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published 29/05/2011 | labellavita1992
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University graduate. Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger.
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"Healthy food delivered to your door"

My three graze boxes

My three graze boxes

Graze (the site and my opinion of the food boxes I have bought)

I have been using graze for three weeks now, so I have received three boxes from graze so far. I came across this company and I found a code which resulted in a free first graze box, so I though I would try it out.

*What is Graze?*

Graze is a company in which you can pick and choose different foods from their online selection and they post them to you. On the Graze site they describe it as “healthy eating by post”, which is exactly what Graze is. The food you choose will come in a cardboard box and you will get four ‘pods’ individually sealed plastic containers of food in each box - they are posted by royal mail.

*Creating an account*

Creating an account is easy, it does not take long at all and it is fuss free. You go have to enter your details, such as address and credit card details. The first of my boxes was free and I still had to enter my credit card details (I am not sure if they accept paypal). You can also cancel at any time you want - there is no commitment.

*The boxes available from graze*

There are two types of boxes available from Graze including, the nibble box - which I what I chose. Then there is the nutrition box, which includes four different sub boxes to choose from including: the detox box, eat well box, energy box and the well being box.

- All of the boxes are the same it is just the food in them which is different. One example is that, with the nibble box you can order/choose flapjacks but in the nutrition boxes you can’t.

- All of the boxes are the same price

- All of the boxes are delivered the same (the same box size and courier)

- And all of the boxes contain the four food ‘pods’

*Rating items and What you will get in your box*

What you will get depends on which box you pick at the start (either the nibble box or the nutrition box. What you get also depends on what you like, love, want to try and what you don’t like from their selection of food on their site - which includes loads of different mixes and other food items (104 different food options to choose from).

To get the foods that you want you just go onto their site and they have a ‘Browse & Rate’ sub heading. Click on this and the range of food options will appear and under each one there is a description (and a picture). You have to go through all of the options and rate them either with “Bin”, “Try”, “Like” and “Love’.

The “Bin” rating means that you will never get this item in your box, the “Try” rating means that you are happy to try this item and it maybe included in you box. The “Like” rating means that you will be sent that food option occasionally and the “Love” rating means that you will be sent that product regularly.

When you are logged in to your account, on the ‘Browse & Rate’ sub heading there is a menu down the left hand side of the screen and there will be an option for you to be able to view the food items that you have rated as “try, like and love” and also a “bin” section so you can see the foods you have not wanted.

Also next to each food item, after the ratings. there is a little check box saying “Send soon” if you really want to try that item. This can only be used a limited number of times (you can’t rate all of the items as “send soon” for example). The “Send soon” is also not available on some items.

*Foods available from graze*

There are lots of different foods to choose from and they are all nutritionally balanced and healthy - although some will be more healthy than others. The food categories include:

-Deli topped focaccia (flat oven backed italian bread)
-Natural Treats (such as nut, fruit and chocolate mixes)
-Dried fruit, nut mixes and seeds

Under each category there are various options to choose. Within some categories there are a range of options but some categories have more options than others. Some of the options within the categories includes: Honey comb flapjack, west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia, green olives with fresh basil & garlic and cracked black pepper cashews.

Also on the left hand side of the “browse and rate” page there is a list of viewing options. There is “non-vegan” (obviously foods which are not suitable for vegans as they have milk in some of them), there is also “non coeliac” foods (food which are not suitable for people you can not tolerate wheat products) and there is “Dairy/milk” (which are food items that contain milk and cheese).

*My experience of using the graze website*

At first it was a little confusing to use, with the rating system but it soon becomes really easy to navigate. The headings at the top of the page are really useful and make navigating the site really quick and easy. It does not take long to get used to and the rating system is actually really good and it is a quick and easy way of picking which foods you don’t want, which foods you want to try and which foods you like and love. I really like the send soon feature too, as I used that on a couple of items for my first box and they came in the first box.

*Additional information about the site*

The site is really easy to use after you get used to it and it has other really useful features to it, such as, for each food item or food mix there is a full list of ingredients. You ca also make the images of the food items bigger and you can see the new products that have just came out. There is also a search bar at the top right of the web page so you can just go straight to what food items you want.

Also when you log in on the Graze site there is a sub heading called “feed your friends” and “gifts” in which you can send you friends boxes from graze and they can rate the food items to get what foods they want.
Another feature of the site is the “Graze health” heading, which contains information on how Graze can help you: lose weight, reduce your blood sugar and boost your energy levels (along with more sub headings). Each sub heading has information on how to help with each of the sub headings, such as losing weight.

