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Your Personal Review of 2008

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With my sympathies to all of you who had a thoroughly bad year last year, this year can only be better for you. Not being one of life's great optimists, I am not usually given to passing much thought on either having a good or a bad year, what has gone has gone, is in the past and cannot be ... Read review

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RICHADA'S 2008 IN WORDS.....AND PICTURES Review with images

AdvantagesThe Ups

DisadvantagesThe Downs

"...sister. To save you wracking your brains over that one, allow me to explain: my father in law's brother married my mother in law's sister! Having been out there for a week in chilly, wet weather, fortunately it brightened up for the big event, held in the magnificent (modern) White Church in the centre of Mielec. The following week we escaped for a few days to our favourite hotel, the Redyk, situated in a village called Zab (Trans. Tooth) high ..." Read review

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Looking Back at 2008 Review with images

AdvantagesLots of diffrent points about diffrent thing that have happened in 2008

DisadvantagesIt's my opinion

"2008 is over tonight and I thought I'd honour it with this review on my 2008, on things that have happened to me, and movies that I have watched, music that I have listened too and finally news from around the world. 6 hours to go before the fireworks go off and I'm already getting through left over liquor from Christmas. I apologise if there's considerable spelling and grammar mistakes, I don't think there is but you never know. ==JANUARY ..." Read review

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Community Level 7karimkha


No Regrets ... I'll Do It My Way Now!

AdvantagesThe year is over, new job, new life and more travelling.

DisadvantagesIt was very fast, boring, problems and depressing year!

"...11) Where did most of your money go? == Ha! Ha! Ha! …What money? Most of my money is saved for emergencies . . . I spent the rest buying a car, my mobile phone and my essentials. I am not a big spender but at the same time I like to pamper and look after myself so I may spend all my monthly wages in one shopping spree! == 12) What did you get really excited about? == My first day at work; and going back to England after 7 months separation! ..." Read review

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Crunch Time? Review with images

AdvantagesGood sporting achievements

DisadvantagesMindless Wars

"It barely seems a year since I wrote my review about the events of 2007, and here we are again having celebrated the dawn of 2009 last night. I thought I would take the time today to reread my earlier review, given some of those events are almost forgotten about now - and also to reflect on the events of 2008. I have used the same major headings as I did last year, to help me reflect on what seemed to be a difficult year all round. But let's start ..." Read review

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THINGS can only get better

Advantages2008 was as bad as it gets....(and I never mentioned the credit crunch once!)

DisadvantagesWondering if sharing all this is a good idea or not

"...2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? 12th Feb 2008 when I moved back in with my Dad temporarily, and 20 November 2008, when he died. 7. What was your biggest achievement of the year? I don't think I achieved a whole lot in 2008, however any successes would have to be work related, significant growth in sales YOY despite the credit crunch, group recognition and finally appointment to a key steering group within my company. 8. ..." Read review

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