, so the next step is as if I had clicked on the view menu and order option. I am then taken to a page displaying all the pizzas they have, starting with their special guest pizza. It automatically loads on pizzas but along the top you can select starters, pizza, desserts and drinks. All these options are clearly visible in red and white. Along the right hand side of the page is your order information displayed and a reminder of what store it is coming from. As soon as you click on something to purchase it is displayed in this section, and adds things as you go along. I find this really useful. Located at the bottom left hand side of the pizza display information is a selection of 3 symbols - V for Vegetarian, H for Hot, and R for Reduced fat, they all have different colours and if there are any items on the menu which come under the options, it is displayed next to it, which these symbols. The website will not allow you to order when the store is closed but there is an option where you can pre-order before the store opens, so your order is there any waiting for them!


There is quite a large selection of starters including - chicken combo, chicken kickers, garlic mushrooms, garlic pizza bread, coleslaw, potato wedges, chicken strippers. These starters are priced between £1.25 for the coleslaw and £5.50 for chicken combo, this is personally what I usually choose, it contains chicken strippers and potato wedges. You get a really generous portion, more than enough for two. The chicken combo comes with three dips - honey and mustard, sweet chilli and BBQ. If you require additional dips for either your starters or you pizza, they can be purchased for 35p per pot. There is a choice of BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Honey and Mustard and Garlic and Herb.

The Pizza

You can choose from a range of great pizzas or customise one just the way you like it. There is a big selection of pizzas already customised. Starting with the special guest pizza - currently steak special - yumyum, which is absolutely gorgeous! You can choose to build a pizza from scratch, choose an already customised pizza to have as it is, or add or remove any items or choose a half and half pizza if you can't decide on just one pizza. Some of the selection of pizzas already on the menu are - Pepperoni Passion, Original Cheese & Tomato, Bacon Double Cheese Burger, Extravaganzza, Full House, Hawaiian, Hot & Spicy, Mighty Meaty, Texas BBQ, The Sizzler, Veg-a-Roma, Vegetarian Supreme. Once you have choose your topping you choose what size pizza you would like, your options are small (9.5"), medium (11.5") or large (13.5"). A small pizza has six slices, medium pizza has eight slices and large pizza has 10 slices.You also then have the option to choose your pizza base, if you do not choose one of the options then you will automatically get the standard pizza base. Instead of Regular Fresh Dough you can choose a unique two-layer pizza base called Double Decadence or the extra light and crispy Chicago Thin Crust, which is for the more health concious or just those who prefer a thinner crust. Instead of Vine-Ripened Tomato Sauce, you can choose
Sundried Tomato and Garlic Sauce or Barbecue Sauce. Dominos offer a reduced fat cheese option which contains 33% less fat, but personally I don't think tastes as good, if you're going to splash out on a pizza, you might as well go the whole way! If you do decide to choose this option, you need to go into customise and change the cheese options, the same goes for if you want to add or remove any items from the pizza. Additional toppings can be selected for an extra cost, approx £1 per item.


Dominos have a lovely selection of desserts, if you're still not full from your pizza and/or starter or if you're just like me and greedy! They have Dominos waffles, which are my favourite, you get 2 baked Belgian Waffles with a sprinkling of sugar and they come with 2 dips - Chocolate & Sweet Icing. Other options are Chocolate Brownie Squares, Chocolate Indulgence and Toffee Delight. All desserts are reasonably priced at £2.99. One thing that I think the website should state is whether it contains nuts in its products or not, especially with the brownies because a lot of people put nuts in theres, and as I have an allergy this is a problem for me. They do not state they have nuts in, so I don't know if that means they don't but I would prefer it to state that it didn't. If you are in store you are able to ask a member of staff but not on the website.


Along with your food you are also available to purchase 1.25 litre bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola and Fanta all for £1.75.

All the starters, pizzas and desserts have a yummy looking picture of each item you can order with good description, price and options to customise for pizzas.

