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I read in the paper today that Stelios "easyJet" Haji-Ioannou is dating diminutive Aussie pop-reject princess Dannii Minogue! Shocked me anyway! *Insert cruel joke here* Anyway, tabloid tittle-tattle isn't the purpose of this review, I'm here to look at easyvalue.com, the latest in a line ... Read review

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Community Level 5jonathanco...


easy like Sunday morning

Advantagesthe orange and white looks quite nice

Disadvantagesno results for many well-known products

"...you're buying. According to the website, easyvalue.com is "Your shortcut to the best prices online". However, we all know that so-called short cuts often end in dead-ends and three-point turns in narrow terraced streets. The website has a nice friendly message from Stelios about the purpose of easyvalue.com, which unfortunately makes no mention of his relationship with Dannii. Where did they meet? On a Luton-Amsterdam flight? These and other ..." Read review

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Community Level 2biccy99


Easy value but where are the products


DisadvantagesCan't find what you are looking for, so what's the point?

"This has absolutely got to be the most pathetic price comparison engine I have ever used in my entire life!!!!!! I visited the site because it was on the price comparison engine page at Ciao, and nobody had reviewed it yet. So I thought it would be interesting to see why this was the case. Now I know! I was looking for a birthday present, and I wanted to compare the price of Buffy the vampire slayer videos on this engine. So under the videos category, ..." Read review

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Community Level 0karlosmirz...


easyvalue a complete was of webspace

Advantagesnone whatsoever complete was of webspace

Disadvantagesif you want to buy from shopping.com simply go to shopping.com why pay commision to a knock off

"if you want to buy from shopping.com simply go to shopping.com why pay commision to a knock off site this is a pay per click per unique visitor site a cheapskate way for stelios to get even richer no thanks! from what i can see shopping.com is the actual site which basically is a very poor competitor to kelkoo. shopping.com took over from dealtime, cant see the stelios haji-ioannou connection other than the pay per click commision he might earn cheap ..." Read review

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Type Price Comparison Engines
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 09/07/2001

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