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published 25/06/2001 | brianlfc
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Oh well, thought I'd pop by to see how all you folks are doing :) Kate is now 9 months old and is a little darling :)
Pro Its Free, Great fun, some superb options available
Cons Always check the directory mentioned in my opinion and make sure you empty it.
very helpful

"UPDATED A Small WARNING to users"

UPDATED 1st October 2001

I have only recently found out about a possible problem with Incredimail, it concerns any attachments you may get with you Emails. The problem arises from the fact that the program actually saves every single attachment you receive in a folder, to which you’ll find in the following place (that’s if you installed it in the Program Files directory):

C:\Program Files\IncrediMail\Data\Identities\{Your personal number}\Message Store\Attachments

So, if you are one for getting lots of attachments off friends and families, i.e. Photos, Large files, etc, well Incredimail is actually making a back-up of these files in its own folder, so if these files are large, you might in fact be unsuspectingly filling your Hard-Drive up with useless clutter.

Another thing that you have to worry about are viruses, should you be sent an Email that is infected with a viruses (usually via an attached file), well despite you clearing the virus, it may well being sitting in this folder, ready to be re-activated.

So I suggest anyone using this program, regularly visit this folder and empty it.


Are you bored using the same old boring E-mail programs like Outlook Express? Well, if the answer is YES, why not try “Incredimail”, which is available for free from:

It really is an excellent program and brings much more fun to the mundane task of writing a load of emails, just go to the address supplied, download the program and install it.

Setting up: If you are already using Outlook Express, well it is simple, you just install the program, it will then add all your address books, saved emails, sent emails, drafts, etc from your Outlook Express program and add them to its own folders. You have the choice whether you want this to be your default E-mail client (this basically means that any incoming emails, will be read by this and not Outlook Express).

3-D Animations: You can choose to have you emails open, close and delete, with snazzy animated styles, things like a paper shredder (when deleting them), fold up into a paper aeroplane (when closing them), amongst other things.

Clock and Calendar: Included in the program, is a snazzy digital clock and calendar, which allows you to see what time it is and also the date, whilst writing and reading your Emails.

Writing Emails and the options available:

Letters: On here, you can choose a from a huge range of letter styles and fonts to match, it is so easy to use, you just click on the “letters” menu, wade through the available ones and simply make your choice, there are some very nice looking letters available, to give you the real professional or fun looking emails you desire.

Sounds: You can easily choose to add a bit of sound to your out-going Emails, the program supplies a pretty wide range of things like manic laughter, blowing kisses, animal sounds, etc, they are easy to add, just go to the “Sounds” menu and add you choice.

Animations: You can also add little animated graphics to your Emails, things like smilies, hearts or angry faces, these are also supplied and like the sounds, are very easy to add, just a case of clicking on the “Animations” menu, and choosing your desired one.

Notifier: You can choose a whole host of creatures and other things to notify whenever you have an new Email, these include a Butler, Cat, Dog to name a few, you can either have a flasher, yes a flasher notify you, what happens is an envelope will appear on the screen and open its flaps, to reveal “You’ve got mail”. Whenever you receive a new Email, your notifying choice will appear on your screen.

E-Cards: Yes, you can also now send your own “E-Cards”, straight from your Email program, so there is no need to use the web based one, there is quite a decent choice to pick from and once again, very simple to use.

Record voice: I have not given this a go yet, but it looks as if you can record your own message (providing you have a microphone attached), and insert them onto the emails themselves.


Cut and pasting: To cut and paste off a program like word, rather than using the right mouse button, use the “Ctrl and C” (for cutting) and “Ctrl and V” (for pasting) option, as for some reason, when trying to paste anything onto an email you are constructing, the right mouse button doesn’t seem to work.

Adding extras: When you first download the program, you are given a small amount of the letters, animations, notifiers, etc, if you want more choice, then just go to the button that says “Add more” (you must be on-line) and it will take you to their web site, and allow you to download more.

Summary: This program is a real breath of fresh air and makes a very pleasant and fun-filled change from the boring Outlook Express, and considering it is available for nothing, I suggest you give it a go, I promise you, you’ll love it. There is also the option to upgrade to a premium program for a small charge; this allows you to compose your own letter-styles, etc.

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  • scumfrogs published 02/06/2003
    I use IncrediMail Premium and it's fantastic. Great op, Adam :o)
  • Luigi published 07/10/2001
    Excellent and useful op. Thanks.
  • jimbuck published 03/10/2001
    A very useful update but if the latest viruses are anything to go by, just reading the e-mail can let them loose, not to mention those on web sites just waiting for some sucker to come along and view.
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