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Type Home & Garden
Domain Extension .co.uk


Listed on Ciao since 11/01/2011

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similar by Type (Home & Garden)
In theory, appear to have impressive range of products at reasonable prices
DREADFUL customer service (*)
Huge selection, easy site and tells you if item in stock, no extra charge for phone, fast delivery
Not always best value (*)
Fantastic range of kitchen products, simple to use customer service, good prices inc. delivery
Wish there were more colours as I'm a vibrant person! I'd also love for them to have a shop! (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.co.uk)
You get paid, good community spirit and easy to navigate pages.
You should work hard to earn your money and some technical problems. (*)
Seem very organised and provides an efficient service. Cheaper than most independent retailers.
Quite often out of stock on many models. About a month's wait. (*)
compare function on the website, and the screen is amazing
Apple forces us to buy silly adapters - not the fault of the shop nor manufacturer of monitor (*)
An easy way to sell and buy items from the comfort of your own home
A few buyers are untrustworthy and sell damaged or no goods. (*)
Cheap prices, free p&p and excellent customer service
items could be packaged better (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (I)
None at all
Too many to list, see review (*)
Some great items, always good for a laugh
Somethings are really pricey, you should shop around if possible (*)
My girlfriend received flowers eventually
They arrived late both times, iflorish refused to refund me my money despite their guarantee (*)
Excellent Product range
High Prices, Delivery charges (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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