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Review of "facebook.com"

published 05/12/2009 | tink-er-bell
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Pro The nice features
Cons The way they keep redesigning the site

"Face Lift"

This review is going to be about Facebook the social networking site.
This is an application you can join online by joining www.facebook.com and registering your details to become a member and chat with other users online using the same facility.

Facebook is actually a spin off from another place named Facemash. This was an idea by Mark Zuckerberg who apparently when his girlfriend dumped him he decided to do something to take his mind off her.

He was a student at Harvard University as well, and after people began to read his work he decided that he would do a new website. On February 4th, 2004, Mark then designed the webpage named The Facebook.
The initial idea was that the only people allowed to use the website were people from Harvard University. The company began to move to other areas like Boston in America and became more accessible to other people.
In 2005 they brought the domain name of Facebook for $200,000.
As the company grew they decided that on September 26th, 2006 the company would be made available to everyone round the world providing they were over the age of 13.

Sign Up
The website is pretty easy to sign up with; you fill in your name, your email address, a password of your choosing, your own gender and date of birth.
These are all found on the main webpage you load up to join.
You are then presented with a security check feature, which is usually a word or double word and you need to type exactly what you see into the box below it.

You can change the words In case they are too tough for you to read, because at times they are jumbled up words and difficult to understand.
You are then asked to find some friends you might have, via yahoo contact lists or any others you might use.
You are then sent an email to confirm that the email account you have given is yours before continuing with the website.

Getting Started
Well you want to put up a picture of yourself to make people aware of whom you are. Without a picture to reveal your identity you will notice a lot of people you know and try to add will sometimes click decline when you ask to be a friend. Make sure the picture is not rude at all otherwise you will be kicked off the website completely.

You then want to try and put some personal information about yourself.
You can set your job title as well if you wish to do so and even the schools you were at. This is purely down to you if you wish to do so but to me I have not done that because I just feel that it is not needed by anyone other then myself.

Now this information can be about your favourite movies that you have watched, and even your favourite books. The options are there and you just fill these in if you wish to do so. The idea is that you fill these parts in and it makes people aware of the interests you share and people can relate to the stuff you have put down.

Another good part is trying to find the school you went to. If you find the school you were in most of the time other pupils who went with you would have put the same school down. This then means that you can simply go to the school link and search for other school friends.

Another part is you can do an about me section. This is where you describe yourself and the sort of things you like to do in your spare time, and any job you have. This is your chance to tell the world about you as a person.
The members you invite to be friends with are usually then able to view this information and it can generate conversations between you all.

Home Page
The website when you log in takes you to a home page. The home page is very busy with lots of information flying at you as soon as you log in to the site.

On the right hand side you have all the recent activities your friends have done, this might include them uploading new pictures of themselves or being labelled in other pictures.
They also have above the highlights section which covers the new pictures uploaded by friends a suggestions part. This will be people that facebook believe you might know. You may not know any of them at all, but they always put underneath the named person is how many friends in your own list have this person in there's.

I like this part to the website because sometimes you can try your best to locate friends and struggle to find anyone at all. You can search the school records or visit other friends profiles to see they have people you might not. Sometimes people are added all the time on facebook and you might not realise, so the suggestions part is always a nice place to view any potential friends you might have missed.

In the middle of the screen there are all your recent friends' activities involving their status and comments. So if you have a friend who has put down they are not feeling very well, then it is likely that this will show up in the middle of your home page for you to view, and even leave them a comment of get well soon if you wish to do so.
Every time a friend updates there profile in regards to their emotions you are able to view this and then give comment.

I like this part of the website as well because it means you are always up to date with your friends and know what is going on as well. Sometimes a close friend might be struggling and put this as their status, you can then go ahead and leave them a comment to support them. I doubt many people have time to visit their friends one by one over and over throughout the day to view how they feel.

So the home page is very much keeping you up to date with all the latest information surrounding your friends.

Profile Page
At the top of the screen there is a label to click on to which will take you to your profile page when you click on profile.

When the page loads up it is basically all the latest stuff you have done on facebook. This might include information like the latest friends you have added on to your list, or even just you playing a game. The information is always there for others to view in on your friends list unless you click to delete that particular information off.
Also you have any comments given to you as well by people showing up as well.

The one problem with this aspect is that if people are writing to you on your profile and it might just be you and a friend discussing problems in life others can then read this and potentially use it against you. It might seem unlikely that people would chat about personal stuff over their main page but I can assure people I have seen this happen a few times.

So the profile page is all about your activities. You have your picture in the corner, and on the left hand side you have this list of all the friends you have got.
The profile page to be fair is quite easy to use and not that tough to find out where things are. Very nice layout and quite clear and prompt colours.
The one final part is that at the top of the profile page you have a section to write down how your feeling at that particular time. Very useful tool, and very handy at the same time.

At the very bottom of the page there is now a new feature which enables you to chat to other friends if they are online. This is similar to msn accept no webcams and no picture swapping. If a friend is online you just click there name and write a message and they can reply back.

