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published 09/03/2010 | tink-er-bell
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Pro They have many items they sell each day
Cons Postage costs and Customer Service
very helpful
Quality and consistency of programmes
Range of programming
Quantity of advertising
Value for money

"Grab Yourself A Bargain"

This review is for the television channel

Who Are They?

Price drop TV is actually a part of a Virgin Media Company named Sit-Up and this channel was launched in 2003 and there is another 3 shopping channels distributed by this firm which are, Speed and Screen shop.

They make in excess of £100 million pounds a year turnover which is quite a large sum and you will find out why as this review continues, they win many awards for their great prices and innovations.

How the Process Works

The idea is you go to the channel either on Sky or Freeview and you basically have got an item which is being displayed. You have a presenter discussing the product and on the top left hand corner are some numbers.

You have the telephone number which is what you need to ring up to place an order. You ring the number up and press the number ‘1’ and the item is yours which is being displayed.

The item will have a quantity next to it and each time someone buys a product the quantity drops down and the people who buy the products can ring up or they can use the internet so the quantity can drop quite dramatically. A product is usually discussed before the price is dropped and when you see a price you feel is good value you ring up and get the product.

You will see a product go for about £5 and you place a bid and ring up and it is yours but if the price continues to drop to £3 you get the product for £3 so sometimes the idea is to get in early otherwise you will lose out.

So you ring the number up when the price falls to a price you feel is the best for you and it might continue to drop. You are told the quantity and you’re then going to find you have got a phone call which is going to be coming for you. You get to speak to a representative usually within an hour that will take down the information on your bank paying card and will set up an account for you.

If you’re unsure on a product you will find some basic information at the bottom of the screen throughout the time it is on and you can listen to the presenter who will give some information out and let people aware of the measurements (at times). The process is a 20 second phone call and you have the item.

An auction can last between 2 minutes to 20 minutes it all depends on how quickly the product sells but there is times where they put a clock on the screen and this is the lowest price they are going to be hitting and once the clock runs out the product is then taken off the screen ready for the next one.

The presenters throughout usually like to tell you what they have coming up in the next hour so you know whether to keep watching or not.

The Products they sell

In the past they have sold items which were splendid, they tended to sell television screens, games consoles, watches and more, however recently they have gone for more cheaper products to sell and this could be down to the recession. Some examples of the products they sell are below.

Beauty and Health – Fragrances, Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene, Weighing Scales, Shavers and more.

Electrical – DVD Players, Toasters, Kettles, Cameras, Blenders, Vacuums, Cookers, Mobiles and more.

Entertainment – DVD’s, Games, Cd’s, Painting and more

Fashion – Sunglasses, Shoes, Trainers, Coats, Pyjamas, Shirts, Trousers and more.

Home – Duvet Sets, Luggage, Garden Essentials, Saucepans, Mugs, Bedding and more

Jewellery – Rings, Watches, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Brooches and more.
Toys – Rocking Horses, Nursery Items, Dolls, Gadgets, Play Houses

The products sometimes have brand names attached to them and sometimes they do not but this all depends on what they have at the time. They sometimes have unknown names and that is sometimes a hard judgement on the buyer as to whether or not they should risk their cash on a brand they are not familiar with.
Some brand names they do have as people like Sony, HP, Samsung, Ingersoll, Ben Sherman and many more.

Promotions and Mega Drops

Usually every month or every week they have some sort of offer taking place and they vary from one month to the next and one of those deals is £10 Tuesday and this is when between the hours of 9am -3pm all items will be £10 or less and those items are usually the ones they sell for that price in the first place and you’re not actually gaining any advantage, it is there way of trying to gain custom and it obviously works.

They have a Warehouse Clearance or Outlet Live which is when they sell products which they no longer have room for and they try to suggest it is for prices which are much cheaper then they originally sold it for and sometimes that is true but most of the time it is not.

They have Cash Mountain and th is a promotion where every hour they have a winner of an item that day try and guess the picture in the image and the image is completely twisted and mangled and they have about 15 seconds to try and work it out in one guess, if they get it right they win £50 and if they get it wrong the money increases to the next hour and that is usually very popular.

The biggest promotion they do is the Megadrops and if people use this channel they know all about this scheme. Usually when they have a birthday for the channel or they have revamped the channel they have a £1 megadrops madness month were every weekend for the duration of a particular month they have random products go for just £1. Every hour they claim a product will go for a £1 and you have no idea what and the presenters pretend they have no idea either.

The Megadrops are usually done and sold out within seconds but I have found recently they have done this on much cheaper items rather than anything that expensive. Usually once a weekend they sell a top quality item for a £1 but it is rare. I got myself a Digital Camera and a Sony Vaio Laptop for a £1 each the last time they ran this promotion.

