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published 24/03/2001 | CoolCaddy
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"Napster....Download Any song In The World For Free"

Don’t Fancy paying out money for a single?, then why not get it for free!! With one of the most popular program around today, I give you NAPSTER!!

After much debate, of whether this firm will be shut down due to the major record companies complaining that there is a drop of sales due to Napster’s availability, and therefore millions of pounds are dropping, however, some may argue that Napster encourages sales, as the user finds out about the Artist, and therefore buys their singles etc

Despite this Napster is still the best program for downloading almost any MP3 of your choice, such as punk, rock, pop, garage classical etc, the quality of the sound is also amazing, but however it takes a while for the songs to be downloaded, due to Napter’s servers constantly being flooded by users worldwide.

The use of Napster is easy! All you have to do is type the title of the song of your choice, and the artist, and away you go! Yes, its that easy! More advanced users take other aspects into consideration before downloading, such as the connection (Cable, 56k, DSL etc) as this can speed the download rate drastically.

People with computers that have low hard disk space, should b advised not to use this program, as the MP3’s all take a huge amount of space, on average about 3 MB each! Therefore I feel that its best only keep the songs that you like, rather than building a huge database of MP3’s that you will never use

The new version of Napster (v.20 BETA 9) now have new features, such as downloading MP3’s from your friends using the ‘hot list’ feature, and chatting to other Napster users in specified chat rooms, these new features and more, can drain your life through its gaping hole as its so addictive!

Despite these great features, a all software does, it contains bugs, which can get very annoying at times, such as when you are about to finish downloading a song, you internet connection may drop, or the user you are downloading from may decide to disconnect, leaving you to start again, therefor I would recommend using this program if you have unmetered access, as you will benefit far greater than if you are paying for your connection.

Bands that have just started out, and therefore want to become recognized can also use napster to their advantage, by uploading their music to the napster server, in which gives access to billions of people worldwide to discover you talent using the “discover section”

I would greatly recommend this software to everyone, as it is better than paying for a new single, and finding out that you don’t like it, however be prepared for you downloads to be interrupted by numerous bugs found on the Napster server, however there is no harm in trying this out, as it costs absolutely nothing to become a member of the Napster community, or to download MP3’s, definitely worth a look!

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  • DoubleTrouble published 17/05/2001
    Napster is still godd although the half songs you end up with annoy me to death! Ana x
  • PJE_ published 24/03/2001
    Of course if you are short of disk space, one answer is to get a CD-writer and you can save 100-200 mp3 files onto a CD, er, not that I would have done anything so illegal of course...
  • Connoisseur_Haggler1 published 24/03/2001
    well presented review! I have tried the latest version of napster 9.0 but went back to 7.0 as I didnt like the ad's or the sales from CD-NOW. Infact as I write this I am DL from 7.0 and you can download direct from a User's Hotlist in ver. 7.0. Ver 9.0 is an attempt to get Users to buy CD's too. Only diff. now is its harder to Dl some copyrighted material but everything -is business as normal for now! cheers, happy DL your mp3's-thank god it's a compressed format!
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