*My experience of ordering from graze*

One feature I really like about the Graze site is that you can pick what day you want your box to be delivered on. You can also change the day you want the box to be delivered on - there is no commitment to stay with one delivery day and there is no commitment to any of the food selections you have chosen. You can pick and choose what ever you want and what ever day you want your box to be delivered on - boxes can be delivered monday to saturday.

After I have picked the box I want (I chose the nibble box) three weeks ago I am still with the nibble box - I have not changed the box type as I love the nibble box and the food you can get. I then rate the foods I want, which can be altered if you don’t like what you got in one of your boxes and then pick the day you want your box to be delivered (which can be changed - you don’t have to stick to that day).

I found the whole ordering process really easy, the site is easy to navigate once you get used to it and you get a box every week (or you can get them every fortnight if you want). You can see your deliveries on the “your deliveries” sub heading and your deliveries are clearly displayed and you can see what you got in each box. You can see you payment history, details under the “your account” heading. It is easy to order and it is easy to see your payments, the boxes you have received and what you received in those boxes.

*Overall positives of the graze website*

Overall, I really like their site, it is easy to navigate, once you get used to the food rating system. It is colourful, the text on the site is very easy to read and there is a lot of nutritional information on the site too.

*Overall negatives of the graze website*

I can’t really think of any negatives as it is really quick and easy to browse through and the list of payments and deliveries is very clearly displayed. Although one negative for me was that the site initially was a little bit confusing - with the rating system, although it is really easy to use now.

*Packaging/appearance of the boxes*

The boxes are quite thin and small(ish) and they are made out of cardboard and they are fairly sturdy. They look quite eco friendly as they are made out of recyclable brown cardboard. “” is printed on the front of the boxes and they are sealed with two strips of clear plastic.

Inside the box, there are four of the food ‘pods’ that contain the food items that you have either rated “Try”, “Like” “Love” or “Send soon”. Included in the box there is an information leaflet which contains information about the food items that you have in that particular box. The inside lid has a brightly coloured image of what I think is an olive tree on and the box also contains a napkin.

*My boxes and my opinions of them*

For me I chose the nibble box and I chose to have it delivered every saturday. After picking my box, rating the food items and picking the delivery (and obviously entering my details) I had my first graze box within no time. Firstly one thing I love about Graze boxes is that they are thin and fairly small so they fit in the letter box, so you don’t have to wait for the postman - it is also delivered by royal mail.

My first graze box:

-Apple and cinnamon Flapjacks: Heaven! They are really good, you do only get small portions in each pod, but I think that is a good thing otherwise I could have eaten a lot more and then I would become rather fat (not the result I was going for).

-Natural vanilla seeds (well they are pumpkin and sunflower seeds with a vanilla coating): I love these so much! I love them so much that I put a “send soon” and a “Love” rating on them and I received them in two boxes. They are really yummy and fairly sweet, but not sickly sweet. Again the portions are fairly small and you get 30g in this pod I think.

The two other items include the “Cheeky Monkey” dried fruit mix of bananas, walnuts and cranberries - which I really don’t like, except the walnuts. The other pod was the “Beach Bum” dried fruit mix, which contains dried bananas, mango and coconut flakes. I did not like this one either, well except the coconut flakes which are surprisingly good.

My second Graze box:

-Honey bee good (a mixture of pecan, cashews and peanuts coated in honey): are really good! They are quite sweet but I like them (my sister really didn’t though). They are really quite moreish and are great as a little snack.

-The Herb Garden (a mix of baked herb bites, herb and onion peanuts and oregano rice crackers): I quite like these, some are nicer than others but overall it is a nice mix. The baked herb bites are the nicest out of the mix in my opinion.

The other items I received in my graze box includes: the natural vanilla seeds again (like my week one box) as they are so good! The second food item I received was called “Himalayas and beyond” and it contains macadamias, goji berries and pineapple pieces - I did not really like this except for the macadamias, but it allows me to try new things that I wouldn’t have done before.

My third Graze box (my most current graze box):

-Cracked black pepper cashews: I really like these, they taste quite savory. They are definitely moreish and they are a great snack - although they don’t last that long.

-Americas nut mix: Contains almonds, pecan nuts and brazil nuts. I like all apart from the brazil nuts, they are not that great but the rest are nice and again make a great snack and are definitely more healthy than biscuits or crisps.

