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Motorcycle Road Racing

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The british grand prix 2000 at Donnington Park on Sunday 9/7/00 was surly the best days televised motorsport in many years. Three terrific races, all filled with enough drama and excitment to get the pulse racing and more overtaking than a whole season of formula one. British riders actually ... Read review

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best motorsport

Advantagesaction, excitment, local interest

Disadvantagestoo much excitment may be bad for your health

"...this is fairly typical of motorcycle racing all year , every year. Unfortunatly the British public in particular, is unaware that this is the case. It is mainly due to satellite broadcasting that such great coverage is possible at all. O.k. BBC and ITV make a token effort to cover it in their programming and this year Ch5 shows the 500 GP's live but how much more popular would it now be if the media made much more of an effort. If you've never watched, ..." Read review

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