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Cafe Society

AdvantagesCommunity for women who want to discuss.


"~November 1999~ My mother emails me to tell me there’s new woman’s community website just been launched by The Daily Mail. They’ve called it Charlotte Street. I’ve only dipped my toe into one real-time, online chat forum before and that was by accident. I’d been to an American Fitness Guru’s website to get some tips as to how to reduce my spreading computer botty, and amidst all my amateurish clicks found myself ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 22/10/2001

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Brilliant way of communicating
Very addictive (*)
not many people you know use it (*)
Good for a laugh, meeting new people and making friends
Chatrooms are rubbish and some links dont work without cool tools (*)
Easy to use, well supported, free
Spammers, some minor quirks (*)
similar by Domain Extension (
easy to use, very fast to set up
cant add metia tags to forwarded domains (*)
you can ask in plane english
Jeeves will try to get you to buy a book when he's stumped (*)
It's FREE and works well
Took a little while to establish a reliable service (*)
IP forwarding sub domain capability
steer clear of the centralnic nominet names (*)
Lots of extras
Very hard to use extras (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (F)
Make Friends, Easy to Download.
Addiction and Idiots! (*)
was free 24/7 now only 10 hours a day..
No email or Webspace with it. (*)
'free' internet all the time for £10
No longer available (*)
Free, easy to search census and church records by county
Submitted records can be unreliable, many parishes/faiths not covered (*)
Easy to Install, Fast Access, Helpful Support Teams, No Taking Over Your PC
None Found Yet (*)
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