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Title Product/Category Rating Author Usefulness
Andorra - High Altitude, Low Cost General: Andorra
in Travel > Andorra Experience

joannavos "very helpful"
Unsettling Basel (Switzerland)
in Travel > Basel Experience

JVL "very helpful"
What it is to be in love... Chocolat (DVD)
in DVDs > Drama

ImogenW "very helpful"
My PASSIONATE Hatred Carrots
in Home & Garden > Plants

cherryfalls "very helpful"
CLANMAC4... an inspiring site
in Internet > Art & Culture

wiggglypufff "very helpful"
Insight into the Future Tips for Time Travellers - Peter Cochrane
in Books > Science & Technology Books

Michael-S "very helpful"
Face to face with 10ft sharks Deep Sea World
weebagpuss "very helpful"
The Buzzzzz Start's Here The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DVD)
in DVDs > Horror

3rdRockSatan "very helpful"
A few tips for afterwards Members Advice on Ceaserean Sections
in Ciao Café > Member Advice on Health

jo1l "very helpful"
Money money money... How to write opinions
in Internet > Member advice on...

Salgirl "very helpful"
What would be your worst nightmare. Member Advice on Tests During Pregnancy
in Ciao Café > Member Advice on Relationships & Family

Xyanthe "very helpful"
ylpmyS Internet Webactive
in Entertainment > Computer & Internet

jimbuck "very helpful"
Oh, Brother Channel 4 - Big Brother
in Entertainment > Channel 4

stoolie74 "very helpful"
Multi-purpose wonder stuff Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
in Beauty > Face Creams & Treatments

pogmel "very helpful"
More Buck than Roo Buckaroo
in Family > Games & Puzzles

hiflyer "very helpful"
Better than before Homes ITV - Carol Vorderman´s Better Homes
in Entertainment > ITV

sharondyer "very helpful"
My Sexy Italian Cruise Missile Fiat Punto 1.4 16v
in Cars & Motorcycles > Fiat

xr2i16v "very helpful"
a software resource centre for everyone
in Internet > Online Shopping

elle3041 "very helpful"
Poetry attempt number 2 - Krull is great Krull (DVD)
in DVDs > Science Fiction & Fantasy

Nameless "very helpful"
I delve into the disturbing world of death metal Black Pearl - Pat Travers
in Music > Rock & Pop

craiggy_boy "very helpful"
A question of judgement Drink Driving Debate
in Cars & Motorcycles > Motoring Issues

mjhenderson "very helpful"
Madonna's Greatest Hits Volume 1 Immaculate Collection - Madonna
in Music > Rock & Pop

jonathancowley "very helpful"
Breasts aplenty here. Hooters, Los Angeles
in Travel > Los Angeles Restaurants

Pinotage "very helpful"
No submission Chyna
in Ciao Café > Wrestling

nicanddarrell "very helpful"
good chorus, shame about shaggy's rapping It Wasn't Me - Shaggy
in Music > Rock & Pop

jambo5678 "very helpful"
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