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published 04/11/2008 | FinlayFinlayson
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"A company I won't be buying from again"

Here are some telling facts with regard to Eclipse Computers' processing of my order. You may like to use these to decide if buying from them is a good idea:

I bought 300 C-Shell DVD/CD storage cases from Eclipse Computers

They processed my order online despite not having the product in stock, a fact that was not communicated to me either at point of sale or via email later. The total cost was £21.36 ( £15.89 for cases plus £5.46 shipping)

When the product failed to arrive I called Eclipse Computers to enquire, only to be told that they were out of stock and had been for some time. When I asked why my money had been taken for goods they didn't actually have in stock at point of sale, they confirmed that they usually processed all payments for all products shown on their website, whether in stock or not, and then emailed or telephoned later to tell customers that the products were out of stock and that they would have to wait until they were reordered before they could receive them! When I complained that no one had called or emailed me to say they had no stock to deliver, I was told: 'Oh ... sorry about that. But when we get some in we will send you some. We just don't know yet when that will be.'

I was appalled that the accurate stock situation had not been communicated at point of purchase, since I needed the cases in a hurry and would simply not have bought from Eclipse Computers if I'd known they were out of stock. I would have placed my order with another supplier!

My order finally turned up later the following week. However, the quality of the cases was poor, the plastic much thinner than I'm used to seeing (I buy a LOT of these cases for various jobs), and none of them was flat. The base of the central 'spindle' was higher than the surrounding rim - creating a 'bowl' effect - meaning you could keep the cases properly closed and flat only by applying external pressure to the outside of case. This is far from ideal, since the case is supposed to protect the disk it carries, rather than placing pressure upon it.

Within a week I had received 4 complaints from customers I'd sent disks to, saying that the disks were distorting inside the cases. I had to do returns on these and replace both cases and disks.

I emailed Eclipse Computers and complained. No reply.

I then telephoned Eclipse Computers to complain. Again and again. Over the course of the following week I made 4 phone calls, spoke twice to Sales and twice to Customer Services, and gradually ran up a phone bill for over 3 hours in conversations and queue waiting. Their best offer, having heard all the problems described, was to provide me with a 'credit note' for the value of the 'unopened cases' provided I shipped the goods back to them at my own expense. My argument was that the goods were defective, which is why I couldn't use them, and they should pay the carriage and compensate me for my expenses to date.

They refused, and were adamant that I should pay the carriage. This means their 'credit note' offer broke down as follows:

Original costs of goods: £15.89
Original cost of shipping to me: £5.46
Return cost of shipping to them: £5.46

... all to get a credit note to the value of £14.83 (for those cases still 'shrink wrapped').

So, the net value of my 'credit note' refund, after deducting losses and shipping costs both ways ... would have been only £3.91, leaving me £11.98 out of pocket! Even assuming I could find something to buy on their web site for £3.91 (inc shipping!) I couldn't justify the loss of any more time on this matter.

Needless to say I had to cut my losses, put the cases in the bin, and write off the full purchase price of £21.36 as a very bad experience

My experience with Eclipse Computers demonstrated how to lose £21.36, plus the costs of associated telephone call costs, plus 3 hours on the phone ... and still end up with no product I could use.

I'm not used to service like that. Most suppliers I deal with online would have done their best to sort out my problem and retain my good will so I'd buy from them again (to say nothing of wanting to supply me with goods that were actually fit for what I wanted to use them for.)

I buy a lot of goods on line and I like to spread good news and recommendations when I'm treated well. I feel exactly the same impulse to spead the news when I'm treated poorly and end up losing from the experience.

My conclusion: Don't buy anything from Eclipse computers. It's just not worth the risk and hassle. There are plenty of quality suppliers out on the internet, who care about service and reputation and who will provide you with what you need, when you need it. Don't be tempted by the prices on offer. I was told by a Customer Service representative as Eclipse: 'We always buy the cheapest stuff we can find', so it would seem that quality is a secondary consideration. In the case of the DVD cases described above, the quality was so poor as to make them wholly unfit for use as proper disk storage cases.

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  • majeedkazi published 05/11/2008
    Hi, Welcome to Ciao.....very good first review...
  • redeyes22 published 04/11/2008
    great review aggy
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