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Community Quote Registering was easy - just a few basic details to enable the site to keep track of my progress. If you'd like to have a preview without registering then that's possible too. Next I confirmed that I was using a keyboard with a UK layout and within five minutes of having ... Read review

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Fleet of Finger

AdvantagesLearn to touch-type for free!

DisadvantagesIt only covers letters and some punctuation, but not numbers.

"On December the eleventh I made a decision: I was going to learn to touch type. This wasn't quite as arbitrary as it sounded. I've been typing in one form or another for about forty years. An operation on my hand four years ago had forced me not to use one finger for a while and somehow I never got back into using it. The same operation, but on a different finger, meant that I was running out of digits to prod the keys. Getting them all working again ..." Read review

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Type Education & Training
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 04/01/2006

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