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published 06/10/2006 | memphisto_chick
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Pro Choice of phones, all tariffs and networks in one place
Cons All bit of fib telling going on!
very helpful

"A Mixed Bag!"

I have used e2save.com twice in the last few years, once in 2005 when I acquired a Nokia 6680 on the 3 network and more recently at the end of that contract, I was offered an LG Chocolate on T-Mobile.

As a subsidiary company of 'The Carphone Warehouse', e2save is an internet based company offering deals on mobile phone contracts and on pay as you go phones too. All the networks are covered here, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Orange, 3 and 02 and they have a very wide choice of handsets, some of which they claim are 'Exclusive' to e2save, indeed, my LG Chocolate as not offered on the internet site of T-mobile but I could have it through e2save. However, had I rung T-Mobile I may have been able to get this direct but that's by the by. e2save has been in operation since 1999 and I came across them through an e-mail from the Win4Now competition group advertising this company as a mobile phone retailer. I believe prior to them joining 'The Carphone Warehouse' group they were owned by a company called 'Communications Direct'

My first foray with e2save was, as I mentioned, buying a handset on the '3' network. I needed a new mobile phone ASAP as I'd dropped mine down the loo and this e-mail was advertising a Nokia 6680 with 500 minutes and 500 text messages per month for £1.99 for the first 9 months and £25 per month thereafter, so not the best deal in the world but not the worst either and they could offer me next day delivery if I ordered before 4pm, which I was more than happy with as I was working and didn't have time to go to town and have my ear chewed by an over pushy sales person! I didn't take much notice of the website as this point and I found ordering easy, just a case of popping in my personal details, employment details and bank details and I had to state where I wanted the phone delivered to and I chose my work address and that was it. An e-mail came to thank me for my order and gave me a reference number, then a few hours later a further e-mail to confirm I had passed the credit check and my phone ad been sent out via Initial City Link to my work address. The phone and delivery were free.

This was the cause of my first issue with e2save, despite specifying I wanted delivery to my work address, which was confirmed in the despatch e-mail, it didn't arrive by the time I left work at 6pm and I couldn't use the Initial City Link tracking service as e2save hadn't given me the reference number in full. Luckily, at 6.30pm, it arrived at my house and my neighbours daughter took it in for me, but no card was left, so had they not been as honest as they were, someone could have swiped that phone and I doubt whether there would have been a great deal of comeback for me.

That aside, my phone was as described, a clear 'receipt' of my order was enclosed with my phone, they'd also thrown in a Bluetooth headset, which I pleased with as I wasn't aware this was going to be included but never look a gift horse in the mouth I say.

1 month later a rep phoned from e2save and asked how I had found their service, which I replied was fine. They asked whether they could ring me in one year to review my requirements. I agreed as I live in an area where only 3 of the networks works and so I like to get the best available deal with a decent phone every year and like everything, this changes day to day and certainly year to year.

Indeed 11 months after I took my contract with 3, I had a phone call from e2save asking about my requirements for my next phone and contract.

I was certainly pleased that they had remembered to call & this made me think, wow, this company is spot on with their service, I have to say, all the agents I had spoken to so far were extremely polite and very helpful, much more so than many companies these days who rely on poorly spoken, cheap, outsourced labour to answer their phone queries. I actually hadn't considered a new phone when I spoke to them so I told their agent that and they pointed me in the direction of their website and told me I could either place my order through the web or if I had any problems or queries, I could give them a call on their freephone number.

So I went to the website and had a quick browse, I wasn't particularly interested until I had given notice to quit to 3, so I disregarded it but set a reminder on my phone for 4 weeks and forgot all about it until the reminder alarm went off!

I knew I didn't want to traipse into town and I knew e2save, so I decided to use them again.

Their website is OK, predominantly blue's and white, their front-page is full of 'Latest Deals' and is plastered full of pictures of phones next to texts describing tariffs, benefits and free gifts (if applicable), along the right hand side is a list where you can click on links for particular deals by network, by phones and their clearance areas. Also down this list is an area where you can click through to their pay as you go phone site. You also have on this rather overcrowded front page an order tracking facility, which isn't all it's cracked up to be, you have a special offer banner featuring one of the deals of the day. Along the right hand side again, you can sign up for a news letter or navigate to the best sellers and clearance pages. I find the website front page all a bit cluttered for my liking but still, this is a website with the primary objective to sell and such it needs to hit you from all angles!

Anyhow, after talking with friends and my husband, I decided to switch over to T-Mobile, I'd been with them before and I quite liked them as far as mobile phone providers go & I wanted an LG Chocolate, purely because my last few Nokia's had been back for repair numerous times and I really wanted a change and quite frankly, I'm no technowizard and this phone was just as simple as I wanted but had enough gadgets to keep me going for a while & off I went to the T-Mobile website to order one.....or so I thought.

