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Recently I searched the Internet for a good reliable email service as I changed from dialup to BT Broadband (which doesn't supply an email address........not to be confused with BT Openworld Broadband, which does supply email addresses!). struck me as a very promising website ... Read review

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Community Level 5unnameable


Hotmail? PAH! I'm with Postmaster!

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, many options

Disadvantagesnone that I can think of!

"...which does supply email addresses!). struck me as a very promising website going on the intro page alone. So, of course, I signed up straight away. It was a very simple straightforward task of selecting a username (which would double as your email address) and a password. Surprisingly I managed to get my first choice of username (which is unheard of from the likes of Hotmail). Upon registering you are given three options, as ..." Read review

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Community Level 4pleaserate...



AdvantagesCompletely FREE, efficient, easy to use

DisadvantagesA Few minor complaints

"Ever been trawling through the internet, trying to find a really reliable, but FREE email provider? I used to, but I have been loyal to postmaster for a few years now, and recently they have lanched the newest version: postmaster 5, which they claim is more than an email system, but a feature-rich community. This is what inspired me to write this opinion. Postmaster is a email service, which, naturally is out to make some money. They do not, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gwarwick


Any Post for the Master

AdvantagesFree, Many Features, Reliable

DisadvantagesSometimes slow

" has been offering a free email service to Europe since about 1998, during which time many versions have been launched. Postmaster is currently on version 5, which was introduced only a few months ago. I started using postmaster about 8 months ago, before the update. At that time it was merely a free email service. However, the new version of provides so much more than just an email service, but some of the features ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamiep


The Post Masters

AdvantagesGreat layout, easy nav

DisadvantagesKnown to crash

"Postmaster is basically a european alternantive to the MSN controlled Hotmail service. Started a few years ago, as the first European free web-based email service, Postmaster has gone through a number of layout and design changes. Postmaster has an attractive, easy to use layout and navigation is simple. Postmaster has a number of email and menu viewing options, and has an address book and folders for must-keep emails. The site reliability is ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mrswombat


Well worth a try

AdvantagesEffective service.

DisadvantagesThe frames can be a bit fiddly

"My search for the perfect webmail account took me here pretty much when this started up, and so far I've been very pleased with this account - as have a number of friends and colleagues who have defected to this company. It's reliable, in that messages don't appear to get lost; messages arrive fairly speedily (often quicker than Hotmail) and, for me, the best thing about this is that when you've dealt with one email you're taken back to your inbox, ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 18/07/2000

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a poor costumer support, sign in at least once in three weeks, only 25 MB storage (*)
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Easy to use, well supported, free
Spammers, some minor quirks (*)
Massive community
Server slow and sometimes crashes (*)
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