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...envirofone.com. The other handset was worth a little more to other recyclers, but I opted to do all three through one company. The prices offered on handsets do change regularly though. Indeed, searching on these handsets now, the prices offered via www.envirofone.com are lower than many of ... Read review

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Community Level 7plipplopfr...


What Do Phones Make? Money! Review with images

AdvantagesFast payment, simple process, exhaustive range of handsets, choice of payment methods

DisadvantagesMore proactive recycling on accessories required, no price guarantee, pointless social media pages

" ==Sign of the Times== Itís hard to think of a more wasteful, depressing use of the planetís resources than mobile phones. Itís not that theyíre not worth having (although some would argue the case). Itís more the case that weíve entered an age when what is a relatively expensive, technical gadget has become utterly disposable. Everyone wants the newest, trendiest, most up-to-date model as soon as they can get their hands on it and the average consumer ..." Read review

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"...paying in a cheque from Envirofone.Com and as one does, one hears them speaking. They were talking about how they had received a cheque from the company simply by sending off their old mobile phone for it to be recycled. On getting home, I knew that I had a couple of old mobile phones in a drawer which have not been used for lots of months, having upgraded them to the existing model that I had. So I dug them out, and went onto Envirofone.Com to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


Envirofone your old phones, but don't expect too much for it!!!

AdvantagesEasy to use, good cause, good variety of ways to be paid.

DisadvantagesMay lose money on phones!

"Envirofone.com === What is Envirofone? === Envirofone is a website where you can go to recycle your old mobile phones. You know what itís like, you update your phone every two years or so, and end up with old mobile phones sitting around your house, usually given to the kids to play with, or just shoved in a drawer and forgotten about, even though usually the phones still work and you still have the charger and battery for it, but there is nobody ..." Read review

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Dosh? Readies? Wonga! Review with images

AdvantagesEasy and quick to use. Money back for old phones and good for recycling.

DisadvantagesNone really, maybe value of some rarer phones could be higher.

"There's always a time when we could do with a little extra cash now and then, and whilst there are a plethora of ways to make small amounts of money on-line, one of the quickest ways to generate a nice lump sum is to sell your old mobile phone to one of several mobile phone recycling websites. One of the most high profile is Envirofone, which I have used several times when I bypassed the idea of giving my old mobile away. Here are my thought on ..." Read review

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Community Level 7salem_witch


Get paid for recycling!

AdvantagesYou get cash or Argos vouchers for old mobiles

DisadvantagesYour mobile might not be worth much

"For those of you whoíve never heard of Envirofone then youíll be pleasantly surprised if you have any old mobiles lying about the house. They basically pay you for your old mobile and they recycle it at no extra cost to you. They even pay for your postage and packaging as well so you have nothing to lose! After reading a review about Envirofone I went off to investigate as I had an old Sony Ericsson K700i lying about and figured I may as well find ..." Read review

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