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This review is based on a researchers view only ~Introduction~ JustAnswer.com is an online forum with a view of Google Answers. Members answer other member's questions for money. The twist is anyone can answer anyone's question. This means you don't have to apply for a job at Google Answers ... Read review

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Community Level 5andersonfa...


Foruming, with a twist! - UPDATED - UPDATED AGAIN Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, community

DisadvantagesMany non-paying members

"...site ~ Okay, a bad thing, JustAnswer.com charges the answerer 50% of any money made per question. You can earn $0.50 to $100 for answering a question (depending on the person asking the question price, these prices are after the 50%). The money is retrievable via PayPal after you reach $20 (easier said than done). Another bad point is only a very small amount of members actually bother to 'Accept' your answer. The person asking the question ..." Read review

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Community Level 1small45


The definition of a web scam

AdvantagesYou could get a good answer really cheaply

DisadvantagesTake it or be harrassed until you take it

"...who is a expert on justanswer.com I asked a legal question and got a very good answer, But lawyers have very specific knowledge, and can give you very good "out of the can" answers to common legal questions. Try getting a good answer to "I have corrupted system data on my PC - what can I do? I am a computer expert myself, but have gone to justanswer.com to avoid doing hours of research and having to implement arduous solutions. If you know nothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bob712

Quick review of justanswer.com

"I used JustAnswer and instantly realised that the "Expert" did not know the subject and palmed me off with some nonsence then hit me with a plea to accept his answer (meaning payment) when I replied to say he had not answered the question he responded with a second similarly vague response. As I understand most of the experts are US based and as my question concerned a UK domestic appliance product of a specific type and model the expert was lost. On that basis it is clear to see why no one pays.

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Community Level 1BrigidBishop


Don't waste your time on this site.

AdvantagesOpen forum to post questions and answers on any topic.

DisadvantagesOH, where to begin. Nonpaying customers, no expert comradery, very cut-throat, low payout, waste of time and energy

"This site is set up as a live advice site similiar to Keen or Kasamba, etc. They recruit "experts" to answer questions and clients post questions, receive multiple responses, and decide whether or not they want to pay for them. Expert credentials are not verified. Clients can read all answers as long as deposit is paid. Lots of kids cheating on their homework, which is sickening. Purported "nurses" and "veterinarians" answering health and pet questions, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JakeBishop


A former expert

AdvantagesWill take your money

DisadvantagesLots of incorrect information

"The truth about Just Answer and it's experts. Just Answer's experts evaluate each other. Since the experts that have been there for a long time can make a pretty good income, they do not like to see new experts come to the site. This cuts their income. They will report them to management. After so many reports, the new expert gets a email saying ,they can no longer be an expert on the site. The new expert has no appeal rights. No way they can even ..." Read review

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