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Letís get busy The last few weeks have been hectic. Between packing two houses, arranging finances and getting butt naked on stage for charity, Iíve realised that myself and my partner have a lot of furniture that wonít be able to fit into the new place all at the same time. Short of rotating ... Read review

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Orange and green should never be seen...

Advantagesgets items sold

Disadvantagesjunkies in your house, bad design, overpriced

"...I was ready to go. is possibly the messiest website I know. Its layout makes me want to smash my head in with a brick. Thankfully this tends not to be necessary as long as you donít look below the first navigation bar. All the important stuff (Post an ad, My Gumtree and Search) is at the top of the page. An endless stream of bumf is below it. Throw in the interesting green and orange colour scheme it really is a total headache of a site ..." Read review

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Community Level 4christinat


Gumtree, nothing in life is free

AdvantagesFree advertising

DisadvantagesStinks of fraud

"This review is based on me ''trying'' to sell and ''trying'' to buy certain items on Gumtree. I write ''trying'' in inverted commas as that is the only way I can describe the relationship between myself and the adverts. I will talk you though what Gumtree is, how to sell and how to buy. If you have never heard of Gumtree or its use then I shall delve into a simple yet informative explanation. Here it goes.... ===What is Gumtree??=== It is a website ..." Read review

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Community Level 6marcellep2


Gum what????


DisadvantagesDesign and Layout

" address of all of - Please do not use this option to cancel from your daily alerts just go back in to subscribe and take out what ticks you do not want. ===Saved Ad's=== - Is just like My Ebay it saves all the ad's you have looked at and at the click of a button you have them all in front of you. ===Using the search engine=== For once a site that has a decent search engine, ok it's basic but it is fairly accurate with ..." Read review

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Community Level 5EVIT


Gumtree or... how I wasted plenty of hours on this website

Advantagesstill fees free! (for standard adverts)

DisadvantagesAny option costs money, plenty of time wasters, ads get automatically removed for no reason

"Gumtree is a website dedicated to free ads of certain areas of the globe. It is advertised as UK nį1 website for classified ads but it has branches also in other Worldwide locations (Australia, Poland, New Zeland, Asia and South Africa) plus European and North American partners, meaning other websites called differently but offering the same service. The website is divided into main areas of the UK and each main city in those areas have their own ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


From Jammy to Gummy?

Advantagesfree listings, easy to navigate

Disadvantagespotential for scammers and con artists, remember basic personal safety rules

"As I recently had a piece of very good fortune I found myself with a car to dispose of - a car which still has an MOT, and one which I fully intended to run myself for a couple of years yet so what to do? I'm tight fisted (sorry frugal as it should be known now) so I didnt want to go paying for listings on things like autotrader or the local paper, and I'm not a fan of ebay so for me at least ebay motors was out of the question. It didn't leave ..." Read review

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