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published 02/09/2008 | lizngaz
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Pro Quick delivery, easy to order, fab customer service
Cons Can't smell products before you order!!! Dont update order status.

"Lush Products From A Lush Website"

Lush is my new love and bathtimes without a Lush product are just plain boring, but this does cause a problem as my nearest Lush store is a 30 mile drive down the motorway to Meadowhall in Sheffield (or Meadowhell as I prefer to call it).

After reading review after review about Lush products and everyone raving about how good they were, I just had to try them out for myself. I set about searching for my nearest store and then convincing my husband that I was in need of a treat that badly that he would drive me all the way to Meadowhell just to nip into one shop, and then drive all the way home. It worked the first time (God I'm good!) but after using £20 worth of stuff in one week, he wasn't so convinced the next time and I HATE motorway driving. Hmmmmmm onto plan B then....

Lush on the net

I already knew about the Lush website as I had window shopped there many a time, but without knowing what was what I had never been tempted enough to just order and take my chances. I think the problem with this type of online store is that you can't smell the products before you buy and I don't like that. I much prefer to be able to pick the items up and have a smell to make sure that I like it before I hand over my (erm sorry, my husbands) hard earned cash.

After trying out a couple of bubble bars and bath ballistics from the Meadowhell shop, I was more convinced to order online. I hadn't picked up anything in the shop that I hated the smell of and had a list of stuff in my head that I wanted to try, so online ordering seemed like a good idea. I had ran out of stuff and didn't actually fancy the trip out to the shop and also my friend was having an operation the next week and I wanted to buy her something nice to cheer her up, so my mind was made up... it was!

Why order online?

The best time to order from is when you already know what you want and have either used it before, smelt it in the shop or had it recommended. Obviously if you don't have a store nearby, this is a great way to try some of the products but I would definitely stay clear of the more unusual ones in case you don't like them. Bear in mind that most Lush products have strong scents and if you don't like it, you've wasted your money.

Also there is a range of Retro Lush items only available online or by good old fashioned mail order and not in the shops. These products have either never been launched or have just never been popular enough to take up a shelf in a Lush shop. If you had an old favourite that you just can't live without, you should still be able to find it in the retro range online. Retro products are available under the appropriate link for the product type and you will find them at the bottom of each page.

The Website

Entering the website you will find the homepage with any recent Lush news (and any offers available at that particular time) and across the top of the page are the tabs for the catagories of the different products that are sold. There is also an option to sign in (or register if you aren't already) which enables you leave short reviews on each product. You will need to register when you place an order, which is a simple process and enables you to enter a user name so your short reviews are lister under that name and not your real name.

  • Bath Ballistics - A selection of fizzing bath treats which are made to be placed in a fully run bath and fizz really quickly, sometimes letting out surprises that are hidden within, like bath confetti (love the think pink one with white and pink hearts!), changing the colour of your water and leaving an amazing scent which wafts around the whole house! They include various oils and soften the skin, but I find these aren't as good as the bubble bars.
  • Bath Melts - A luxurious bath, supposedly a treat as they are more expensive than other products, but I find them to be much the same. To be either crumbled under the running tap or left to float and melt on the surface. Again these are filled with oils to soften your skin, fragrance the room (and you!) and sometimes change the colour of the water. I have the Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment upstairs ready to be used!
  • Bubble Bars - By far my favourite Lush pruducts. Solid bubble bath which you crumble them under the running tap and can use the whole thing for a luxury bath or split it up and save some for later. The Ma Bar is my favourite. These create lots of bubbles, soften the skin, smell delicious (mostly) and colour the water.
  • Body Butters - Different products that work differently but are all solid so require no packaging. A body butter tin is available separately for storage if required. I am yet to try these.
  • Soap - requires no explanation!! It's soap... but better!
(I cannot comment on how good each of these products are as I have not used anything from the shower range)
  • Jellies - Solid shower Gel, which therefore does not require packaging.
  • Gels - One of the few Lush products that comes packaged (in a bottle). These are standard type shower gels for people who prefer liquid form.
  • Butter Cream - A solid soap designed to be used in the shower.
  • Smoothies - Another range to get you all clean in the shower, packaged in tubs.
  • Soap - Nope not more soap, but a separate link to the soaps also available in the bath range.
  • Emotibombs - A fantastic new idea from Lush which has arrived recently. A fizzing ballistic for your shower so you can experience the gorgeous Lush scents in your shower as well as your bath!

  • Shampoo - available in bars, solid and liquid to suit your taste.
  • Conditioners - also available in different varieties.
  • Gels - Currently 3 different products to suit different hair types.
  • Hair Treatments - Treats for your hair!
  • Scalp Treatments - erm.... treats for your scalp?
  • Henna - Solid Henna blocks for colouring your hair the natural way.