Freshness & Taste

I have never had a bad product from Dominos and I have ordered from Dominos on many many occasions. When you place your order online, it is emailed to the store and they begin preparing your pizza from scratch. If you have ever been in the store you can see them freshly preparing the pizzas infront of you, and some of these are for online and telephone orders. All the pizzas are handmade by a team of trained employees - the dough is rolled out first, then the sauce and cheese is added then your toppings then the pizza is placed into a large open over, then comes out the other side perfectly cooked and ready to be boxed. So the pizza is fresh, but is it warm by the time it gets to you? I thought it would not be the first time I ordered online, but it was really hot, just as it would be if you collected from the store. Personally I think Dominos is the best pizza I have had, compared to competitors, I think Pizza Hut is a little greasy, Pizza Express doesn't have enough topping on and is too small, Papa John's doesn't have the same quality of taste and fish and chip shops taste like ones you buy from the supermarket and warm up in the microwave. I still like to go to all the above places, but Dominos wins hands down. Dominos pizza's are perfect, the base is not too thick nor is it too think, the base and crust has quite a cibatta bread appeal to it. The toppings are always displayed perfectly and there is always plently on the pizza, they are not stingy with their toppings, especially if you order a Full House! There is the perfect amount of cheese and tomato on the pizza and it is not too greasy or watery. The one thing I think it is missing is Stuffed Crust that is provided by Pizza Hut, but seeing as only Pizza Hut do that I think it could be trademark so no one else can use it. All products that Dominos use taste fantastic, they are fresh, hot and good quality.

Nutritional Information

This can be found at the bottom of the page in grey under 'food guide'. The good guide is really useful and thorough. To access any of the nutritional information you are required to have Adobe Reader ony your computer. Dominos have provided a comprehensive guide to all of its products in a bid to make it easier for its customers to enable them to choose a meal that meets personal needs and requirements. Whether controlling your weight, avoiding certain ingredients or simply keen to know what you are eating, the Domino's Food Guide covers all you need to know to make an informed choice before you buy. The guide is well laid out in large clear to read writing with large detailed photographs of all the products. There is quite a lot to get through as each page contains the information on. Nutritional Information including calories, protein, carbs, fat, sodium, salt and fibre content are all listed, along with origin of the product, full list of ingredients and any allergy warnings i.e this product contains, wheat, mustard, gluten. Just so you have an idea of the general nutritional information for Dominos, I will give you the nutritional information for the items I usually order:


Chicken Strippers (per portion as sold)
Calories - 64 calories
Fat - 3.7g
Chicken Breast (56%), Wheat Flour, Salt, Food Starch,
Sugar, Yeast, Vegetable Shortening, Egg Powder, Leavening
Agent (E450 + E500), Thickening Agent (E412 + E415)
Contains - wheat, gluten and egg.

I was quite shocked when I saw there was only 64 calories and only 3.7g of fat, it made me feel alot better about eating them!


Large Texas BBQ pizza (10 slices)
Calories - 197 per slice
Fat - 5.6g per slice

Fresh Dough Ball (wheatflour, water, salt, sugar, vegetable
oil, yeast, ascorbic acid, cornmeal), Barbecue Sauce
(high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste, distilled vinegar,
molasses, brown sugar, salt, modified food starch, spices,
mustard bran, natural flavouring, onion and garlic powder,
colour, lemon juice, preservative (E211)), Mozzarella
Cheese (pasteurised whole cows milk, pasteurised skim
cows milk, lactic cultures, salt, vegetable rennet,
phosphoric acid).
Contains - Gluten, Wheat, Soya, Milk and Mustard.

Now, although this seems like quite alot of calories and fat, it is no where near as much as I expected for that type of food, and the fact is is freshly prepared infront of you is great.

