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Community Level 5Bastien


Powerful oldtimer

AdvantagesSimple, powerful


"On the Internet there are many ways to talk to other people. Nowadays, the (instant) messaging programs like MSN and ICQ are very popular. But there is also IRC, or Internet Relay Chat. This way of communicating is a little more complicated and I think that’s why it isn’t as popular as it used too. MSN and ICQ are a lot easier to use. Anyway, I’ve been using IRC since 1996, and I almost always used mIRC to do so. There are a couple ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nemesis2004


Have fun and meet new friends along the way.

AdvantagesEasy to get setup

Disadvantagescan be some strange people on there!

"Communication. That's what the internet is all about; Communication with data providers and servers, but also with friends and other people. You'll probably know that there are plenty of websites around dedicated to communication over the internet, you're using one right now, but there are plenty of applications allowing you to contact friends and family online, meet new people and have enjoyable and interesting conversations with everyone all over ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Sarah_B


Surprisingly Perfect For My Needs.

AdvantagesFast, inexpensive, painfully easy to use.

DisadvantagesThat annoying smiley face!

"...the Web site?" Log on to and you?ll see a very plain Web site - just the way I like them! You will have a list on the left containing links to all sorts of helpful information - from the latest mIRC news to ordering information, as well as background information about the software and installation help! You will also find the latest version of mIRC to download for your Windows-based system. Plus, if you want more servers than the hundreds ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Hellzone


mIRC - The best choice for IRC

AdvantagesFast, Reliable, Has a large list of servers, No Time Limit, Easy to use

DisadvantagesNot Free

"Although very dated IRC (Internet relay chat) is still going strong and with over 2000 servers to choose from you can’t really say “there’s no one to chat to”. One such IRC Client is mIRC, This Small yet versatile IRC client is all the Advanced user or even the beginner could ever need. Features - Able to Connect to “Firewalls” (proxy servers both Socks 4 and 5) - GUI Customization - Self maintained scripting ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kenigma


Tired of chat rooms with Age sex location

AdvantagesGreat to use

DisadvantagesMay be exploited (unlikely though)

"Then download mIRC. mIRC is the creation of Khaled Mardam-Bey, an enterprising young Brit. mIRC has been around for years, and is the chat client of choice for most hardcore internet users. mIRC is basically a user-friendly interface for using IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The basic theory behind IRC is that in the most basic setup, a server relays messages between all the users connected to it. The server will have lots of "rooms" on it which you ..." Read review

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Type General Chat Rooms & Forums
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 30/08/2000

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similar by Type (General Chat Rooms & Forums)
Brilliant way of communicating
Very addictive (*)
Quick sign help, helpful support, vast range of communities
limited customisation, occassional database problems (*)
Easy to use, well supported, free
Spammers, some minor quirks (*)
Great program
Unpleasant visitors (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
New,Freshen up,More Stable,legal,
limited mp3,subscription,some delay probs (*)
Its free and they have great help
Not a brillaint advanced html editor but its ok (*)
Safe for your computer.
None yet. (*)
Easy to use, Passport style universal login. Many features.
Expensive, lack of control (*)
Nice idea
Don't like the idea people can look for me online (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (M)
the amont of storage, lay out, ease of use, fast uploads
the lay out for the public area (*)
loads of great domain names
pop up adverts (*)
avalaible when you want
not enough hours in the day if you are a game addict (*)
lots to do :) search, shop, hotmail ,groups , money . news, msn messnger, entertainment and theres more
Microsoft oWn it and premium costs (*)
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