What is Ciao? •  What exactly is Ciao?
•  How can I take an active part in Ciao
•  Does taking part cost anything?

•  What can Ciao do for users?
•  What can Ciao do for businesses?
•  How does Ciao earn money?

Top 10 FAQs •  Forgotten your password or username?
•  How do I join for free?
•  How do I cancel my membership?
•  How can I earn money on the Ciao site?
•  How do I rate a product?

•  What is the Circle of Trust?
•  How do I insert a picture of myself in my personal profile?
•  Can I write about products which are not included on Ciao?
•  Does Ciao sell any products itself?
•  Does Ciao censor members' product reviews?

Basic functions •  Researching products
•  Comparing products
•  Interpreting product ratings
•  Reading reviews
•  Compare prices

•  Interpreting product data
•  Comparing auction prices
•  Finding product accessories
•  Using Web Tips

Community functions •  Video reviews help
•  Video reviews guide
•  Writing product reviews
•  Rating product reviews
•  Writing comments on product reviews
•  Including pictures in product reviews
•  Making changes to your personal data and settings
•  Using the Circle of Trust
•  Subscribing to the Ciao E-Mail Alert Service
•  Creating a Personal Homepage

•  Filling out your Personal Member Profile
•  Editing your Ciao Account
•  Interpreting Member Statistics
•  Earning Community Point
•  Managing your Favourites List
•  Using your Guestbook
•  Setting up personal Auctions
•  Invite Friends
•  Using the Ciao Member Centre

Earning money •  Earn money by writing reviews
•  Earn money with Ciao Advantage

•  Earn money by inviting friends
•  Requesting payments

Conditions of use •  Terms and Conditions
•  About us

•  Data Protection Statement

Contact •  Help and questions about membership
•  Questions about advertising
•  Questions about e-commerce

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•  Jobs at Ciao
•  Report technical problem

Reporting abuse •  General Information
•  Copying internal sources
•  Copying external sources
•  Multiple Submissions
•  Unlawful content
•  Nonsense reviews
•  Non-applicable reviews

•  Vindictive ratings
•  Clicking cartels
•  Multiple accounts
•  Comments
•  Guestbook entries
•  Other misconduct