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... ~Impossible~ It is near a miracle to find some one of the same ability as you on Unless you are a master of your game of choice you will always get beaten badly by the opposition. Example - Scrabble: While playing my usual game against some one of a higher ranking they used ... Read review

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I am Board



" play~ Either the people at have payed out bucket loads of money for the licenses for the games that are available on the site or they will soon be paying out loads for a lawsuit. They have all the major board games; legends like Monopoly and Clue (or Cluedo as it is called over here) as well as the more modern ones like Sorry and Upwords. And these are only the board games. ~Coin 'em ups~ Many of you will jump at the chance to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Pauley123

Pauley123 -lots of classic boardgame faves -online

Advantagesmany great classic Games, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo and Yahtzee are my favourites.

DisadvantagesCan be slow at times of high US internet traffic. Games may take a while to load over slower modems

"I was reminded of this site after reading dave27's review of Scrabble. This is just one of the many online versions of games available to play at I stumbled on this site by accident one day a couple of months back and was amazed at the broad variety of things there to keep you amused. Firstly, I would recommend that you register yourself at the site before you play any games. This allows you to chat with other players, and on ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Grace100


Games galore fast and free

AdvantagesFast fun and friendly

DisadvantagesA large number of people

"I found this site by searching on the net one day. I was so bored that I decided to see if there were any little games that I could play so that I dind't get totally bored. i was also chatting to a couple of people, so i needed somehting that would let me chat and play at the same time. On saerching for "online games free" at yahoo, it gave me the link to At first I thought this was a bit of an obvious address, but the simple things ..." Read review

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Community Level 2totalweb


small online games site

Advantagescommunity system is ok, nice idea, fast loading

Disadvantagespoor selection of games, some really rubbish games

"...idea of this site but have not executed their idea well, more games are needed and some more real fun games are needed. The CD ROM games section needs some serious working on, it needs bringing up to date with games like unreal tournament, half life, quake III, red alert 2 etc. The community system actually works quite well but still doesn't make the site more than disspointing. I have some more fun online games on my website but seen ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lyn62


Can I wait to play

AdvantagesColourfully designed games layouts

DisadvantagesLots of bugs in their software make it hard to get into.

"I became interested in this site after spotting my children on it one evening. It's a games site with many games including old classics such as Monopoly, Sorry, Yhatzee and arcade games like Asteroids. The site has experienced some difficulties over the last few months with it being impossible to access on occasions but improvements are promised for late Summer/Autumn. Each game has a seperate lobby with a chat room element for those who wish ..." Read review

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Fun and free to play
Can be very time consuming (*)
friendly chat hosts, care about players, nice payouts, interesting promotions
sometimes have technical difficulties and the site goes down (*)
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Fast, easy and free. And that's just me!!! Limewire
Remembering the old favourite's names!! (*)
Free, legal music on-demand.
None. (*)
Fun, can earn rewards, plenty of variety
Flip payout recently dropped sharply (*)
Lots Of Games And Different Prizes To Choose From, Well Laid Out Site Take A Fairly Big Cut (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (G)
A good cross between a farming and cooking game
Need to have friends playing to complete certain quests (*)
Some games are fun to play
The adverts everywhere (*)
bad if you haven't got shockwave (*)
Essential gamer's site. Frequent updates. User driven ALA Ciao.
Basic design. (*)
downloads , reviews , guides , cheats
zilch (*)
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