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... I received an email this morning explaining that *********@iflorist.co.uk had 'inspected the flowers with a number of my colleagues and in agreement there does not appear to be anything wrong with the flowers' and went on to explain that she was 'not authorised' to issue a refund. Throughout ... Read review

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Satisfaction guarantee is worthless, refused to refund

AdvantagesMy girlfriend received flowers eventually

DisadvantagesThey arrived late both times, iflorish refused to refund me my money despite their guarantee

"I have used Iflorist before and they delivered the flowers too early, but redelivered with no problem. My experience this time was much more disappointing. I ordered flowers for my girlfriend's birthday on the 18th January. Around this time there was a lot of snow, so it was understandable that they were not delivered that day or the following weekend. However it took a week (much longer than the snow took to melt) for them to be delivered and so ..." Read review

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Iflorist, absolutely awful! A very disappointed Mum!


DisadvantagesWhere do I start?!

"Three emails sent regarding my order for mothers day flowers which were supposed to be delivered today and were not. I have tried all day to access iflorists "live support" which untill half past nine tonight was set to "away". When I was finally able to connect I was informed by "Jack" that due to the mothers day rush, iflorist were unable to find a florist to deliver on time. Despite the order being placed on 31st March, nobody could be bothered ..." Read review

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You live and learn


DisadvantagesToo many to mention

"I visited said friend yesterday and saw the blooms and was gobsmacked at the arrangement which consisted of 6 cream and 6 pink roses together with around for stems of purple foliage. I didn't comment on the flowers to my friend and certainly didn't air my disappointment, even though I was seething inside! I checked iflorist's website this morning to look at the bouquet again and noticed that there are clearly 8 large pink roses visible plus I think ..." Read review

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Terrible, please do not use!


DisadvantagesEverything listed above

"I have used iFlorist twice now. The first time I paid for before 2pm delivery the next day and though the flowers did arrive before 2pm, at 3pm when I still not been told the flowers had been delivered I rang Yodel (the courier) who informed me that the flowers had never actually been marked as a 'before 2pm delivery.' It was just chance that they were actually delivered before 2pm. Now the second time I used iFlorist, I placed my order on the 17th ..." Read review

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Avoid, avoid, avoid iflorist!


DisadvantagesUnreliable, poor communications (verging on lies)

"I ordered flowers for a friend in the US. When I didn't hear from him I checked the order online - which said "allocated." After a few exchanges the company admitted the flowers hadn't been delivered. The flowers did eventually arrive but were poor quality and 15 days late. Iflorist offered first £5 and then £10 off my next order - which I have refused. They are now ignoring my request to speak to a manager and say that 10 quid is the best they can ..." Read review

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