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Review of "habbohotel.com"

published 14/03/2008 | Necormancer
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Pro High Tech, Sometimes fun.
Cons People make it awful, Need fast computer, credits overpriced
very helpful

"Habbo: The Psuedo Favouritism Palace"

Most teenagers have heard of the infamous 'Habbo Hotel' "Chatroom". Needless to say, it's a chatroom where you can create a little charachter in a little world where everyone is the same height, no one is fat even if they say they are, and 1000's of little 13 year old pretending to babies, wolves, pumpkins, and god knows what. Well, hey, i like pumpkins and wolves, so i made an account promptly.

When you sign up, you get 2 free pieces of 'Furni' (Habbo Furnature). Which you get to choose the colour of. You can make almost infinite rooms although none of them start with anything except the starter room (Which was only just introduced) which has wallpaper which is normally 2 habbo credits (Habbo currency).

You can buy Habbo Credits on your mobile phone (40 for about £3). You can use this currency around the hotel for various things, like furnature for your room, wallpaper and flooring, games, and to join the infamous Habbo Club.

Habbo Club is what i call 'Pay to be a superior bieng on this holy planet'. You can go in rooms that others can't, new clothing and hairstyles and various accessories, new dances, free gift each month, and of course top priority when it comes to getting into a packed room. But for the equivalent of 20 credits, it works out at £1.50 a month. You might not thing this is much, but times it by 12 and see how much it is a year. Then think of what you could have bought instead. (It is £18 a year). An absolute ripoff in my opinion.

Now for the worst thing about habbo hotel. The people who go on it. Thats right. Some 'Chavs' (Yobs, Idiots, whatever you like to call them) make fun of everyone on there for fun. Also having habbo sex (Basically saying stuff like *Takes clothes off and lays on the bed, you get the idea) whilst doing something bad on the other end of the computer (CENSORED). My friend (Well, i say friend) used to do it, until he was caught and banned from the game entirely. Back to the point, they make habbo life an absolute living hell. If they don't like you, they think they are safe behind a computer and say whatever they want. Also, you can do virtualy anything on habbo (I.E: *Murders with a stick) and so you can be surrounded and bullied by virtually anyone and sometimes having 50 people trying to kill you with a AK-47... Also the scammers in the game. AKA, people who lie and steal peoples furni and get away with it. The habbo moderators are afraid of going anywhere near other habbos in case they get flooded by people asking them questions about latest updates and giving ideas. Of course, the people who do this are pathetically sad on really sad levels... People don't like you if you don't have any furni either. So there should be a bbanner on the game saying 'Buy credits of people will beat the living [CENSORED] out of you'. Nice.

You also need a fast computer to run the game properly. Sometimes, perhaps in a game of falling furni (They put chairs down and you have to sit on them, last person standing loses, much like musical chairs) you can get completely lagged out and lose. Also in that game people send you a trade request so you lose. The people who run these games are people who spend everything they earn on credits.

Lately they have introduced habbo Trax machines, where you can make your own music and show it off. I wouldn't say it's their music since they use preset riffs.

The main cultures in the game are CHAV's and EMO's. There are thousands of them, and often have wars in the public rooms where they kill eachothers with top secret military nuclear bombs and by dropping mountains on eachother. And the racial abuse on there. It isn't the white people who start it though. Habbos dress up in black skin and afros and flood rooms for fun calling everyone racist. This is a rediculous problem and shouldn't be there.

There are also chess rooms, battleship rooms, and various other puzzle rooms. These are fun, but theres never anyone in them.

Overall, i think habbo is an OK little internet game, but the people make it overly awful to play. I think you should stick with Puzzle Pirates if you want to play an internet game.

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  • Rampant_Ross published 15/03/2008
    Nice review on what seems to be a pritty good site
  • just.bcoz published 14/03/2008
    Great review,
  • techno_man_37 published 14/03/2008
    great review
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