I was happy with the Flext 35 tariff that was on the T-Mobile website but there was no LG Chocolate available on their list of phones and I didn't like any of the phones on offer,I was disappointed and left it at that.

I then had a further phone call from e2save later that week asking if I had found anything on the website to interest me, I replied that I hadn't really but the sales agent proceeded to ask me what network I was after, what price I wanted to pay and what phone I'd like to have, after going through everything I wanted, the agent came up with the Flext 35 on T-Mobile with an LG Chocolate and a free MP3 player. I decided to go ahead with that as I only have a few days before the end of my 3 contract, so I began giving all the details I had done previously, name, address, date of birth, card details etc. I gave all these and the agent was great, she was chatty, polite and very knowledgeable about the product & she promised to give me a call back after my credit check had been carried out to give me my delivery details.

A few hours later I had a text and an e-mail asking me to ring e2save as they had a query on my order. I rang them and got through to an agent without waiting at all. The agent, Megan, was very polite and friendly and looked into why I was being asked to call in. Megan informed me I had been accepted as a T-Mobile customer but I was being asked for a £100 security deposit by T-Mobile due to my credit rating. Now, I've always had a good credit rating as never had a problem being accepted for credit for anything, I don't have anything other than a £31 balance on an HSBC gold card and no other credit, so I was somewhat shocked to be asked for this. Megan offered to call me back later to discuss my options, including looking at other networks. Shocked, my husband suggested I call T-Mobile and ask if they had indeed asked for a security deposit because he was as miffed as I was.

I duly rang T-Mobile and I spoke to someone who said they'd had my details from e2save and processed my application, they'd not asked for a security deposit but they said that some of the intermediaries do because it's a way of making up their profits. I was suitably fuming when I was called back by Megan!

I explained I'd been through to T-Mobile and they had not asked for a deposit and I was really annoyed having used them before etc. After listening to me bending her ear, Megan said, 'Let me speak to my team manager and I'll see what we can do' and she put me on hold to speak to the manager. As I wasn't paying for the call I was quite happy to hold even if I did have Beyonce blaring in my ear!. After a few minutes, not a huge amount of time, Megan came back and said 'Ok, we're really sorry, it is our mistake, we'll give you the phone for free, normally £24.99, throw in some accessories and we'll get that phone out today for you, so you'll have it tomorrow', pleased with that I agreed and I was told to await an e-mail with my parcel tracking. Megan also informed me that after delivery, I may have to wait 48 hours for connection to my network. I told Megan how pleased I was with the resolution and she bid me a good day. 2 hours later I had a tracking number sent to me by e-mail as promised.

My new phone arrived by Royal Mail Special Delivery on Tuesday of this week, less than 24 hours after I ordered. All was well, one LG Chocolate, blue tooth headset, a SanSa MP3 player and my receipt written was 'please accept our sincere apologies for the trouble' written on it. My Sim card was also included and I popped this in the back of the phone and waited to be connected.

I waited and waited and this lunchtime I still wasn't connected, I called T-Mobile who had no record of the number on my sim pack having been allocated to me, so I was advised to call e2save. I range through on their sales freephone number and after about 6 minutes going through various options, I got straight through to Ali, a very helpful man who saw that it was an e2save error and I would be connected within 4 hours. I wasn't connected within that time so I rang again, I was put back through to Ali who said he's need to speak to his manager. I was put on hold for 5 minutes before he came back and explained there was a backlog due to a system error and he's again put me on hold to go through to another department to chase it up. After a few minutes on hold again, he came back and said I'd be connected within the hour.

Less than an hour later, I was connected to T-Mobile and all up and running, frustrating but at least the staff were helpful and willing to sort out my problems.

e2save have a mixed reputation as a supplier and I can see why. They do offer a good range of tariffs and phones and there are some phones they offer that the networks don't actually offer which is an advantage for people like me who know very little about mobiles but know what they like when they see it.

I was alarmed at their suggestion I needed to make a £100 security deposit for no apparent reason and despite the resolution, no explanation was actually given as to why I was asked to do that.

They are good and delivery is free but I guess you wouldn't have so much hassle on the high street and you can walk away with your phone that day rather than waiting for a mail delivery and then potentially missing it.

Overall, I am pleased but I am not sure I will use them again but I would recommend them for the fact they have a lot of special offers, not all of which are available from the network provider and they do cover all the networks with a wide variety of tariffs. By no means are they exhaustive but they are as good as 'The Carphone Warehouse' but you get free delivery on e2save products which is royal mail special delivery as standard.

I'd say this is a mixed bag, yes it good but yes there are flaws,however they were quick to rectify their mistakes and try to keep my custom but I have to say the service I received was very good and I wish more call centres could be like them!

Thanks for reading

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