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published 20/01/2017 | yegr
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"Hypocrisy and customer unfriendliness"

I was unlucky to have unfortunate relations with the customer-unfriendly companies HolidayAutos (agent, facilitator for booking a car rental in third-party companies) and TopCar Autoreisen (car rental company that received a booking request made by HolidayAutos on my behalf after I had paid to HolidayAutos the total rental amount in full). I am making this public only upon the resistance of both companies to admit their faults and make a reasonable compensation of the losses I had to incur because of them (despite the fact they have my email address and phone number they preferred to disclose the culpability and not to inform me whom they consider at fault). So when I and my companion (primary driver on the rental agreement related to the booking ES707786450) arrived in the late evening to the destination airport there was noone to provide the booked car. We spent more than 3 hours on clarifying the issue of why TopCar Autoreisen did not see our booking in their system (and they were not willing to make efforts to contact HolidayAutos to learn what was wrong), spent money on calling to TopCar Autoreisen' different numbers and HolidayAutos toll line, had to encounter a number of other inconveniences, got nervous because none of the companies was going to solve the issue on the initial day of my prepaid rental and no one was able to confirm that taxi costs (I had to travel for a very long distance to the hotel) and other event-related expenditures would be compensated (a woman from TopCar Autoreisen who was supposed to be meeting us told the taxi would be compensated by TopCar Autoreisen but eventually I did get this compensation from HolidayAutos). The following day I had to get a car from TopCar Autoreisen at their other location, and first I was not allowed to shift the rental period according to the circumstances above out of my control. When another TopCar employee talked about the case to somebody on the phone her colleague suddenly changed her mind and let the shift happen, as she said, in order to please us. Still she did not admit the fault of TopCar Autoreisen. After I got a compensation for the taxi I reminded to both companies by email that I was still waiting for an apology never received before, for a compensation of the phone costs (I was not able technically to provide all the billings and suggested a reasonable compensation instead) and moral damage (especially related to the nervousness provoked by the companies' incompetence), and understanding whose fault it was. HolidayAutos did receive my request for the above mentioned but preferred not to respond. TopCar Autoreisen made no notification of the receipt of my letters and their 2 phone numbers were busy or no one picked up when I tried to call them a number of times (still they knew my contact details and never bothered themselves to get through to me and provide the requested answer to the question whose fault it was). Then I talked on the phone to a person from HolidayAutos customer support who first accepted the fact that the fault was not HolidayAuto's (since they had received a TopCar Autoreisen confirmation number right after they made a booking on my request) and basically the fault was therefore TopCar Autoreisen's. Once he read the history of our communication it also cost him nothing to finally apologize (after all, it is his job). He seemed also to eventually realize that my point was that I wondered why they had never bothered to reply to me at least with the regard to pointing the party at fault, as long as the other claims were relevant to TopCar Autoreisen who turned out to be at fault. After that he promised to contact HolidayAuto's Postrental team about providing a written response to this matter. Soon after he called me instead to my Viber account and started explaining that the fault was nobody's, it had just been the computer system in between HolidayAuto and TopCar Autoreisen which was not working properly. In that case I suggested sharing the responsibility between both companies if his words were really true and it was technically "impossible" to blame either company for the failure. This was not commented by the employee and HolidayAutos apparently did everything in order not to admit the fault of either party, for whatever reason. On the other hand, they suddenly offered (through that employee) to pay some compensation of the phone costs given that I provide documentation from the phone companies I used. I stressed once again that I would not be satisfied with the partial compensation of the phone calls and I don't want to spend time on getting the documentation knowing that there was no guarantee HolidayAutos would eventually provide a compensation that would reasonably cover also the undocumented calls to whose billing I don't have access for a number of reasons. This goes without saying that this favour they suddenly condescended to make implied a continuous neglect of the other inconveniences and stress that still remain without any compensation (with the only exception of some 5 liters of fuel free of charge I was able to get from TopCar Autoreisen). Once I started publishing this revealing info HolidayAutos instantly contacted me and stated the fault however had come from TopCar Autoreisen. As HolidayAutos still pretend not to understand why I additionally claim 100 EUR as a compensation and give no guarantee they will proceed to any further refund I continue to disseminate this information.

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Comments on this review

  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 22/01/2017
    Difficult read
  • BrutalHonesty91 published 20/01/2017
    Apologies but this is much more a complaint than it is a review although it is reasonably well written. Much more information needed in every and a good format would also benefit this as the lack of paragraphing makes this hard to follow and somewhat unclear.
  • bettyboo47 published 20/01/2017
    A mistake happened, you were assured that your taxi would be paid and it was, your car booking was changed to please you, and appology was given and you have been offered compensation for your phone calls, of which you refused/could not provide evidence. I don't see the problem? "nervousness"does not have a monetary value that can be quantified.
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