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published 07/05/2008 | x_sexual_kisses_x
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Pro Good social networking site
Cons Not my cup of tea
very helpful

" .... bebo is better" So most of my friends have so one day I thought why not might as well get as well as the other social networking websites I'm on. I've had for a while now however I do prefer because it's so much easier to use then, but this could just because I discovered before I discovered Anyway, have a read and see how you feel about afterwards.

What Is It? is a popular social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults internationally. was opened in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe who run the site from Beverly Hills, California. is for people to make their own free profile and it enables them to make new friends who have the same interests as you or they can keep in contact with old friends. The site attracts 230, 000 new registrations per day.

Profile allows you to create your own unique profile which reflects you as a person. You are able to upload pictures, add a video, add songs, add friends etc. The profile is the main bit which people will see so this is normally where people write loads of information about themselves in like their name, age, location, interests and favourite movies, songs etc.There are many different contents of a profile these include:
  • Moods
  • Blurbs, Blogs, Multimedia
  • Comments
  • Profile Customisation
  • Music

"Moods"Moods are basically small emoticons that are used to allow people to know what kind of mood they are in, for example happy, sad, angry etc.

"Blurbs, Blogs, Multimedia"

The 'blurbs' features of the profile are the main two that appear at the top right hand side of the profile; these 'blurbs' are 'About Me' and 'Who I'd Like To Meet'. The profile bit also contains an 'Interests' section and a 'Details' section, in the 'Details' section, a users 'Relationship Status' and 'Zodiac Sign' is shown, although if the user does not fill these sections in they won't be displayed on the page. profiles also contain a 'Blog' with standard fields for content, emotion and media, most users place 10 questions into their blog or put a '100 Questions About Me' into so other users can find out more information about a user. also supports Multimedia such as 'Uploading Images', 'Uploading Videos' and 'Uploading Songs'. Once a user has uploaded pictures onto their Myspace profile, users are able to choose one of the images to be made as the 'Default Image', which basically means that picture will appear as the main picture on the profile's main page, search page and as the image that appears to the side of the user's name on comments, messages etc.

The comments section on the profile is located under the user's friends section. This section is where friends on Myspace are able to talk to each and leave comments for other members and for the user to read. Myspace users do have the option to delete any comment or they can have all comments approved before being read, which means that the user reads them before they are posted onto the site. If a user's account is deleted, every comment that gets left on other profiles by that user will be deleted, and replaced with the comment saying "This Profile No Longer Exists".

"Profile Customisation (HTML)" allows users to customize their user profile by entering HTML (but not JavaScript) into different areas on the profile, like 'About Me', 'I'd Like To Meet' and 'Interests', this is how Videos and flash-based content is added onto a profile. Users have the option to add music to their profile pages via Myspace Music, a service that allows bands to post songs for use on Myspace.

A user is also able to change the general appearance of their pages by entering CSS, which is otherwise known as Cascading Style Sheets, for example text all you do is write what has to be put in between the style and this will override the page's default style sheet using Myspace editors. This is mainly used to tweak fonts and colours. The fact that users can add CSS is located in the middle of the page, rather than being located in the element, means that the page will begin to load with the default Myspace layout before changing to the custom layout. A special type of modification is a div overlay, where the default layout is dramatically changed by hiding default text with tags and large images.

There are several different external websites offering Myspace layout design utilities which let a user select options and preview what their page will look like with them. Myspace has recently added its own 'Profile Customisation' to the site, allowing users to changed their profile through Myspace, using this feature bypasses the CSS loading delay issue, as the Myspace default code is changed for the customized profile.


Myspace profiles for musicians are different from normal profiles in that artists are allowed to upload up to six MP3 songs. The uploader must have rights to use the songs, for example their own work, permission granted etc. Unsigned musicians can use Myspace to post and sell music using SNOCAP, which has proven popular among Myspace users.

The unsigned artists have found real success from using Myspace to promote their band and music. With the music pages you are able to find out about new tours and albums and active members will often write blogs on their current tour or about their new album. It is a good way of keeping up with new things your favourite artist or band is doing.

Features of Myspace

"Friends List"

The friends list on Myspace is probably the main feature of the website because without the friends part there would be no point in using Myspace. Everytime you add someone to your friends list a link to their profile will appear in your top friends on your profile.

