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Type Internet Service Providers
Domain Extension .net


Listed on Ciao since 24/02/2011

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similar by Type (Internet Service Providers)
1MB Fast Connection, Reliable 24-7, Fast Download times
Poor Technical Support (*)
Completely free, no subscription fees, no dial-up charges during designated hours
None so far for me, but people have found it difficult to get through at times (*)
Very cheap international phone rates
There are none (*)
Whe it works it's OK. Fairly cheap deals.
When it doesn't work, you might as well talk to the wall. Slow and unreliable. (*)
good value for money unmetered 24hours a day, £15 of free phone calls for BT customers in non-NTL area
technical support at £1/min, response to e-mails is slow, communication between departments & customer service is poor, almost impossible to leave/end contract with NTL!! (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.net)
Superb web hosting. £10 unmetered net access. Free ISDN access.
Temperamental servers. Not the most solid financial backing. (*)
Better quality visitors to your website than most traffic generation sites. Feedback. ClickThru is a quality site. No porn.
Unfairly low ratings at time, you're still something of a small fish in a big pond. (*)
One of the cheapest around, easy to set up, no connection problems, decent connection speeds.
For people with a BT phone line only. (*)
easy to use
none (*)
Don't Know
Doesn't Seem To Be There Anymore (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (E)
Reliable and trustworthy
Not the cheapest, maintaining any website takes time and effort (*)
easy email address, easy to use
sometimes slow (*)
Ease of use
if you go for the cheep options you get there banner on your web site (*)
Easy editing, no banners, no popups, no adverts, reliable server, free!
No ftp access, long website address. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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