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“Easy email addresses 4 U”

published 06/09/2001

Proeasy email address, easy to use

Conssometimes slow is a partnership between & It used to be part of NBCi but isn't anymore. Getting started ~~~~~~~~~ It's pretty easy to sign up to - just go to and select register. To create an account you'll need to choose your email login - as is...

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ProGood features, Great email address (, s...

Cons5MB account size limit, USA based

As you'd guess is an email provider, and its absolutely free! The email address you recieve is "yourname", as in if you want john123 a name, your email address will be Pretty simple to remember and tell people really! Of course thats not the only thing thats...

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“Just set it up to forward”

published 19/05/2001

ProNice looking address, forwarding is convenient

ConsAn extra stage to fail for your email

A big problem that you can encounter online is if you change your ISP, and you get a new email address. Telling all your friends your new address (and making sure they use it!) is difficult enough, and changing our address at all those sites you've registered is too big a job to contemplate! To...

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“ Quite good”

published 10/08/2001

Pronice layout


I have been using for a few months now. It's free, easy to log on, and I like the design. It's easy to read your mails on screen, too - not too much scrolling down the page, unlike some some email services I've used. The main problem with it has been it is just very, very slow. And I...

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“The way email should be”

published 24/04/2002

ProEasy to use, easy to remember, does everything you...

ConsBad and annoying advertising in pop up screens

When sold its soul to the dotcom devil, I had to go searching for a new, free email provider. I never really liked hotmail having heard that you frequently get lots of junk mail. So, a friend told me about and I tried it out. Signing up for your free account is quick and...

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ProProfessional looking email address.

ConsToo slow to login is one of the best email providers out there. You can have whatever name you want providing it hasnt already been taken. It looks the most professional email address when sending offers to clients or just to impress your freinds. The services are good, you can view your inbox...

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Not for me

published 25/10/2007

WWW.MAIL.COM STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This email service is terrible. It takes forever to get logged on, messages that you send never go where intended and worst of all........ when the site is having trouble (which happens twice a week), instead of getting a message telling you the site is having trouble..... you get messages saying the username/password is invalid. Immediately you think you forgot your password or that your account is hacked, when in reality their service just stinks...plain and simple. Do not use WWW.MAIL.COM for any email that you consider important. WWW.MAIL.COM is a spam haven! Within hours of joining, there is spam in your box. No spam folder either....what a coincidence!

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