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...empireonline.co.uk. The Empire website is a lot like the magazine - it's written in the same humourous and informative style, and by the same people. Also, the reviews you'll find in the magazine are replicated on the website, although in slightly abridged form. The "feel" of the magazine is ... Read review

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Community Level 6superpricee


Empire strikes back......

AdvantagesUp to date, funny, informative

DisadvantagesOccasionally plagued by ******* pop-ups

"For all those Superpricee fans out there (erm, all one of you - Hi Kirsty babes, love you!), and others who may have read a lot of my ops, you'll know that I'm a fan of films. I've written more film ops than on any other subject (yes, even football), and I consider myself to be a little bit of a movie buff. Kirsty and I are regulars at our local multiplex, and probably go to the cinema at least three or four times a month. Therefore I like to keep ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sngroover


The Empire Sites Cack. Not

AdvantagesIt's Great and easy to use


"...find myself going straight to empireonline.co.uk subconciously when I dial up. If you think the site stops at simply news stories, you're mistaken. There are many link-ups with the magazine on the site. For instance, there is a section in the mag every month known as 'Public Access', in which you can send in your questions to a well-known celebrity (actually well-known, past stars have been Mark Hamill and William H Macy). The policy goes, the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Walter_Kov...


empireonline.co.uk review

AdvantagesInteresting articles

DisadvantagesSite can look a bit busy

"empireonline.co.uk is the website of Empire magazine, which is one of best selling film magazines in the country. As it is the internet, this is a lot more in-depth than the magazine as you can update whenever you want and pick and choose what you want on the site. Going to the front page you can immediately see that there is so many different things to look at. They have interviews with all your favourite stars, and a daily quiz. Empire do actually ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Zoe


Empirically speaking

AdvantagesA must for any film fan

DisadvantagesI suppose if you're not into your movies you might find it a bit dull!

"I'm a great fan if the online version of Empire magazine. It's much more than just an advert for the magazine boasting a great range of galleries, features, news and reviews. The news section is very regularly updated and written with real wit and flair. I laughed today when in a news item Orlando Bloom was described as a 'one-man boy-band'. It has a section on future films which is again regularly updated and full of production stills and gossip ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tony_Hughes


Empire magazine goes live!

AdvantagesFree screening days

DisadvantagesLack of News

"Having read the magazine for a while now, I saw the advert for the site and was amazed. I was shocked to see that there was actually a magazine out there that had a running website that was updated in real time as soon as they had the news. I have had less success in the past with certain magazines that advertise their sites and when you get their they only serve for subscriptions. First of all, i dont think there is any need for becoming a member ..." Read review

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