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published 02/05/2001 | Bradley733
Member since : 17/11/2000
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Not for me
Pro This used to be a good service but I can't see it lasting now
Cons They are rude, they don't know what there rules are and they don't really want to help when you have a problem
very helpful

"Mailround not worth the click"

OK here’s the deal.. I signed up with mailround a while ago and was really happy with the way things were going. In the beginning I was getting £4.00 a month for sending out basic e mails which to me was fine, not a lot of money but a lot more then many other paid e mail programs were offering. Anyway for the first three months I got this £4.00 a month and so on the third month I decided to reopen my mailing list and start sending out regular e mails everyday. This list was not business related just what I sent to friends for fun.

Anyway the next month I got up to what is known as the silver award. I was well chuffed as for sending out these extra mails to my mates I had gone up by £2.00 and now I had earned £6.00 and all for sending out some more mails to my friends. This was good I thought so I started to use the mailman for what I thought it was paying me for, to send and receive mails. I started to send out a lot more e mails a day. I mean I was clearing 250 e mails a day just to friends so I sat down the next month and applied myself to sending out even more e mails.

Anyhow you can imagine the shock horror I got when I received my next statement and I had only got £5.00. I had tripled the amount of mails I had sent the previous month, I was now sending out at least 750 e mails a day and was clicking on the stamps that were in my e mails as I was supposed to and yet for some reason I was losing money.

So my next move was to look for a phone number so that I could call them and have a chat about my account. I assumed that there was a mess up somewhere and wanted to get it fixed. When I called them I expected to be able to speak with someone regarding my account with the hopes that they could help me. Oh how wrong I was.

I started off speaking with a guy who from the start had no telephone manners what so ever. He was arrogant, rude and very unhelpful and this was only the start of it. I asked him about the problems I had regarding sending out extra mails that past month and being paid less for doing so. I was informed that the service was not about the amount of e mails you send and receive, it was about the stamps that you click.

This was new to me as I had thought that the service was about sending and receiving e mails so that they could be stamped and so as people could then press the stamps on the things that they were interested in. I mean how can you press the stamps if you are not sending or receiving e mails in order to get the stamps in the first place?

So a few minutes after trying to get some answers I decided to send them another e mail and see what they had to say this time. This e mail took another couple of weeks to get replied to and the reply was word for word the same as the previous one.
I called them again as I was asking questions to which there was no answers in their help section and they had given me the same bog standard response, nothing in the e mail was about what I had asked about so the e mail was totally unhelpful.

Now in January I referred 16 people as on one of my stamps which I supposedly don't click on was an advert asking if you have friends who want to earn money . By referring them I could get earn £2.00!Cool I thought, at the time I was chuffed about getting my £4.00 so if I referred a lot my friends. I would be getting a few quid on just that, that’s without the normal payment they were giving me. So I referred my friends and gave it a month so they could sign up and get the referrals and I expected to get the referrals added onto my next statement. When the next statement come in I looked and there was only £5.00, no referrals had been added at all.

Now I know that five of these people definately signed up and downloaded the software and installed it because one of them I live with, two of them I was there when they were doing it all. Another I had on the phone while doing the sign up and the other sent me an e mail to test see if the stamps worked .Since they did that is £10.00 they owed me right?. Well as to this day (April 2nd) from January I Ihave received £2.00 from them for my referrals and that was only at the beginning of this week. I have called them and mailed them and they sent me an e mail telling me that the only person to register and download the software is the one I have been paid for. They listed all the other people I said that I knew had registered and told me they had either not signed up, were not using their mailman or they are not registered on their system. Now if that is the case how can these people be getting paid ? I know my flatmate is getting paid but I haven't received payment for that, I also know that one of the two I was there with when signing up has been paid but I haven't had my payment for that. Another one sent me a stamped e mail to activate their account so as to make sure it was working and she has been paid so I ask you, is all this really worth it for what you get? I mean I do a lot of work on the internet and my e mail never stops with mails and I signed up hoping for a little extra cash which at first I was getting but over the last couple of months the service has rapidly deteriorated. All I wanted is what was owed to me like the referrals and the payments for sending out all the e mails I did.

I thought I had finally found a paid e mail service that wasn't going to try and rip me off for doing work for them but it seems to me that I have found a service that keeps changing it's rules as to what you get paid for and are extremely rude to go with it.

Anyway I hope if you read this you will think long and hard if it is actually worth all the hassles you get by signing up with "Mailround". Not only do you not get paid what you should but you get arrogance to go with it. How long do you think they will survive? I think I'm taking my money soon as I don’t think a company can survive with no way of getting help for things that are not in their help section. Staff that are rude when you call them and rules that keep changing from one thing to another.

Oh yes and one other thing. I asked them on the phone about if I was to close my account how would I get all the money they owed me as they seemed to only have options for £10, £20 etc. I am owed £25.00 but I was told that I can only have £20.00 in a voucher as they didn't do £5.00. So what do they expect I let them keep it when I have closed my account? I think not!

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  • happyria published 03/08/2004
    I was actually trying to join up today, but I couldn't even find out where abouts on the website to download it from! But, by looking at you great op, I don't think that I'll bother! Thanks alot! Lyndsey Colgan
  • president_gringo published 28/01/2003
    just posted a comment on mailround myself, and thought i would see if i was alone. This company will go belly up at this rate, and just as well.
  • Hanni published 03/05/2001
    As a member of Mailround myself i have recently begun to have doubts with reference to their service. Bradley733 has confirmed my fears, and i will be taking steps to remove myself from membership. Thanx!
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