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Community Level 3peace1989


I do want one of those! They must know everything!

AdvantagesSome great items, always good for a laugh

DisadvantagesSomethings are really pricey, you should shop around if possible

"This is another one of those online shops that sell the most weird and wonderful things, and as you might have guessed from the name of the shop, it tends to make you want to buy everything! I came across this site when looking for a Birthday present for my friend - she's the biggest kid and I was spoilt for choice. In the end I firmly settled on a pair of inflatable, remoted controlled battling robots. Now that's something I couldn't have found ..." Read review

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Community Level 3stephy666


Stuff you really want

AdvantagesFast delivery, great choice of products


"I was having a conversation with my boyfriend when we got together not that long ago and he mentioned that he loves remote controlled gadgets (or any gadgets at all come to think of it) so i thought that as he's a big kid at heart i'd have a browse and see if i could find something suitable for a Christmas present for him (i love to be organised so start my shopping early) Having decided i didn't want to get him a car as i think that's too common ..." Read review

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IWOOT - great gifts but will I get what I want?

Advantageswebsite, products, Paypal, design

Disadvantagespoor service at times with delivery, product tracking, searches need refining

"IWOOT – great gifts but will I get what I want? I Want One of Those (IWOOT) is a website offering inventive, weird and wonderful gifts for any occasion. I first found the site when looking for Christmas gifts for my partner and having lacked ideas, IWOOT gave me any number of solutions. The site is described as “stuff you want…. But really don’t need” which pretty much says it all. IWOOT offers something different to smellies, jewellery, clothes ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Guccilady



AdvantagesWild range of products for the person who has everything, great amusing site, easy to browse.

DisadvantagesThe gold mouse costs £375 and I want one of those!!

"I love shopping on the net especially where you can find really unusual presents for people, or maybe just something wild and weird for yourself. One of my favourite sites is, it stands for "I Want One Of Those", and its the perfect name for a site which is stocked with everything weird and wonderful. Some items are advertised in a very tongue in cheek manner, heaven knows what they would do if you order one of them!! Anyway I'll come ..." Read review

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I want that one.... Review with images

AdvantagesCandy G-String? Genius!

DisadvantagesExpensive, some items cost much less in the shops

"...I came across this website, (or but that takes a bit of typing). I was instantly drawn to its attractive purple and light orange page design, and the fantastic slogan "Stuff you don't need... but you really really want". This sums up the site in one short, simple sentance. The first thing I did was go straight to the goods. I was not fussy about price, or anything like that, I just wanted to see what was on offer. ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 10/09/2001

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Some great bargins.
None really. (*)
very affordable prices with the personal touch
Mrs B keeps flicking through the catalogue (*)
Shop in privacy
Depends on your attitudes (*)
Great service, huge choice, easy to use site
search engine can be unreliable, pop ups (*)
eays to use, quick, good choice
expensive? (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Cheap, fast delivery, plenty of stock.
returns policy is pants, no decent communication (*)
Cheap, good choice of packages, efficient, good and stable online streaming
DVDs occasionally damaged, sneakily trying to get you to upgrade, box set discs only 1 at a time (*)
None at all apart from causing distress and upset
Plenty, Nervous breakdown, Heart attack, depression due to poor and disgusting service (*)
A fantastic easy to navigate website. Quick delivery and a great product.
The flowers are very expensive in my opinion (*)
gets items sold
junkies in your house, bad design, overpriced (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (I)
Non existant customer service (*)
No delivery charge if you spend over a certain amount
Can't do a whole shop there (*)
Good range of products
Poor Communication, terrible internal systems that don't tell the warehouse when to dispatch gooods! (*)
None at all
Too many to list, see review (*)
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