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Type Internet Service Providers
Domain Extension .net


Listed on Ciao since 24/02/2011

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similar by Type (Internet Service Providers)
BT Disconnects people for fun (*)
Whe it works it's OK. Fairly cheap deals.
When it doesn't work, you might as well talk to the wall. Slow and unreliable. (*)
quite cheap for fourteen hours per day
slower connection time (*)
Speed, always-on, flat-rate charge, leaves phone line free for voice calls
expensive, seriously crap news server, only available in areas of high population, must have a BT line, must have a credit card or Visa Delta card, less than fantastic technical support, poor customer service, extra software, can't use it with Opera (*)
Fast connects, own telephone service, free shares
none (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.net)
Loads of people
Takes too long to load (*)
was a good job
staff were sold short (*)
One of the cheapest around, easy to set up, no connection problems, decent connection speeds.
For people with a BT phone line only. (*)
None whatsoever
Unscrupulous and exploitative !!!! (*)
Free space for publishing photos online, excellent service, personalised domains
Not many at all, really (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (E)
Chance of winning
lacks content of the US-spiders (*)
Free fax number, no need to have a dedicated fax line
None (*)
Easy to use, Passport style universal login. Many features.
Expensive, lack of control (*)
Speed, Relaibility, Features, Support, Price
Nothing (*)
Call costs (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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