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... The label on the package says Mini Babybel. The light version contains the Light logo on it too. After I peeled off the cellophane the characteristic red wax capsule became visible. It is easy to open them as there is an open strap on each of them. After I opened them and I cut the cheese ... Read review

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Trendy cheese

Advantagesdelicious, healthy


"...out the new football looking mini Babybels so we had to buy a pack for them. They love cheese in general but there are days when they donít want to eat cheese. So the new package has done its job as we bought it. Iím not a football fan and neither is my family but we liked the new design really. The 120 g cheese was only 1 pound instead of 1.56 pounds as usual. They are available in most of the supermarkets. The cheese came in a white net. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


I wonder if Bar-bar-bar-Bar-bar-bar-Ann eats ba-ba-ba-baBaby Bel?

AdvantagesQuick, convenient snack, low calories


"...Cheese. In fact, the original mini Babybelís is actually the Dutch Edam variety. They also do a Cheddar variety in purple wax, an Emmental variety (known as Swiss in Canada and the U.S.) in yellow wax, Gouda in gold wax or a goatís cheese variety in green wax. You can unwrap this with the help of a little strip/tab which pulls away from the wax. The cheese itself to me tastes just like a bit of Edam, a bit waxy on the outside and quite chewy and ..." Read review

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Ba Ba Ba Ba Babybel......

Advantagestaste, price

Disadvantagesnone really

"...BabyBel Ė Original== I tried these Mini Babybel a long time ago and I thought they were bits of horrible rubbery cheese and it really wasn't something that I liked at all. However seeing as they have been on special offer at Morrison's last week and this I decided to give them another go and if I didn't like them at least Jack could eat the rest of the packet. The Mini Babybel is a round piece of cheese consisting of a snack size 20 grams. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Morning_Be...



AdvantagesA fun snack 100% natural.


"---MINI BABYBELS--- The mini Babybel is a great marketing idea. Kids love these little cheeses and what a clever way to get them to eat some calcium. They are a fun, bright and innovative product in their design and packaging.- Mini babybel has great flavour it is 100% real cheese and is suitable for vegetarians. The advantages of babybel are that there are no artificial colourings, flavours, or preservatives. The babybel comes in ..." Read review

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Oh Baby, I love these!



"...back with a net of Mini Babybel cheeses! Never before had I seen something so wonderful, so exotic, so brilliant as individually wrapped mini cheeses. I took one bite of these exotic delights, and I was smitten . Over the years Babybel have become popular over here too . No longer so exotic and mysterious, since you can find them on the shelves of every major supermarket nowadays, and often see more than one variety. The original has always been ..." Read review

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Cheese Type Processed
Manufacturer Babybel


Listed on Ciao since 07/08/2005

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(+) Smooth, creamy taste, versatile, good packaging
(-) Can be expensive

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