The other two items in my third graze box includes: savoury roasted seeds (sunflower and pumpkins seeds) which are really nice, although maybe a little boring after a while. The other food item is called “Love mix” which contains apricots, cherries and goji berries and this one I don’t really like.

*Overall opinion of the boxes I have had over three weeks*

Overall, I really like these little graze boxes. The food in them is really healthy, it is full of vitamins and minerals. I also find that with these boxes I feel full quite quickly, the little pods contain 30 to 50g of food in each one but I feel like it does stop me from getting hungry often. I find I am not eating any other snacks, such as chocolate, as I can just take out one of the pods from the box that week and eat that instead. There have been a few items that I don’t like but one the whole they boxes are really great!

The only negative point about the boxes, well the pods, is that you can not re-seal them after you have opened them - the foods do have a month or so self life, but they can not be sealed. I just put sellotape on the edge to keep them fairly sealed.

*My overall favorite food items from my three boxes*

I have liked a lot of the food products I have tried in the boxes I bought, but my favorites for the last three weeks have to be the: natural vanilla seeds, apple and cinnamon flapjacks, honey bee good, Americas nut mix and the herb garden.

*My overall worse (well not worse but not-the-best-items) from my three boxes*

I really don’t like the dried bananas in the boxes, that appear in a few different mixes, as they are quite chewy. I also don’t really like the dried cranberries, they taste not very nice and the brazil nuts are not fantastic either.

*Environmentally friendliness of the boxes*

The boxes that the food items come in is recyclable, which is great and the pods/plastic food container are also made from mostly recycled material. Also the food is stated as: “We always buy the best quality foods available and our produce is sourced locally wherever possible to support British producers” (although this is not for 100% of the produce).

*Price and delivery*

All of the graze boxes are £3.49 each and you get four food ‘pods’ in each one, which I think is a good price as for similar items in the supermarket you would pay a fair bit more. Also the boxes are delivered by royal mail and the delivery is free. The boxes fit through you letter box easily so you don’t have to wait for the postman and they can also be sent to your place of work.

Also before you get your delivery, the evening before it arrives, you get an email telling you that it is on its way and it also has a link to the graze site saying : “click here for a sneak peek at what’s in your box”, so you can see what you will be getting the next day - which I thought was a good idea, as I am fairly impatient and I would want to know.

The morning of the delivery you get another email from graze asking you to “rate or slate” the items that you got in your box - to update them as to whether you liked those items and if you didn’t you can “bin” them and if you did them you can rate them as either “Like” or “love” to make sure you get that again.


Positive points
  • Cheap - £3.49 per box, which I think is quite a bit cheaper than if you were to buy the four food items that you get in each box separately
  • Neat, easy to store and recyclable boxes
  • An environmentally friendly company and products
  • Great range of foods to choose from
  • Suitable for vegetarians - some foods are not suitable for vegans and coeliacs though
  • You can pick the delivery date and free delivery!
  • Rating system for the foods you don’t like, want to try, like and love
  • Easy to navigate site (colourful and easy to read, although it does take a little bit of getting used to at first)
  • Healthy foods
  • Email telling you when you box has been dispatched - although they don’t send you loads so your inbox will not be filled with emails from graze
  • you can send boxes to friends/family and nutritional information on the site

Negative points
  • You can’t seal the pods/food containers after you have opened them
  • Some of the foods are a bit hit and miss - I don’t like some of the food items, but it allows me to try foods that I wouldn’t have tried before
  • The food does not last a week - it is usually gone within three days!

*Summary - Would I recommend graze?*

I would definitely recommend Graze. I think that it is a great idea, it is cheap, it is delivered to your door and you don’t have to wait in for the delivery. The boxes are neat, the pods are a great way to store the food items (although you can’t seal them after opening). The food is healthy and it is a great little snack box.

For more information:

Thank you for reading my review - this review will be posted on dooyoo under my username tigger1992 shortly x

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  • jmz1984 published 25/02/2013
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I see a lot of adverts for these on daytime tv.. Very informative process.. :)
  • Pmshack99 published 30/01/2012
    Great review - I was just looking at the graze website and pondering over whether to give the boxes a go, so i thought i'd stop by here and read some reviews on it before I did so . . . and yours has pretty much convinced me I think!x
  • Deesrev published 11/10/2011
    Finally back! xXx
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