You are notified of any message when their name at the bottom of the screen turns to a highlight colour which was orange the last time I looked.
The friends who come online will show up as logging online and those who are online at that moment have green lights next to their names to let you know they are available to talk.

I have to say this was a feature I was hoping would pop up because it got silly writing messages and comments on people's pages when you could just put an instant messaging tool somewhere to save us all the hassle.
I have noticed that since they put this feature on there more and more of my own friends are using it and I find less people are commenting on other friend's profiles.
So it has its purpose and it works quite well. You can choose to log on and off at any time on this feature.

The one really big good point about the chat feature is that sometimes people refuse to use applications like Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messenger purely because people seem to hack there accounts very easily and they in turn do not wish to use these to talk to people. With facebook people find it easier because they own this little page about themselves and they find it easier to talk to people they know. So the actual idea behind the chatting is a good one and works well.

The photos section is basically you loading up your own photos and you can put them into albums if you wish to do so or you can put them just as a normal picture for people to look through.

People can leave comments on photos and you can tag people in a photo. This mean if you had a picture of yourself and a friend who is a member of facebook you can put a tag on them so when people put there mouse cursor over the top of that individual below it will highlight who they are.

So this is a way of letting others know who is with you in a picture. The one other good part is whoever you tag in a photo usually has the photo you tagged them appear on their own profile page as well.
I like this feature as it lets you aware of others how have put pictures up with you in them; one problem is some people do not always tag the photos and some people might not tag you yourself.

The group's idea is that you look for an artist such as Lee Evans the comedian and you will find a fan page usually and you can click to join the group. When you join this group it means the group is then added to your profile page as well. At the very bottom you have the groups you are a member off and this is also displayed under information.

The idea of the groups is that you can set one up yourself if you wish to do so, and this could be about anything from the smoking ban, or should labour leave parliament. You get friends to join or others from round the world.
Creating a group can be a fun way to get new friends and hear the voices of other people. The groups are usually the sort of place where members can voice their opinions about the topic of the group in front of the others at the same time.
The fan page is when you click on someone or something and become a fan. The one way to explain this that if you are a fan of Polo Mints you go searching for them in the search box and you can simply with that click to say you're a fan. People do become aware of this as well if you become a fan of something or someone.

You do have quizzes in which you are invited to take part in. This is from other friends usually who have completed a quiz on this application named Flixster. The application itself is about movies and TV programs. People do their own quizzes and let others take part. You can have people challenge you on your friends list to try and beat there score.

You find out when someone has challenged you under the notifications because this is someone trying to offer you the chance to do a quiz to beat there score. You can easily click no if you do not wish to take part.
I like this as well because we all like a quiz and beating a friend is also fun as well. It is for me anyway.

The website has many applications you can add to your page and take part in whenever you want to do so. The applications can be anything from games to logic or even just fan pages yet again.

The biggest application I have found is a game company named Mindjolt. They have so many games for you to play on and when you play a game on there any high score is declared on your profile and others to see.
There are applications about what your name means and what sort of movie star you would be. These are usually fun applications.

If you visit a friend's page and they have an application you like you just click on it and chose to add it to your page and then you have added it as well. Very simple process and makes the website more fun as well.

I like the idea of having fun as well as talking to friends. I know some people prefer other community companies like MySpace but I just think facebook has so many things going for it compared to MySpace that it wins hands down.
The applications you can find also in the search box. You type in Mindjolt it will pop up and let you know how many of your friends have installed the application already.

Good points
I think the way the website keeps you up to date constantly with other friend's emotions and activities this is good because it allows you to understand how your friends are doing without having to run around after them to find out.

I like the chat feature because it allows you to talk to friends who are online at the time and it means that things are easier to talk about rather than leaving comments on each other pages instead.

I think the applications are a good idea because it means you are able to enjoy yourself whilst speaking to friends so that means you can have fun and chat at the same time. I like the games part but you can also do other things with applications as well.

The way they let you have an idea of who you might know as well is interesting. I like how they show you how many of your friends are friends with this person so it gives you some sort of idea of who they might be.
I like the way that you have to put up a photo on the website to make sure that people are not there to try and hunt you down and spy on you like some people do. The website is good because if you do not want someone to view your profile they cannot unless you add them as a friend. Perfect idea and works extremely well.

The final part I like is how easy it was to set up the page and give my details over. You never seem to have any trouble at all in regards to setting up a profile and then using it to stall your information on.

Bad points
One of the only bad points I have found to this website is the pictures that friends can post and use tags about you on them. Some are from school days and I know most will remove them for me those who do not it makes you look silly with the childish pictures.
To be fair the website is very good and user friendly at all times.

This is a website which is a fantastic community website which is essentially one of the best and most used anywhere in the world.
Currently in my view the best community website on the internet with many security features to keep people safe.
Making sure users post real pictures of themselves is perhaps the best way of making sure the people are real and not fake.
Perfect website which I think will continue to grow and get better and better in time.

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  • jmz1984 published 25/02/2013
    nice review, well presented.. :)
  • AngelEyes76 published 22/08/2012
    Well reviewed, i love using facebook :) x
  • mc_uk100 published 29/06/2011
    Well done!
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