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Review of "englandbux.org"

published 02/11/2007 | sit2020
Member since : 18/03/2001
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Pro Free Money
Cons You need to have a few minutes time to spare on a daily basis
very helpful

"No bux, but lots of pennies"

It took me a long time to realise that more than a few pennies could be made from the internet. Worse than the fact I had missed out on what was on offer, was the learning process that I had to go through to work out which ones would return me the most cash for the easiest effort.
After a lot of trial and error, I have managed to place the various earning sites into categories, obviously the number one is writing reviews, this is then followed by survey sites and third comes paid to click sites. There are other options but they involve either a lot more effort or are not internet only (they require work that may be mystery shopping or selling on auction sites for example).

This review is about a paid to click site. Now paid to clicks are generally split into two types, those sites that require you to go through internet search engines and they do not normally credit your account straight away and those who credit you instantly for paid to read emails. The latter generally pay a lot less but are instant. This review is about one such site, in my opinion this particular site ticks all the right boxes in terms of quantity of earning options (regular emails and good rates of pay per email), ease of site navigation, referral reward and most importantly future potential.

What is this site like?

When you first visit the site, you are presented with a message in the centre of the screen explaining about EnglandBux. More interesting though is the left hand side of the screen where you are presented with the following options

Advertise - This is where prospective advertisers visit.
Sign Up - This is the place to go if you wish to join up.
Log In - This is where you click if you wish to log in (obviously you need to have already joined). Simply enter your username or your email address and password (the one you chose when you joined).
The last three below this are self explanatory namely
Privacy - Simply has their privacy policy
Terms - errrr the terms
Contact - Here you can send them emails on a variety of topics, I would like to see them add help live online as is becoming more popular with a lot of sites.

The Affiliates Area.

Once signed up and logged in you are presented with a deep red bar across the centre of the screen it has the following links on it (I am not going into too much details and bore the things off of you).

Earnings - This tells you what your current earnings are including any earnings from your downline (referrals).
Profile - This is your profile and you can update as necessary.
Buy Referrals - Further details of this later in the review.
Payment - The wonderful place to go to when you have made the £10 required for payment, as if by magic a button will appear that allows you to claim the money.
Referral Stats - This simply tells you how many referrals, you have and where they have come from.
Referral Center - (Yes that is how they spell centre), this part offers you such wonderful tools as banners and a pre written email to help you get yourself a few referrals, I find asking and crying wantonly is an even better method.
Upgrade - The place to visit if you want to upgrade your membership to premium membership (more about this further in this review).
Paid to Click - This is where paid to click adverts appear.
Inbox - The most important part, it is here you find Paid emails (you also get the same ones sent to your email inbox) more about the paid emails further in this review
Ad Manager - For those who place Ads on EnglandBux.
Ad Stats - For those who place Ads on EnglandBux.
Upgrade Redemption - A place for premium members to go to.
Log Out - As it suggests for logging out.

How do I earn from EnglandBux ?

Three main ways, clicking on Emails, using the paid to click section and earnings generated by your referrals (more about this later in the review)
The emails that are sent by EnglandBux (currently running at about five per day) are worth one pence each.

How easy is it to join?

Well firstly a member needs to be at least 13 years of age
Then it simply a matter of either going through a referral link or visiting the site directly, then following the on screen instructions
They give you a 5p bonus for joining, ok that is not exactly generous but it is better than nothing
Do no t expect to earn straight away, it took them a day or so before they started sending me any emails, but since that time they have been very regular.

Why do I use this site?

I call this type of site a no brainer, simply because clicking on a link is just about all there is to it.
This is not the only site like this, most however pay parts of a penny per click/email, EnglandBux are more generous as they pay 1p per email and have a regular amount of them coming in all the time. One other site offers incentives such as a win every ten clicks and a weekly top clicker prize, this site is larger than EnglandBux at present, however it is my opinion that EnglandBux will overtake them not only in membership but in earnings potential.

How it works

You receive emails through your normal email account or through the sites inbox (or the same emails through both). When you open the email you are presented with an email that will have on it somewhere a blue hypertext link (some of the links are not easy to spot, more about that further on in this review), you then click on the link and a new page will open. If it is the first email then you will be presented with a box with four numbers on it, below this are four groups of four numbers, one of these correspond to the larger number, the matching number needs to be clicked on (this is to prove you are not using an automated program) then the page will load, at the top of the page you will see the earnings requirement, it is normally view this page for a minimum of 45 seconds for 1p. After the required time has elapsed the page will change to "Thank You your account has been credited"

For the "Paid to Click" section the procedure is almost identical as to that for emails except clicking on an advert takes you to the earnings page instead of going through an email.

What do EnglandBux say you can earn?

