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Community Quote", yes “Free The Writer” the website has landed and is here to stay.” Now that could have been an announcement to the world that this Writers Website had arrived, but it just would not have happened. With these events there are no fanfares, just a lot of activity beneath ... Read review

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Community Level 5clanmac4


Shakespeare it aint.

AdvantagesYou are given the opportunity to publish freely on the web.

DisadvantagesIt can be slow for the main index page to download.

"What me, a semi intelligent man of thirty-eight years, promoting a website for Writers, for Authors, for Readers even. Me, who as a boy could not hold a pencil on my first day at school! Me an ex Ciaoer making his return, perhaps failing like so many would be old Comics and Entertainers on the Working Club scene………… “Order, Order, Order.” ”Hey Ladd, yes you with nowt tae drink, get thee to the bar, this is no a hostel I tell ye.” “Now ..." Read review

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CLANMAC4... an inspiring site

AdvantagesFast, easy to navigate, quality contributions

DisadvantagesNew, needs more contributions

"The ability to convey your thoughts and feelings about a product or a service is a relatively simple action. You’re doing it here at Ciao! But have you ever wanted to go that bit further... to be creative, to express yourself and your emotions in anyway you choose? The answer is simple, head on over to Free the Writer. is a site for aspiring writers to be themselves. The premise is very simple, reflected in the motto ..." Read review

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Community Level 3polli


Budding writers, step this way

AdvantagesGood site, get your stories published and read

DisadvantagesNot many authors at the moment, relatively new site

"The motto of is simple. 'Get writing. Get read. Get recognised.' If you've ever wanted to write more than just product reviews, then freethewriter is the place to go. It is a site dedicated to publishing amateur writers online, hoping to increase they're chance of recognition, and hopefully leading to mainstream publication. The site itself is very simple and extremely easy to navigate, as well as being very fast to load ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


An Excellent Site for Aspiring Writers

AdvantagesNice site. User Friendly. Helpful. Easy to Navigate

DisadvantagesRelatively New

"Free The Writer ( is a site of Scottish origin that wants you to "get writing", "get read" and "get recognised". The site is essentially very simple,uncluttered,easy to navigate and very,very,fast to load. Visitors,whether they are just readers or aspiring writers are welcome. You can read short stories and poetry on line and the site lists their latest publications by genre. This is a site for amateur writers and they ..." Read review

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Community Level 4signals


I'm WRITE here!

AdvantagesGreat exposure for the writer.


"This site caters to both the reader and the writer. It is a great way for a writer to get noticed. It is a great site for readers to read the work of emerging writers. This site offers a variety of genre that are sure to cater to ALL genre of writers. I am a member, but have not published anything yet. You can e-mail them your submission or use their online form which I recommend. Friends swear by this site as a great exposure for writers. Once ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 22/05/2001

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Updated regularly. Good geographical coverage
Not many (*)
Good links
Very commercial;some sections not operational (*)
Simple to use, very informative
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Free, Blogs, Polls, Artists, Global, Uploads
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cultural exchange, pleasant surprises, reliable, it's free!
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Gets your work shown
They don't want to know if you don't pay. (*)
example photos, easy navigation, thorough
not novice-friendly, no prices on display, no good search engine (*)
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I live there (*)
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