Vegetarians, allergies etc

Dominos have a good selection of pizzas, starters and desserts suitable for vegetarians, they always use Vegetarian rennett cheese too, by each pizza Dominos state whether it is suitable for vegetarians or not. There are only a few pizza which contain meat, so if you're a vegetarian you have a large option. And even if you like the look of a pizza that has meat on, you can choose to customise it and remove the meat and even add extra items suitable for vegetarians.

It's always good to know exactly what your food in containing and its background. All of Dominos food is GM free and free from irradiated ingredients, all ingredients are regularly tested to ensure they contain no genetically modified organisms. Domino's use pesticide free ingredients and do not use artificial additives unless necessary. There are no current ingredients on the Dominos menu that would be a problem for pregnant women to eat.


Once you have decided what you would like to order, and you have checked it and added any extras you can then continue and press checkout. You will then be taken to a confirmation page, where you can then still remove or change anything if you want, here you can type in any voucher or promotion codes you may have, once that is all okay you can then continue and it takes you to a page where you will fill in your details, these include your name, contact phone number, email address, choose whether you have a delivery or whether you collect from the store, the address for delivery, any special requests when delivering etc. Once this is completed you will then be taken to a payment page, where you enter whether you would like to pay cash on delivery or whether you would like to pay via card on the website. I have done both options and they both work well. If you choose to pay by card then you need to complete your card details and your billing address, if this is different to your delivery address then you need to edit it, which is a little complicated. Once that is all complete, you press continue and your order has been placed, you will a page up confirming this, it will include your order number and a store phone number incase there is a problem. A confirmation email will be sent to your chosen email address earlier in the order. If you don't recieve an email, your order hasn't worked, but the emails can take up to 5 minutes to arrive, and make sure you check your junk mail box incase it has gone into there by mistake. These steps only take a few minutes once you have chosen what you want, it's quick and easy!


I have always been really impressed with the delivery standard of Dominos. You can select when ordering whether you would like it when you place the order or whether you would like it a different time, in intervals on half an hour. When we have chosen to have the food delivered when the order was placed, we have never waited longer than 20 minutes for the food to arrive, it's really quick. It takes that long to go to the store and wait for them to cook it for you there, so you might as well get a delivery as it takes the same time! When we have placed an order to be delivered at a certain time, it has always come dead on that time. Food is always delivered hot and fresh and the delivery staff are always polite and friendly. I think Dominos delivery is excellent.

Secure payment & methods

The Dominos website takes you to a secure webpage which requests you to create an extra password and emails you a confirmation to check you are the card owner. This is easy to do and secure. If you are ever in doubt, you do not need to pay on your card online, you can pay in cash when your pizza is delivered, these options are made easy to see and choose between on the website.

Price & Discounts

Starters range from £1.25 for coleslaw and £5.50 for a chicken combo. Pizzas start from £5.99 for a small margerita to £9.99 for a large one, and if you add extra you are looking at about £1 per extra topping. Desserts are all £2.99. Although this is quite alot of money for a take away I don't think this is expensive to pay for the quality you are getting and compared to alot of other similar companies. You can usually get discounts for online, via various websites or by registering and receiving regular email discounts.

Company Information

Domino's Pizza Group Limited, a subsidiary of Domino's UK & IRL plc,
Registered no: 3853545
Registered Office: Lasborough Road, Kingston, Milton Keynes MK10 0AB

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Amy69 24.05.2009 00:41

Right. Ive just ordered and its been twenty mintes and still nothing...maybe I should have ordered from your branch! xx

fleurdelacour 06.05.2009 00:38

Would give you an E if i had any left :)

Collingwood21 14.04.2009 17:14

I find the quality varies a lot between franchises, My current one is fantastic - I don't think they have ever delivered in more than 30 minutes from the time of order - but the one I used to use was a bit iffy. Still, when I had cause to complain to them, the mnager was quick to apologise and gave me enough free vouchers for two free meals from them. Can't say they don't try to look after their customers!

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