  • Cleansers - Mostly solid products which are then mixed with water to use.
  • Toners - Available in a spray bottle.
  • Moisturisers - For different skin types.
  • Hand and Body - Creams for perfectly soft and gorgeously smelling skin.
  • Body Butters - Solid body butter, all used in different ways and there is also a separate storage tin that you can buy to protect them.
  • Toner Tabs - 3 new products which are added to water to steam the face. The water can then be kept for a couple of days and used as a toner (not for too long though as there are no preservatives!).
  • Fresh Face Masks - Must be kept in the fridge and used within 2 weeks. These products are posted 1st class so they get to you quickly!
Up Close

  • Fragrance - Lots of smelly products which you are probably best to smell before you order!
  • Massage - These massage bars are solid and melt with just body heat. There is also a tin available to store these in. I am dying to give these a try!
  • Shaving - Creams!
  • Deodorants - Available in either solid or powder form. I'm not really fancying trying these out but apparently they are very good if you did want to try them! I have a fear of natural ingredients not working in this type of product.
  • Balms - Lip balm and temple balms. Do what they say on the tin!
  • Dusting Powder - ooherr!! For dusting all over your body to leave you fresh.

A range of gifts available in different price ranges. I will be buying quite a bit of stuff from here for Christmas presents. There is pretty much something there for everyone and every budget. Gifts are normally the way people find out about Lush so you can almost guarantee these gift boxes are going to be well put together. There are a range of gift boxes available year round, so never do you have to struggle for a nice gift again! Word of warning though... if you haven't guessed by now, Lush don't like packaging and waste, so these boxes are full of popcorn! Don't eat it though, stick it on the compost. Urgh, wouldn't like to think what it tastes of after being stored in those boxes with all those nice smelly inedible things!


As I mentioned earlier, you can find retro products on each page underneath the current products. If however, you are just after something different then pop over to the Retro section and chose from the drop down list of discontinued products which are no longer available in the shops.
Lush Life

In this drop down menu you can find out where your local Lush store is, all about their beliefs, available jobs and how to contact them. Everything you need to know about Lush is here.

Right, I know what I want... now how do I order?

Simple. You find the product(s) that you want and click on them. The product picture will be enlarged and all the information on it will be displayed. Also the latest review will appear and there is an option to read later reviews (don't bother, you might find some of mine in there ha ha!!). There is an option to change the quantity that you require and an "ADD" button. Simply change the amount, if you require more than one, and click "ADD". You will see at the top of the page, your running cost is shown and an option to register or checkout (or simply just login if you have registered before). Continue until you have all the items you require in your virtual basket.

You can also click on view basket at any time and remove items or change quanities. When you are sure you have everything you need you click on proceed to checkout (or just checkout at the top of the page which appears in blue).

If this is your first visit to, as I mentioned earlier on in the review, you will need to register. This is a very simple and quick process which only includes need to know information such as your name, address and email address. If this is a return visit, you just simply need to log in.

You will then be shown a confirmation page where you are asked to confirm the details. The postage is added (standard UK £3.95, next day £6.95, BFPO £3.95). If you are ordering from another country, you should be on the appropriate countries website (go to and click the correct link). Next day is only available on orders placed before 1pm.

The next page prompts you to enter any voucher codes that you may have and the total order amount. You confirm and go to the payment page. You then enter your payment details (your card will be charged when the order is dispatched and not immediately). All done now and you will receive a confirmation email.

Your orders are available to view online at any time by logging in and clicking on "my account". Unfortunately the status does not seem to update.

In a previous order, I had forgot to add an item for my daughter and a couple of hours later phoned the warehouse where they were really helpful and added the item, even though the order was being picked at the time. Not recommended to leave stuff off (double check you have what you need!) but the staff are really helpful with any queries you may have and very friendly.

Delivery and Packaging

If you chose standard delivery, it will take around 3-4 days. My last order was placed on the Thursday afternoon before a bank holiday and arrived on the Tuesday morning so that was pretty good going! It was delivered by Royal Mail and was marked 1st class. Maybe this depends on the weight of the item though?

My parcel came wrapped in Lush paper and unfortunately had been thrown around a bit by Royal Mail (no suprises there then?). When I opened it I ended up with bits of popcorn everywhere! Luckily the items inside where in tact. Some things had been wrapped in greaseproof paper but others where placed simply into the popcorn packaging. A new copy of the Lush Times (a newspaper type thing with all the products in it) was placed on the top. I had also ordered in the time when you received a particular free gift and this was included in the package.

Lush Sister Website

You may notice a shiney "B" in the top left hand corner of the Lush website. If you click on this, it will take you to the B Cosmetics website. I don't really know much about this website but there are lots of products on there that sound like they are worth a look. These items can be ordered along with your Lush order if you did fancy giving them a try.

In Conclusion

I would highly recommend The customer service is brilliant and the staff there are really helpful if you do need to contact them, although I highly doubt this will be the case. The items arrive on time and well packaged, even though you do end up with bits everywhere!! I love unpackaging my order when it comes and smelling all the goodies in there (in fact you can smell it before you open it! Bet the postmans van smelt lovely!). The only downside is the same as any online ordering; you can't smell the products before you buy. If you're not sure about something though, you can always read the reviews on the Lush site or have a look on Ciao or Dooyoo where I am sure you will find some information about them. I have had a couple of disappointments where something hasn't quite turned out the way I expected it to be and in future will probably only use the website to order things that I know I like and the odd new thing that I can't resist. On the plus side though, it is a lot easier to cap your spending when doing it online rather than in the shop. Recommended.

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