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I have a couple of e-mail accounts with Wanadoo, formerly Freeserve, for quite a while now. Freeserve/Wanadoo is the first e-mail service that I have ever used since having regular of the internet. I still use their e-mail, but it is much easier to have my Hotmail account as my main address. This is because my MSN shows the number of new messages in my inbox. In this review of, I will try and give as detailed an account of what the service entails as possible.

As I was an inexperienced surfer of the net, I didn't know about Hotmail. In my search for a free e-mail service, I came across this one whilst signing up for my Freeserve internet subscription. The registering and setting up of the account has changed since then, but it is still very fast and easy to do. When I first got an account, you had to log into it by going to and type in your e-mail address and change the ending box(eg. Now, you simply go to and type in your address and password and you are logged in.

Registration is very simple and easy, you just complete these simple stages -

Stage 1 -
You can create your own e-mail address, e.g. However, if somebody else already has that name you will have to choose another one. You then enter as password and answer a security question in case you forget your password. You then type in the numbers and digits that appear on the screen, a security feature that Wanadoo has. Then you enter your personal details, such as name and address.

Stage 2 -
The next page, gives you advice and tips on how to use your account to its maximum potential. For most people, this is fairly basic and you may choose to skip it. For those who are novices, it is really helpful and well organised advice. I found it very helpful when I had first signed up.

Stage 3 -
This is just a simple phase, which asks you to read the terms and conditions of the service. Just simply click that you agree and move on to the last step.

Stage 4 -
You are now a fully subscribed user of the Wanadoo mailing service. On the page, your key details are displayed and you are then invited to start making use of your account. Just a couple of minutes to sign-up and now you have the world of communication at your feet and it was all for free.


The basic Wanadoo e-mail package gives you, the user, the following benifits and services:
Free Webmail service - this is fairly obvious because this is what you actuallywant, an e-mail account

Anti Spam and Anti Virus - this is a control that stops dodgy messages that may contain a virus, reaching your inbox

Advanced junk mail filtering - this is another good feature that will stop those annoying adverts and promotions from reaching your main mailbox, instead that will be filtered and placed in the junk-mail folder

Email blocking feature - you can choose to block e-mails that are sent from certain addresses so that you aren't continuously bombarded with usless and time-wasting information

Folders to organise your mail - there are a number of different folders provided, so that you can move your messages around. They are: the inbox which is self explanitory; the sent mail folder which stores your outgoing messages; draft mail area so that you can store unfinished e-mails; the deleted mail folder which will store those messages that you have deleted, for a short time after. You can also add folders to the existing list. You may want to a create a folder entitled 'friends' or one that is for your business dealings.

Address book - this is a very handy feature for storing all your contacts details, so that you can get faster access to their e-mail address. They are stored alphabetically and you can click on a letter tab to bring up, for example, all those whose names begin with the letter 'F'

Options - there are a number of different options and settings that you can change accordingly to suit your needs. They are there to ensure that you get the most out of your experience of sending and recieving e-mails. The one that I like best, is the facility which allows you to add a 'Signature' to you messages. This is like your own unique id that everyone you know should recognise. You can also change the junk mail filter and anti-spam settings to allow some e-mails that Wanadoo class as being junk or spam.


Once you have entered your log-in details, and they have been confirmed, you reach your e-mail inbox. Here, all of your recieved messages are displayed in a list form. They new or unread messages have a grey background and a letter symbol to the left hand side of them. There is a blue bar underneath the message at the bottom of the page. There is a drop down box that allows you to set how many e-mails are shown, the maximum is 100. There is also a search box which gives you the power to find an e-mail much faster. The e-mails are displayed in date order, either the latest at the top or at the bottom, whichever you prefer. Each message has details of the sender, the subject, the message size and whether or not there is an attachment. There is also an indicator in the top left of the screen which shows how full your e-mail is. This service gives you 5MB of storage.

I would certainly reccomend this service, primarily because it is free of charge. It is also well maintained and updated by Wanadoo, because they are constantly added more and more bogus and annoying addresses to their e-mail filters. If however you want a little bit more convenience and a much faster service then I would point you in the direction of Hotmail for your needs. As I have said, I still do use my fsmail address because some people still contact me via it.

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  • tekin21 published 18/05/2005
    I am happy with my NTL service which works really well with Outlook, nice review though. Jane x
  • published 19/12/2004
    once i discovered gmail i was in love ^_^
  • kthdsn published 13/10/2004
    My partner used to use fsmail, but he didn't like it because it didn't have the ability to be used in outlook express. His inbox was always full of spam and nobody useful emailed him via that address so he stopped logging into it. Kate xx
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