They say you have the following potential earnings, however I think that they are a little on the optimistic side (at least for the present)
You click 10 ads per day = £0.10
25 referrals click 10 ads per day = £2.50
daily earnings = £2.60
weekly earnings = £18.20
monthly earnings (four weeks) = £72.80

I would guess my estimate to be a little more accurate
You click 5 ads per day = £0.05
3 referrals click 5 ads per day = £0.075
daily earnings = £0.125
weekly earnings = £0.875
monthly earnings (four weeks) = £3.50

Now depending on how you see this, personally I see this as a reasonable minimum to expect and it does not include daily clicks (other than emails), I also expect it to rise in time (ever the optimist) and could be closer to their guestimate in time.

How about payouts?

The minimum payout is set at a fair amount. That being £10. At present they only offer two methods of payout PayPal and E-Gold. Personally I would like them to add Amazon vouchers to the methods of payout and maybe even offer direct bank transfer. The main reason for this is I know of a few people who do not like using PayPal and or E-Gold.

EnglandBux state that when a member (who has reached the required threshold) requests a payment, they will endeavour to make sure the payment is paid within 30 days (or a reasonable time thereafter).

Does it offer anything else?

Yes is the answer, neither of which I have actually taken up,

One is they offer an affiliate (member) the opportunity to become a premium affiliate for either £25 for a 1 year membership or £99 for a life time membership.
For this a premium member gets in return;
Free Referrals - Your referral url (link) will be randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url. Basically anyone joining who has not been referred will be assigned a random member who will then earn as if they referred the new member.
Earn 20% more per click for every website you visit
Earn 20% more per click for every website your referrals visit
1000 members visit worth 1p (one time)

The other again involves referrals; you can buy referrals for the following cost
25 Referrals £20.00
50 Referrals £35.00
100 Referrals £60.00
200 Referrals £100.00

As I said I have not taken either of these offers up, my reasoning is that people may join, but how many that do join will regularly click on emails thus earning me from them, hence I will stick to people who wish to take my referral link as those people are more likely to stick with it. Plus those who request do not cost me anything, yes I do realise that I am not getting the extra 20% but I did the maths and worked out I would need a lot of loyal referrals to make it financially worth my while.
Having said that if I found myself in the fortunate position of having a lot of active referrals then I may re-evaluate the situation and take up the offer of becoming a premium affiliate.

What about the referral scheme?

This has the potential to be a great strength for any user of this site, they do not offer huge downlines (in my experience these often do not lead to very much, you may have lots on your downline, but few active members and coupled with a low amount per person 10% and 5% being the norm) like some sites instead they offer a massive 50% of your direct downline users. In basic terms it means if you only have two people that you have referred. Providing they are active users your income from this site is effectively doubled.
So the next part is how easy is it to get yourself the referrals. Well family and friends are obviously the people who you will ask first and you can send them a custom made email (available from the referral center) or if you have your own website or blog then you can use the banners that are again available from the referral centre. However you cannot actively put a link on a review site like this, but if you are interested drop me a message and I will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Any downsides?

Not anything of a real issue, expect your earnings at the current time to be around 5p not the 10p as EnglandBux advertise, but as sites like this grows, then the interest from Advertisers increases so in the future this could well increase substantially.

Again not so much a downside, more of a niggle and one for anyone using EnglandBux to be aware of, some of the emails are quite colourful and it is easy to just read the email and not click on the Hypertext link (Blue bit that opens the paying page) this results in the member not earning anything from the email.

It would be nice to see them lower the payment threshold and maybe offer other ways of being paid (Amazon). When you consider 13 is the minimum age for joining this site I personally think a direct payment into a bank account could be very useful.


For a way to pass some time (I have been known to watch the television and go through the ads with my laptop) and earn a few pence this is not a bad way to earn a little.

At the time of writing this review EnglandBux have a member base of 17,000 members, they are also actively advertising their site, so it would be fair to say that the user base will grow and therefore the attraction to advertisers will likewise grow.
I think that because they have kept this site so simple with the highest amount per email (when compared to other sites like this) and 50% earnings for direct referrals, they have gauged the market well. I am convinced that they will become more popular than the site that offers competitions and little prizes but also much lower payments.
Yes they do have a higher threshold (which I would like to se set lower) but they have a higher rate of payment per email, therefore the timescale is not too long to wait.
I also like the fact that payments are credited to your account straight away rather than 60 days (which seems to be on the increase).
In my opinion, this is a great site for people to earn a few pounds, the stay at home parent, the student with a bit of spare time or anyone who wants to earn a little extra for Christmas. It is not a get rich quick scheme (nothing on the internet is). It is true you do not get something for nothing, but in the case of this site all that is required is a little time, for that reason I gave it a go and am more than happy.

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  • eandemam published 16/01/2008
    So much detail was excellent thanks
  • carcraig published 11/01/2008
    Good review - very interesting xx
  • Secre published 25/12/2007
    I'll have to take a look.! Lissy
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