Community Quote THE DREADED COST Well actually here's one of the most surprising parts of the site it is completely FREE yes your eyes haven't just said sod this I'm going for a pint you read it correctly, the site owners charge you nothing for using their site. Which leads smoothly into ... Read review

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Community Level 2PKenny01


Want an MP3 then come here

AdvantagesEasy to use, Free (Big advantage), vast range of titles and styles

DisadvantagesSome links are no longer active but there are multiple entries of the same song

"GENERAL INFO This is a wonderful free mp3 website, which works as a search engine for mp3's, which is why it is so good. No more treking through 30,000 different pages each with 7 pop up windows, use this site and get all the web based music you require and a very limited amount of advertisment. The site is also fairly quick to download from, more info later. BACKGROUND I was blessed when I stumbled accros this site by accident one day ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ChrisS


things are getting better

Advantagesloads of top quality mp3's and reguarly updated charts

Disadvantagestakes a while before you get to download

" - I can remember when i first stumbled across this site. Now, people who are in on the mp3 game will know how annoying it is to be thrown pop ups in your face all the time!! Something that you won't find at MP3Sound. Also, they keep their charts up-to-date and usually have all the songs in the top 20. But not just the UK and USA chart! They cover all kinds of charts: german, dutch, australian etc. The only downside i have found with ..." Read review

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Community Level 3leematthews


MP3 Sound is definatly sound

AdvantagesAll under one roof, free


"MP3 Sound is probably one of the best free MP3 sites on the net. It is updated weekly, and holds the US, UK, Dutch and other top 20 charts – as well as a huge database of non or ex chart stuff. The site is of a clean, and simple design, with minimal advertising that gets in the way. It is easy to navigate, with only 3 clicks need to get a file onto your computer from the main page! The good thing about this site is that when you choose a file, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2smuj83


Music to the MAX!!

AdvantagesTop 20s from around the world, great search facility.

DisadvantagesOnly newer songs.

" is the place where I get most of my mp3s, it has the full US, UK, Dutch and other country top 20 as well as a great search facility to help you find exactly what you want. Although its mostly new song they have there, its still brilliantly laid out and all of the songs are donated by thewir visitors and stored on the visitor's websites, this means that they aren't doing anything illegal coz the songs aren't stored on their site, so it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pherit


Hmmmmmm, i'm having mixed feelings about this one

AdvantagesQuite a good selection of files, fairly updated charts, no pop-ups!

DisadvantagesCan be quite slow, .class and .pdf files are frustrating, especially if you think you've FINALLY found that song you've wanted for ages!

"Well, at first glance this does seem to be one of the few mp3 sites that actually offers mp3 downloads! The tunes are easy to download, although it can be a bit slow. And the charts aren't updated as regularly as would be prefered. Definetely good though, that they have charts from all over the world, including their own 'most downloaded' chart. One thing that does annoy me is the fact that around half of the files are .class or .pdf etc. And also, ..." Read review

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