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published 05/05/2012 | Kristoph23
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Finally back to do some more reviews been over a year, wow time flies.
Pro The ability to manage your own account
Cons There is a chance people could lie selling items via this application
very helpful
Value for Money

"Bidding and Winning is Fun"

People are aware about what Ebay is and does. Ebay is an auction website which lets people buy products by bidding on them. If you are the winning bidder you then pay for the items via PayPal or you can choose another payment entirely.
Once this has all gone through you are sent the item and you usually try to leave feedback and let people know how accurate the whole transaction and auction description was.

They have an application for the iPhone which enables customers who are browsing, selling or bidding for items to use the website but in a much easier way.
The website is very broad with so many areas to explore and navigate around so this free application is an excellent application to have on your device.

The Home Page

The home page is where everything happens and if you are logged into your account then you get better options available to you. The first thing about the home page to mention is this is where everything you do is recorded.

Now you have information about items you are currently watching, items you are bidding on and items you’re selling.
All these areas are subtitled at the top and when clicked on open up a new page which enables you to explore that area better. An example would be when you sell items as I have items I am selling all the time on Ebay so this application allows me to check my items without needing to log on via the internet and then find the items myself.

You also have the same idea with items on your watch list as these are displayed in order they are due to end. The home page displays further various areas to explore such as deals that are around concerning Ebay at the time and also your last products.
If you were perhaps searching for an item the night before, fell asleep, mobile died or something else occurred this little application remembers your recent visited items so if you did forget to add the item to your watch list then you can easily find the item again at the bottom of the home page.

Your messages you have sent and received are displayed there and also the best bit in my view is the scanner. This was recently added in the last few months and it is a great little idea because if you’re out and about at a charity shop and you see an item with a barcode attached such as a book, you then touch the scanner or barcode symbol and it will load up the camera. You scan the barcode and this will search Ebay to see how much the item is you have just scanned.
Recently I found a book in a charity shop which was 49p and the price on Ebay people were willing to pay was £12.50 so I managed to make a huge profit due to that simple barcode addition.

Bidding and Updates

You can bid for items on this application without a problem. You find the item you want to bid for and type this in as you would on the internet normally. I sometimes sense there is a slight delay so if you are like me and like to put a bid for an item in at the last minute then it might be worthwhile doing that last bid just a bit sooner with this application.
You also have the ability to find out when items are ending without touching a single button. You are given updates if the item you are watching is ending soon. This update which is sent like a message to you on the phone regardless of what you’re doing will give you usually around 15 minutes before the end of the auction.

If you sell items like me you get updates about when people have placed a bid on one of your items but also you get information about when they have paid as well. You never have to do much for this information to come to you.
You get information given to you about when the item ended, whether the person has managed to pay for the product and also information about when an item never sold.

Messages show up in the same way and this is a great idea because if stops you constantly checking Ebay for updates on how products are doing. I have to admit when I sell items and the last few hours have come upon me I spend ages checking back and forth to see if the items have gone up in price.


As you can tell there is plenty to do on this application so I am now going to discuss how you can sell products. You do this in a few ways you can use your mobile or go online. The online method is perhaps more likely to get you selling as you feel more safer and by this I mean you worry that using your mobile you might put in wrong information.
What I tend to do is take a picture of the item with my phone and then I go to the selling page and upload the image and make sure that everyone who looks at my item has a really good view of what I am selling. I always put in plenty of information regarding the items such as weight and size.

Obviously people will not like the idea of loading up auctions and selling items via a phone but you will be surprised how many items now are being sold in this manner. The idea is simple you can use the scanner to scan a book, DVD anything really which has a good barcode. If Ebay recognises it then it will display the information about the item for you.
Information such as the author, how many pages the book has and what year the release date was. I like this idea on the phone but I do worry because of what is mentioned above I just feel that they need to let you add more information if your selling with a mobile phone.

Overall Impressions

I have found this application extremely quick there is no doubting the speed to which is works. I am using this application on the 3G system and also a Wi-Fi connection and obviously the Wi-Fi link is more powerful and quicker but when I am out and about the 3G connection with the application is superb also.
I like how you have everything there, there is nothing missing you can even leave feedback as well so you do not need to sit down at night open up the laptop and go searching it is there on your phone, free of charge.

The pictures you can zoom into, you have plenty to look at and the application makes browsing and bidding so much easier than it has ever been. There is updates every few months with new ideas added and as mentioned before now you even have the new scanner option which is superb.

My overall impression is the application is fantastic I am just sceptical and worried about people selling on their phone to me there is more chance someone could fake an item with their phone by taking pictures of items which are not accurate to their own.

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  • angelboouk123 published 05/05/2012
    I have the app on my android phone and its driving me crazy with alerts lol
  • mozzie76 published 05/05/2012
    Good review
  • kama0529 published 05/05/2012
    Great review.
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