They are adding constant promotions all the time to keep viewers interested.
Presenters and Assistants

The presenter’s change usually every three hours to someone different to obviously keep things fresh but I have a few favourites and I have some which I do not like at all. Most presenters have an assistant with them who are always annoying ladies and it sounds harsh but they are.

You will have a male presenter spend more time staring at his assistants and flirting with them rather than selling a product and it can be off putting. The assistants will discuss the next items coming up and then pop on screen when an item is failing to sell and make out it is world class and they have used it before so it is quite funny when that happens.

The presenters are usually people who try to have a laugh and a joke but some have annoying accents which drive you wild or you cannot understand them that well and if Megadrops occurs some of them act like children. They are not the best presenters in the world not by a long shot.

Postage and Calls

The postage for every item is at the least £7.99 and that is just insane and the reason for this is because a watch is £7.99 postage and that is something you begrudge paying and you are told it will arrive within 7 days via a courier.

However, this is not strictly true at all, most of the time the smaller items like a watch or an Mp3 player will arrive via the postman and you do not even need to sign for the product either, so the courier part is rubbish and the item weighs absolutely nothing at all which for £7.99 is frustrating.

You will find they have some heavier items like a mattress with just £13.99 postage and these are huge and extremely heavy so I cannot work out how they get the postage costs that they do and it is a confusing issue for me.

Some items do arrive within the 7 days but you sometimes have the couriers who will put a card through the door saying they attempted delivery if you were out and I have had occasions where they have actually thrown my product over my back fence and left a note saying they have. They have had no signature and they have actually broken some of the items at the same time in the process.

If you are unhappy with a product you can send it back and get a refund but you do not get the refund on postage and you have to send the product back yourself at the post office which means you lose out on even more cash. If the item is over 20kg they will get a courier to come and fetch it which can take a week of time as well.

The calls are £1.50 a time and this is the funny part the call states £1.50 per minute and yet the call lasts a maximum of 20 seconds before they actually cut you off so you do not actually get a minute on the phone at all. This is why I would recommend people use the website as you do not need to pay these insane rates.

Customer Service

I have never had a worse customer service then I have had with this company. I had a broken ornament I ordered due to the courier dumping the product over my back fence and when I rang to enquire how I get a refund they told me I would not get one without proof.

I told them I had a piece of paper with them telling me it had been dumped over the back fence and they still refused, after speaking to trading standards and sending all paperwork to them they eventually decided to refund me but minus the postage which I again I contested.

I found that the customer service was poor because they could not understand English on the telephone line and they are a foreign customer service number and they always put you on hold to sort out the problem but you are actually paying for this call so they deliberately try to wind you up. Sometimes they even put the phone down, so if you have an issue with a product the customer service team are incredibly poor.
Products I have received

I have found that at times the products you see on television and the ones which arrive are sometimes quite different in appearance and this is down to the channel not providing the correct information.

I had obtained this lamp which they said had bulbs included with the pack and when it arrived there were no bulbs at all and the lamp was a different colour to that advertised on television. I have even had wrong products given to me and when I ring up they claim this is the product they had on at the time.

You have to be careful because you do get some items which do not even work, I had an MP4 player once made by a firm called Ikasu and I never heard of them before and within 24 hours of the product arriving the screen was playing up and the outside border came off. I asked for a new one and received it and still the screen played up. I sometimes say if the product is an unknown brand going really cheap then usually there is a reason behind this.

Good Points

You can sometimes save an absolute fortune on products and they usually arrive in the stated seven working days which helps.

They have a large range of items but they do seem to have items repeated one day to the next and you do get some new items occasionally.

They are on seven days a week and start at 7.45am until 1.30am the next day and for me that is a long time but it shows they have a good viewing audience to keep on the channel so late.
Bad Points

The unhelpful customer service team is the worst part to the channel and any issues they never seem remotely interested to sorting them out.

You have poor postage and call costs which make a product which seems cheap on the eye steadily creep up and end up not being the bargain you expected before.

Waiting around for a phone call, they usually phone within an hour but sometimes I have ordered items at 10pm and had to wait until midday the following day until they rang me back and it was a huge problem to have.

They have silly presenters who rather stare and undress the presenters with their eyes rather than give any really valuable information on the products at hand.

The channel is located on Sky channel 645 and it is an experience you might get great joy out of or you might end up frustrated with many problems like me.
I now watch purely incase they have Megadrops advertised otherwise I go elsewhere with the postage costs and delivery mistakes causing me to leave.

Contact Info

Customer Services,
sit-up Ltd,
PO Box 45981,
Tel: 0870 166 6667

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  • brereton66 published 14/03/2010
    I doubt the quality, value and provenance of every product sold on these channels and have yet to be tempted into buying from them.
  • paulpry118 published 11/03/2010
    Hubby seems to be drawn to these types of channels however I refuse to let him buy anything from them
  • newby2 published 11/03/2010
    gr8 review xxx
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