The major disadvantage with this feature is you sometimes get people adding you, who don't know you, and then they won't talk to you but Myspace allows you to approve or reject a friendship request so you only have to approve the friendship of people you know.

There are three main ways that you can add a friend on Myspace. Firstly, you can just browse Myspace and look for people that you know through other profiles and then add them that way, secondly you can search for friends, the 'Search' option allows you to enter their username, email address or first and last name and then you can add friends once Myspace has found them and thirdly you can do 'Invite', this section of Myspace allows you to select what email account you have and then type in your email address and password and Myspace will automatically look for your friends and bring them up if they have Myspace. However, this feature only works if you have a hotmail, yahoo, Gmail or AOL account.

Another feature on the friend's list is top friends. This feature allows you to change how your friends appear on your profile. You are able to have a 'Top 4', 'Top 8'. 'Top 12', 'Top 16', 'Top 20', 'Top 24', 'Top 28', 'Top 32', 'Top 36' and 'Top 40'. The only problem with this feature is the fact that if you have over 40 friends you cannot fill everyone in and people start to moan about not being in your top friends.

"Celebrities" has become so widely used and popular that now you even get celebrities on Myspace. There is only one major problem with having celebrities on Myspace, is you get some people who have nothing better to do with their lives then to make a fake account and pretend to be them, so people do make fan sites for these celebrities but if you do find a fake account you should report it to Myspace support unless it states that it is a fan based site.


Bulletins are like posts that are posted on a 'bulletin board' for everyone on the user's friend list to see. Bulletins can be useful for contacting an entire friend list without resorting to messaging users individually. Some users choose to use bulletins as a service for delivering chain messages about politics, religion or anything else and sometimes these chain messages are considered threatening to the users, especially the ones that mention bad luck, death or topics similar to that. Each bulletin that gets posted gets deleted after ten days.


Myspace has a groups feature which allows a group of users to share a common page and message board. Groups can be created by anyone about anything and the moderator of the group can choose for anyone to join, or to approve and deny requests to join.

"Myspace IM"

In early 2006, Myspace introduced MyspaceIM, an instant messenger that uses a person's Myspace account as a screen name. A Myspace users logs in to the instant messenger using the same email associated with the user's Myspace account. Unlike other parts of Myspace, Myspace IM is stand-alone software for Microsoft Windows. Users who use MyspaceIM get instant notification of new Myspace messages, friend requests and comments.

In early 2007, MySpace introduced MySpaceTV, a service similar to the YouTube video sharing website. MyspaceTV is now in beta mode, and is being launched as a separate site in either 2008 or early 2009.
"Myspace Mobile"

There are many different ways in which users can access Myspace content; one way is using their Mobile phone. American mobile phone provider 'Helio' released a series of mobile phones in early 2006 that can utilize a service known as Myspace Mobile to access and edit a user's profile and communicate with, and view profiles of, other members.

"Myspace News"

This was a new feature that appeared in April 2007. MySpace launched a news service called MySpace News which displays news from RSS feeds that users submit. It also allows users to rank each news story by voting for it. The more votes a story gets, the higher the story moves up the page.

"Myspace Karaoke"

This feature was launched in April 2008. is a combination of MySpace and kSolo, which allows users to upload audio recordings of themselves singing onto their profile page. Users' friends are able to rate the performances. A video feature is not yet available, but Tom Anderson, MySpace co-founder and president, states that it is in the works


When users on Myspace first join the founder of Myspace, Tom Anderson, adds you to his friends lists and gives you a welcome message about Myspace. If users have any problems, for example with fakes or with bullying there are to report it straight to Tom and he will sort it out straight away.

Overall is a great site for anyone who wants to make new friends and catch up with old friends. There are over 100 million members around the world on the site and the site is still growing, it is reported that 230, 000 new accounts are made every day.

Overall though I prefer but everyone has their differences.

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  • danmclovin published 25/09/2008
    Superb review, Dan x
  • pennywa published 21/05/2008
    Fab detailed review but I'm all outa E's - please remind me and I'll come back to re-rate for you - Pen xxxxxxx
  • lustba published 21/05/2008
    nice review, i dont use any of these social networking sites though
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