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For anyone who isnt familiar with the internet meme 'FAIL', the phrase is basically applied to anyone or anything that is pathetic, misjudged, or just simply fails miserably at its purpose, with resultingly comic effects. is a huge archive of pictures that manage to amuse through ... Read review

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All the FAIL you will ever need

AdvantagesFrequently hilarious, regularly updated

Disadvantagessome clips/pics can be a bit mundane

"...purpose, with resultingly comic effects. is a huge archive of pictures that manage to amuse through the power of Fail, including newspaper cuttings, photos, tv stills and internet screenshots and also video clips. A couple of my recent favourites include: A pair of PREDATOR gloves that are designed for children and are unfortunately branded as CHILD PREDATOR gloves (packaging fail) A forum post someone left asking how they can turn ..." Read review

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Type Online Humour
Domain Extension .org


Listed on Ciao since 25/02/2011

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similar by Type (Online Humour)
humorous articles, messageboard.
can be a little quiet at times. (*)
Informative site for Pylon fanatics
There aren't enough Pylon fanatics to appreciate it (*)
Tests, Projects, Layout.
Adverts. (*)
some really good spoofs found here
none at all (*)
A few links to other more interesting sites
Poor quality pictures, some a little offensive (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.org)
opens up the net to all
none (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (F)
Lots of jokes
Too many pop-ups (*)
fast and the price is right
potential viruses (*)
Passes time, small sense of achievement in an otherwise futile existence, friend envy
Can be costly if you're a moron (*)
Well laid-out, really funny, great to dip into, well moderated
Slow to load at times, (*)
Get a laugh for a few minutes
The naughty furniture! (*)
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