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published 13/02/2008 | sit2020
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Pro Free money for little effort
Cons Only pays by PayPal at the moment.
very helpful

"E Casher the new click on the block"

I can often be seen going through the various cashback sites looking for ways to earn those vital extra few pennies. I will often try new ones and more often than not I will abandon them as fast as I joined them. The reasons will vary but in general it will be a poor tracking issue that results in a lot of missed clicks, it may be too high a threshold before I can get a payment, or either not getting payment or having to wait an age before a request reaches me. Another thing that can put me off is a site where it is hard to navigate my way round.
Now this may seem as if I am being fussy, but with the amount of cashback sites on the internet and this seems to be ever increasing I can afford to be fussy as I could never do them all so I have a select few and will put one on test and see if it will become part of my regime or fall at the first.

It is very seldom that I will consider one to be fun, being brutally honest after a while these sites become boring and it becomes harder to motivate myself to keep visiting them (I do use different methods for avoiding the boredom depending on the site). Ecasher is the first site that I have come across in a long while that I consider to have the fun element that is often lacking in other sites.

What is this site like?

When the first page loads you are presented with a bright looking site, just below the header are a series of links

Home - This brings you straight back to the home page.

My Account - Clicking on this brings up a further list of choices, as they are to the best part self explanatory I will not go into detail but will list the options, You can Update your Ecasher account, change your password, view your reports (clicks approved and pending), refer friends, request a withdrawal to name but a few.

My Favourites - This will give a list of any retailers on the site that you have added to your favourites.

Competitions - This tells you to visit the forum to view the active competitions on Ecasher.

Easy Cash - This is the place to go to if you want to rattle up the money, it currently has 50 offers that will generate you cash if you sign up to them.

Forum - This takes you directly to their forum, now my initial thoughts about forums are that a forum is a forum is a forum. This however does have more potential than a lot of forums, although it is still in its infancy cash competitions have started, with the promise of more to come

Help - Here you will find the FAQ (frequently asked questions) a contact form and a link to the live support.

On the left of the opening page you will find the Retailer Channels, with such wonderful things as Baby Gear, Computers, Electrical Goods, Finance, Insurance, Travel, Free Stuff and not forgetting my favourite Paid Clicks. When it comes to making a purchase online, it is worth signing in to Ecasher and then looking on the retailer list to see if the online shop that you intend to use is listed. This really makes sense as you can get cashback either as a percentage of the purchase; this is typically around 5% but can be more or less. Some of the offers are for a set amount of cash, depending on the offer this can easily be over £20.

On the right is the Members Area, this is where you log in or if not a member then join. You will also see the newest retailers to join along with Ecasher News. Once you have signed in this changes to show your total earnings as well as your balance (money not yet claimed).

Towards the bottom of the opening page in the centre is a link that allows you to link up with the live help when it is on line.

How easy is it to join?

As with all of these sites the joining process is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes, with a few details required.

How much can be made per day?

At the moment of writing this review the daily clicks alone amount to 25p, now that may not sound a lot but only doing the daily clicks it will amount to over £90 during the course of a year. Then if you add the other offers that can be done it is very easy to double that amount or even more. To be honest with these sites your earnings are a direct result of what effort you put into them. So with two or so minutes work a day you will get 25p or £90 plus in a year, this equates to an hourly rate of about £7.50. This is without taking into account the previously mentioned "Free Cash" section; here you can significantly increase that amount.

How quick do clicks become confirmed?

This is something that cashback sites have little control over, it depends on when they get credited by whatever offer you have followed. So far in my experience Ecasher manage their accounting efficiently and will try to make sure any money that is rightfully yours will be credited to you as quickly as they can

What is the payment threshold?

They have no minimum payment threshold, so as long as you have confirmed cash available, you can claim it. I would imagine that if they ever add other payment options then they will more than likely introduce a minimum payment threshold, even then I would imagine it would not be a very high amount.

How quickly do they pay?

I joined this site simply to see what it was like and to see how long it would take to get credited. They have a motto "We Just Don't Say.. We Pay!", now this intrigued me. So a day or so after joining I had amassed a whole 5p of confirmed cash. I thought I would test the water not only to see if they pay (some sites do not pay out and only exist for a short while), but to see if they would pay such a small amount and finally I wanted to see how long it would take for them to pay me.
So with all that in mind, I claimed 5p on their website, then closed the page, I then went to check emails not to see if they had credited me, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see they had credited me into my paypal account within a matter of minutes. Now I wish it was like this every time, I think that was a one off, but they do pay out a lot faster than most websites. It would be nice if they offered other payment options, Amazon vouchers springs to mind.

Do they have a referral scheme?

Yes they do, it is not the most generous but as with all things that Ecasher does it is quick and simple, you visit "My Account" then "Refer Friends to join Ecasher family" and you will then find your own personal referral link (simply right click and copy) this can be pasted into emails, blogs etc. When someone joins through this you will be credited with 50p and this will become payable within a couple of days. It does not matter if the referral continues with Ecasher or not, as long as they start off as an active user you will be credited. In that respect 50p is not a bad return and it is more than some of the other cashback sites pay. It goes without saying that I am more than happy to gain the odd extra 50p by giving those people who want to join Ecasher my referral link

What about a forum?

As previously mentioned, they have a direct link to their forum. With the current cutbacks in daily clicks, this can be a very good place to add those vital few pennies. It has daily quizzes and other ways of earning a little more. It also has most of the usual things that you will find in a forum, but importantly they seem to be a friendly bunch.

How have I found this site?

I have watched this site grow; I would still classify it as a young site, with plenty of room for growth. They seem determined enough to make sure this site is a success. Because it is still only relatively small, the potential to earn from referrals is still quite good, even at only 50p per referral that can soon mount up.
They are trying new ideas to try and find their own identity in a market full of similar sites. I first thought that with the cutbacks in the daily rates Ecasher would find it a struggle to gain a foothold. However I have reassessed my opinion and now believe that because it is harder now, they in turn will have to work that bit harder and they should come out the other side of the recent down turn in a very strong position.

Any downsides?

Well my only real downside is that they only have one method of payment and that is PayPal, I would like to see them add other options such as Amazon vouchers or direct bank transfer. The reason I would like to see such options is I pay fees to PayPal on any money that I receive, so other options would see me avoiding those fees.


This site has put some of the fun back into the daily click routine, this is probably more important now than ever, as a lot of the search engines have drastically reduced the amount they pay and that is for all cashback type sites. Also daily clicking is an extremely boring activity. So when a site that injects a little fun into the equation appears this can only be a good thing. So 50 pence per referral is not the most generous but it is better than a lot of others, so I am more than happy to supply my link to anyone who asks for it.

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